Jaeger Machine Company, 1922-1960 and n. d.
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Brief Description: This collection consists of sales and service literature and photographic media discussing the company’s products, and two dealer recognition plaques.
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Created by: Jaeger Machine Company
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Arrangement: Group 1, Machinery Records, is arranged by record format, record type, subseries, machine class, machine model, and publication date (where known).
Biographical Note for Jaeger Machine Company :

Company History:

Jaeger Machine Company was based in Columbus, Ohio. It was affiliated with Lakewood Engineering Company (Collection 1756), owning it as a subsidiary from at least 1935 through c. 1949. During this time, form-riding concrete paving equipment was built using the Jaeger-Lakewood name. Jaeger ultimately absorbed Lakewood.

According to Highway Truck Mixer sales literature, Ackert Bickel, a contractor and engineer in Kansas City, Missouri, patented the first transit mixer, and in 1920 the first fleet of transit mixers was used on a road job in Kansas City. The Transit Mixer Company was founded in Kansas City to produce these machines, and its patent for a powered, truck-mounted transit mixer was acquired by Highway Truck Mixer Company (Collection 1740). Jaeger Machine Company (Collection 438) and Lakewood Engineering Company (Collection 1756) owned Highway Truck Mixer and manufactured its products in Columbus, Ohio. Apparently, Jaeger eventually merged Highway Truck Mixer into itself.

Jaeger sales literature printed in 1935 claimed that its Columbus, Ohio, factory was the world’s largest devoted exclusively to construction equipment manufacture.

Jaeger built its own gas engine at one point; by 1924, Hercules Engine Company (Collection 421) engines were used instead.

In 1989, Compressed Air Parts purchased the assets of the compressor division of Jaeger Machine Company of Columbus, Ohio.

Publication dating:

Records in Group 1 Series 1 Subseries 1 indicate that Jaeger usually did not print publication dates on its sales literature. However, the publication number (i. e., Catalog 35-A) on many pieces apparently indicates year of publication. This was evidently more so for catalogs than individual spec sheets.

Product Information

Jaeger used the following trade names for its products:

Fleet Foot – cable-operated swing wheel loader

Load-Plus – hydraulic wheel loader

Model nomenclature:

In or prior to 1916, the National Association of Mixer Manufacturers adopted a Standard Ratings system for concrete mixer model nomenclature, with model numbers ending in E for rear discharge or S for side discharge. Jaeger evidently adopted this nomenclature in 1926 or 1927; assuming that publication numbers on most literature indicate year of publication, the 1927 catalog for mixers is the first to use such nomenclature. Even then, Jaeger used the standard nomenclature only for each size and type of mixer, but not strictly; for instance, 7S and 10S Speed King mixers were end-discharge machines. Individual model designations consisted of the number from the standard nomenclature followed by various numbers and letters to indicate options and attachments.


Serial number nomenclature:

A “C” prefix indicated a piston air compressor, and an “RC” prefix indicated a rotary compressor.

Paving equipment used a date prefix, consisting of the last two numbers of the year of manufacture, followed by an “X”.

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Bryan Water Company
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Foley Brothers
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Fredrickson & Watson
Gas engine
Good Roads movement
Griffith Company
Hamilton, Ohio
Handy Trailer
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Harrison Construction Company
Heavy Duty
Heavy Mast Plant
Hempt Brothers
Hercules Gas Engine Company
High-pressure pump
High Dump
Highland Park Reservoir
Highway Truck Mixer Company
Hilliards, Ohio
Hopper car
Hot sand asphalt
Huntington, West Virginia
Hussey & Holderman
Inclined material elevator
Inclined Placing Plant
Industrial wheel tractor
Ingalls Sewer
International Harvester
International Harvester Building
Ironwood, Michigan
J. F. Knapp Company
J. F. Shea
Jaeger Machine Company
Jeffrey Manufacturing Company
Jet pump
Jiffy Mast Plant
Jiffy Placing Plant
Johnson, Drake & Piper
Kansas City, Missouri
Kiel Auditorium
Koss Construction Company
Lakewood Engineering
Le Roi
Lewis Tower
London, England
Los Angeles, California
Louisville & Nashville
Louisville, Kentucky
Ludgate Hill
Macco Corporation
Mack Trucks
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Merritt Parkway
Mesh installation
Model nomenclature
Moorgate Street
Mortar mixer
National Association of Mixer Manufacturers
National Erection Corporation
New Haven Road Construction Company
New York City
New York State Dredging Company
Northwest Engineering
Ohio T-60
Oil burner
Paint scheme
Patching plant
Paving form
Pennsylvania Turnpike
Pere Marquette
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Platform scale
Plunger pump
Plymouth, Michigan
Portable concrete mixer
Power Hoe
Power Hoe and Hodder
Power Loader
Power Pump
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Pull scarifier
Queensboro Bridge
R. H. Evans Contractors
Rappahannock River
Re-Mixing Concrete Spreader
Re-Mixing Screw Spreader
Rear discharge
Rear Lift
Richmond, Virginia
Road pump
Rubber pavement
S. J. Groves
Sacred Heart School
Sand asphalt
San Francisco, California
San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge
San Joaquin Light & Power Corporation
Santa Barbara, California
Santa Barbara High School
Sears, Roebuck
Serial number nomenclature
Shaver Lake Dam
Sheet asphalt
Shockoe Creek Sewer
Side discharge
Sisters of Notre Dame Building
Sixth Street Viaduct
Skip Scale
Skip shaker
Smith Brothers Inc.
Speed Boy
Speed King
Speed Merchant
Speed Queen
Spouting Plant
Spreader box
St. Louis, Missouri
St. Louis Municipal Auditorium
Standard Low Charge
Standard Ratings
Stationary concrete mixer
Sure Prime
Swing engine
Swing wheel loader
Tar mix
The Transit Mixer Company
Thompson-Starrett Company
Tip-over Accurate Measure
Tipple Tank
Tonawanda, New York
Tower boom
Track Loader
Trailer transit mixer
Transfer Loader
Transit mixer
Triple Pug Mill Roadbuilder
Truck crane
Truck tractor
Upper Darby Township, Pennsylvania
Warner Company
Water meter
Water Regulator
Water tank
Waukesha Motor
Weigh batcher
Wellpoint pump
Wheelbarrow hopper
Wheel tractor
Whitehall, England
White Motor
Wire rope
Worcester Pike
Work bridge
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Physical Access Notes: Some records in Group 1 Series 1 Subseries 1 are in poor physical condition.
Acquisition Notes:   

Acquisition Note: This is an artificial collection comprised of records from multiple accessions. Initial records in this collection were found in files. Additional records have been added from:

• Judd Griffith Collection, Accession 2000-0113 (received Sep 22, 2000)

• Van Lott, Inc., accessions 2001-0052  (received Mar 19 2001) and 2001-0069 (received May 4, 2001)

• Union Sand & Supply Corporation Collection, Accession 2001-0165 (received Jan 5, 2002)

• John A. Woodhall Jr., on behalf of Central States Paving Company, Accession 2003-0001 (received Dec 1, 2002)

• James Perkins, accession 2003-0038 (received Feb 17, 2003)

• Donald W. Frantz Collection, Accession 2005-0150 (received Dec 31, 2005). Filed with his collection per his request.