R. G. LeTourneau, Inc., c. 1930-1953 and n. d.
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Brief Description: This collection consists of sales and service literature and photographs discussing the company’s products; business records, publicity materials and periodicals published by the company; and miscellaneous records.
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Created by: LeTourneau, R. G. Inc. (1925-2011), Davenport Locomotive & Manufacturing Corporation - Davenport-Besler Corporation (1901-1955)
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Arrangement: Group 1, Machinery Records, is arranged by record format, record type, subseries, machine class, machine model, and publication date (where known).
Biographical Note for LeTourneau, R. G. Inc. (1925-2011) :

Organizational History:

The rich history of R. G. LeTourneau as a contractor, inventor, manufacturer and philanthropist is extensively documented in several books.

Effective January 1, 2007, all LeTourneau, Inc. companies changed their names to LeTourneau Technologies, and LeTourneau’s Equipment Group became LeTourneau Technologies (LTI) Mining Products. The name change reflects the company’s focus on innovative technology. Over the last few years, LeTourneau, Inc. had purchased several companies to build specific components to support the Equipment Group, and this name change brings all of those companies under the same name.


On May 16, 2011, Joy Global Inc. (Collection 879) announced that it was acquiring 100% ownership interest in LeTourneau Technologies (Collection 460) from Rowan Companies, Inc. The oil drilling lines were spun off as LeTourneau Technologies Drilling Systems Inc. old off, and the mining equipment line was added to that of P & H Mining (Collection 414), which Joy also owns.

Product information

One of R. G. LeTourneau’s hallmarks was the use of a “Tourna” prefix in naming many of his inventions.  Also , he called his cable control units “power control units,” or PCU’s. The text of this guide and the databases uses “Cable control units” in most instances, for uniformity’s sake.

Serial number nomenclature:

During his Mechanical Drive era, ending with the sale of his construction lines to Westinghouse Air Brake, the first letter of a serial number prefix indicated the make of engine. C was Cummins, G was GMC or Detroit Diesel, and so forth.

Special information:

The collection includes the contents of a Letro-Loader wheel loader Sales Engineering Manual that was found in the files. At some point, all of the wheel loader brochures and spec sheets on file were added to the contents of the Manual, and there is no record of which ones actually are part of it. The brochures and specification sheets were removed and inventoried in an Excel spreadsheet for separate filing, and the remaining records are intact pending further processing.

