Novo Engine Company, 1924-1931 and n. d.
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Brief Description: This collection consists of sales and service literature discussing the company’s products, and periodicals published by the company.
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Record Series Number: 1/101/1792
Created by: Novo Engine Company (1890-????)
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Arrangement: Group 1, Machinery Records, is arranged by subseries, record format and record type. Sales literature in Subseries 1 is arranged by publication number, Service literature is arranged by machine class and machine model.
Biographical Note for Novo Engine Company (1890-????) :

Novo Engine Company was headquartered in Lansing, Michigan. It was founded as Cady & North, a small repair shop in North Lansing, Michigan, in 1890. This company became Cady & Hildreth, and later Hildreth & Son. In 1901 they became Hildreth Motor & Pump Company, then Hildreth Manufacturing Company in 1906.

The company manufactured two-cycle marine engines and small farm pumps until 1908, when they started making vertical four-cycle hopper-cooled engines. These engines were applied to a variety of farm equipment, pumps, mixers and other devices. Their engines ranged from 2 to 15 horsepower.

Finally in 1911, they adopted the Novo Engine Company name. More modern internal combustion engines were added to the product line, as were hoists and drophammers.

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Subject Index
Air compressor
Back-geared engine
Cady & Hildreth
Cady & North
Capstan hoist
Car puller
Car unloader
Centrifugal pump
Combination Hoist and Air Compressor
Concrete tower
Deck hoist
Diaphragm pump
Diaphragm Pumping Outfit
Dredge pump
Gas engine
Handy Hoist
Hildreth & Son
Hildreth Manufacturing Company
Hildreth Motor & Pump Company
Kerosene engine
Lansing, Michigan
Log loader
Mast hoist
Monkey on a Stick
Moore Lumber Company
North Lansing, Michigan
PDM Steel
Pile driver
Pile hammer
Piston pump
Pittsburgh-Des Moines Steel
Pumping Outfit
Rail log loader
Reversing sheave
Skidder and Log Loader
Slackline dragline
Slackline dragline hoist
Spar pole
Stiffleg derrick
Terre Haute Boiler Works
Triplex pump
Wellpoint pump
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Prospect evaluation
Sales literature
Spec sheet
Technical reference
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English [eng]
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