Access Restrictions: There are no restrictions on this collection.
Subject Index
A. G. Raisch
A. Guthrie & Company
A. Teichert & Son
Aircraft carrier
Alameda Naval Air Station
Alaska Highway
Alcan Highway
Al Johnson Construction Company
All-American Canal
Alpena, Michigan
Altamont Pass
American Concrete & Steel Pipe
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
American Zinc Company
Anderson & Jackman
Angeles Crest Highway
Angle dozer
Annapolis-Washington Expressway
Argentine National Airport
Arrington Mining Company
Arundel Corporation
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe
Atlanta International Airport
Atlanta Municipal Airport
Baer Field
Bagwampur Dam
Baltimore & Ohio
Baltimore, Maryland
Bay City, Michigan
Belle Fourche Dam
Bensenville, Illinois
Birch-McLaughlin Construction Company
Blue Bell Coal Company
Bodenhamer Construction Company
Boise, Idaho
Boise-Payette Lumber Company
Bolton Power Plant
Bomber Crane
Bonneville Dam
Bordeaux, France
Bottom dump wagon
Boulder Dam
Boulder Dam Highway
Bridge crane
Brooks-Scanlon Lumber Company
Buellton, California
Burlington Plant
C. J. Langenfelder
Cable control unit
Cable shovel
Cajon Pass
Calero Dam
California Department of Transportation
Camp Pendleton
Candler Field
Cardy, Missouri
Carey Dam
Carquinez Bridge
Centralia Collieries
Charleston, West Virginia
Cheney-Wright Company
Cherokee Dam
Chesapeake & Delaware Canal
Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific
Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific
Chisholm Pit
Civilian Conservation Corps
Clairton Plant
Clamshell crane
Clark Brothers
Clyde W. Wood
Colorado River Aqueduct
Comanche, California
Consolidated Builders, Inc.
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Company
Coos Bay Lumber Company
Cordova, Alabama
Cordova High School
Cradle Dump Buggy
Cradle Dump Trailer
Crater Lake National Park
Crawler assembly
Crawler dragline
Crawler tractor
Crow Brothers Construction Company
Crown Willamette
Cuban Mining Company
Cutting edge
D. B. Hill
D. W. Thurston
Daley Corporation
Dallas Executive Airport
Dallas Redbird Airport
Dalton Brothers
Dan Cavanaugh
Davenport Locomotive
Del Mar, California
Demarara Bauxite Company
Denn Burgess
Denn Burgess Company
Des Moines International Airport
Detroit Diesel
Diamond Match
Dillon Dam
Dillonvale, Ohio
Dixie Lime Rock Company
Dow Chemical Company
Drag scraper
Dredge tailings
D Roadster
Dubuque Municipal Airport
E. C. Hall Company
Eastern Oregon Light & Power Company
Eatonville Lumber Company
Edward Hines Lumber Company
Eldon, Iowa
Elliott & Company
Elmer, Missouri
Elmer Isgren
Elmer Miller
Equatorial African Enterprise
Esses Logging Company
Ezeiza, Argentina
Flatbed trailer
Foley Brothers
Fort Crook
Fort Lewis
Fort Peck Dam
Fort Wayne International Airport
Fort Wayne Municipal Airport
Frank Mashuda
Fredrickson & Watson
Fresno, California
Garden of Eden
General Sampaio Dam
George Air Force Base
Georgia Power Company
Georgia State Highway Department
Gilroy, California
Glen Ullen, North Dakota
Gold dredge
Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Exposition
Goodfellow Brothers Inc.
Goodyear Airport
Grafe-Callahan Construction Company
Graham Brothers
Granby Dikes
Grand Coulee Dam
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Granfield, Farrar & Carlin
Grapevine Grade
Great Northern
Great Salt Plains Dam
Green Construction Company
Griffith Company
Grimes Army Air School
Guthrie-Marsh-Peterson Company
Guy F. Atkinson Company
H & E Lowdermilk
H. B. Zachry
Hammond Lumber Company
Hansen Dam
Harms Brothers
Harrison Construction Company
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport
Hawaiian Contracting Company
Henry J. Kaiser
Hesser Construction Company
Hickam Air Force Base
Hickam Field
High tension line
Hillside Coal Company
Hodgkiss & Douma
Hoover Dam
Hug Company
Huron Portland Cement Company
Indianapolis Power & Light Company
International Harvester
Iron Range
Isbell Construction Company
Island Logging Company
J. F. Johannsen
Jack Rabbit Trail
Jack Salvador
Janesville, Wisconsin
Jib crane
John Arborio
John Hanson Highway
Kaiser Aggregates
Kanawha County Airport
Kenneth Park
Keystone Dam
Kingsley Dam
Kuckenberg Construction Company
Kut Barrage
L. E. Dixon Company
LaClede-Christy Clay Products
Lake Minnewanka Dam
Lakeview Logging Company
Lancha Plana Gold Dredging
Land improvement
Land leveling
Lassen National Park
Lawler & Maguire
LeMoyne Jesuit University
Leonard & Slate
LeTourneau, Inc.
LeTourneau Technologies
Lincoln Sand & Gravel
Litchfield Airport
Log arch
Log bunk
Log skidder
Log truck
London, England
Los Angeles Aqueduct
Lytle Creek
Macco Construction
Madigan Logging Company
Mahoning Pit
Mannix & Company Ltd.
Marble Cliff Quarries
Marquette Cement Company
Martin Wunderlich
Masbate Consolidated Mining Company
McChord Air Force Base
McChord Army Airfield
McClellan Air Force Base
McClellan Field
McGrath Sand & Gravel Company
McNutt Brothers
McVaugh-Hayes Company
Metropolitan Construction Company
Michigan Limestone & Chemical Company
Miguel Aleman Dam
Mill Gulch Placer Mining Company
Milwaukee Road
Mittry Brothers
Mobile Army Air Depot
Mohicanville Dam
Monmouth Park Jockey Club
Montoursville, Pennsylvania
Motor scraper
Mountain Copper Company Ltd.
Mt. Shasta
Mud Mountain Dam
Mujorah Outlet Canal
Muroc Airfield
Murray & Johnson
N. D. Maselli Corporation
N. M. Ball
N. R. Corbisello
Naval Air Station Chamblee
Neils Lumber Company
Nello Teer
Nelson, New Zealand
New Salem, North Dakota
New Zealand
North Bend Municipal Airport
Northern Pacific Railroad
Norwich Bypass
Nugget Coal Company
Off-highway truck tractor
Operating techniques
Oregon State Highway Commission
Oroville, California
Ottawa Silica Company
Ownership and operating costs
P. H. Brudevold
Pacheco Pass
Pacific Constructors
Pacific International Exposition
Pacific Placers Engineering Company
Palmito Dam
Paloma Oil Field
Panama National Airport
Parish Brothers
Penn-Dixie Cement Company
Pennsylvania Turnpike
Peoria, Illinois
Peter Kiewit Sons' Company
Philadelphia Electric Company
Pickwick Dam
Pine River Dam
Pinopolis Dam
Pioneer Logging Company
Pivot bridge crane
Plank road
Pleasanton, California
Polson Logging Company
Potlatch Forest Products
Potts & Callahan
Power Control Unit
Pratt, Hammonson & Cooper
Prime mover
Product support
Public Service Corporation
Pull ripper
Pull scraper
Pushloading cup
Pushloading plate
Queens Lane Reservoir
R. G. LeTourneau
R. G. LeTourneau, Inc.
Raemisch & Madden
Rayland, Ohio
Ray Peterson
Reagan National Airport
Reith-Reily Construction Company
Reno, Nevada
Ridge Route
Rim Drive
Rio-Bahia Highway
Rio-Petropolis Highway
Rock Island
Rock wagon
Roosevelt National Forest
Root rake
Royal Australian Air Force
Roy L. Houck
Ryan Brothers
Sacramento River
Sales statistics
San Bernardino, California
San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge
San Jose, California
Santa Barbara Municipal Airport
Santa Cruz Cutoff
Sardis Dam
Scranton Pit
Seminoe Dam
Sepulveda Dam
Serial number nomenclature
Service truck
Shasta Dam
Sheepsfoot roller
Sheldon Reservoir
Shevlin-Hixon Company
Shofner, Gordon & Hinman
Side dump trailer
Side dump wagon
Sierra Nevada Ltd.
Silver State Construction Company
Singapore Airport
Sirard Brothers
Slackline dragline
Snake River Project
Snatch loading
Snow plow
South Agnew Mine branch
Southern Pacific
South Side Filtration Plant
Southwest Oregon Regional Airport
St. Helens Pulp & Paper
Staines Reservoir
Stanley H. Arkwright
Stanolind Pipeline Company
Steam power plant
Steam shovel
Steel house
Stevens Coal Company
Straight dozer
Sullivan Mine
Sumpter Valley Dredging Company
Sunstrum, Ontario
Super Carryall
Surf Crane
Suttonfield Dam
T. M. Page
Talcotville, Connecticut
Tennessee Valley Authority
Thew Shovel Company
Tionesta Dam
Toccoa, Georgia
Tournacar Welder
Towed crane
Tractor Crane
Tractor Tournatrailer
Trailer transit mixer
Trans-Atlantic Air Service
Trans-Florida Ship Canal
Transit mixer
Tree pusher
Tree Stinger
Tri-County Dam
Truax-Traer Coal Company
U. S. Army Corps of Engineers
U. S. Biological Survey
U. S. Forest Service
U. S. Steel
Umatilla River
Unity Dam
Utah Construction
Vecellio & Grogan
Vee plow
Victorville Air Force Base
Victorville Army Air Field
Victorville Army Flying School
Vinnell Corporation
Washington-Annapolis Expressway
Washington National Airport
Welding rod
Westinghouse Air Brake
West Quincy Coal Company
Wheel dozer
Wheeling & Lake Erie
Wheel loader
Wheel tractor
White Motor
Wilbur Cross Parkway
Willow Creek Mine
Willow Run, Michigan
Wing plow
Winston Brothers
Wire rope
Wood River, Illinois
Works Progress Administration
Worthylake & Thompson
Yaeger Airport
Yellowstone National Park
Yosemite National Park
Genres/Forms of Material
Cost study
Crane rating chart
Owner list
Performance study
Plant layout
Price page
Product introduction
Sales literature
Spec sheet
Technical reference
Languages of Materials
English [eng]
Physical Access Notes: Many records in Group 1 Series 1 Subseries 1 are in poor physical condition.
Acquisition Notes:   

This is an artificial collection comprised of records from multiple accessions. Initial records in this collection were found in files. Additional records have been added from:

• William Borthwick Papers, Collection 4

• Thomas Berry, Accession 1999-0008 (received Mar 23, 1999)

• Judd Griffith Collection, Accession 2000-0113 (received Sep 22, 2000)

• Dale Hardy, Accession 2004-0078 (received May 18, 2004)

• Al Nus, Accession 2004-0137 (received Oct 15, 2004)

• Gene Buchanan, Accession 2004-0183 (received Dec 22, 2004)

• Donald W. Frantz Collection, Accession 2005-0150 (received Dec 31, 2005)

• Lee Haak, on behalf of Komatsu Americas Corporation, Accession 2006-0053 (received May 2, 2006)

• LeTourneau Heritage Institute, Accession 2006-0111 (received Sep 20 2006)

• Gary E. Hansen, Accession 2007-0090 (received Dec 7, 2007)

• Al Fleeger, Accession 2008-0029 (received Apr 15 2008)

Related Materials: Cited url is corporate website as of January 2010. For more information please see http://www.letourneau-inc.com/.