M. P. McCaffrey, Inc., 1959-2000 and n. d.
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Brief Description:

This is a closed collection, consisting of records documenting the operations of M. P. McCaffrey Inc. and related businesses.

Overview of records:

A. Collection statistics

As received, the M. P. McCaffrey Inc. Collection consisted of:

• 1.0 lineal foot of sales literature and price lists;

• Approximately 93 lineal feet of service manuals and parts books, a total quantity of 969 pieces;

• 0.35 lineal feet of 8x10 and other large photographs;

• 15.75 lineal feet of small format photographs (approximately 6,500 prints) of inventory machines and attachments, many with negatives totaling approximately 1,600 35mm and 110 negative strips and numerous duplicates of the prints, dated 1959-2002 and n. d.;

• 12.50 lineal feet of other small format photographs (approximately 10,700 prints), many with 35mm negatives totaling approximately 3,000 strips and numerous duplicates of the prints, dated 1967-2002 and n. d.;

• A negligible quantity of slides;

• A set of Walt Pittman drawings on quality paper;

• 5.0 lineal feet of inventory cards in metal file boxes, describing machinery and attachments the firm has sold;

• 1.0 lineal foot of manuals, engineering studies and business records for a 65-ton Gantry crane;

• 0.50 lineal foot of brochures, catalogs, correspondence and other records for the auctions to dispose of equipment and camps from the construction of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline.

• 0.1 lineal foot of folded blueprints;

• 1.3 lineal feet of serial number reference books;

• 2.6 lineal feet of Dataquest Green Guide used equipment value guides;

• 5.0 lineal feet of auction results books; and,

• 0.25 feet of catalogs of used equipment offered by the company.

With the exception of the used equipment catalogs, inventory cards and certain sales and service literature, the records are dated to the late 1970s through 1990s.

B. Service literature index

With the exception of Murphy Diesel books and an assortment of records found in one box, the service literature was indexed by McCaffrey by manufacturer and a serial number assigned to each publication. For example, the first American Hoist & Derrick to be listed was AM1, the second was AM2, and so forth. The assignment of manufacturer codes was fairly straightforward, although KO (for Koehring) was also used for some Bantam records, LB (for Link-Belt) was used for a Speeder Machinery Company record, and BE (for Bucyrus-Erie) for Ruston-Bucyrus.

Each indexed publication was labeled with the filing code on the outside of the binder or cover, and a second label with the filing code, model and serial number (where applicable) was usually placed on the inside front cover. The index was not entirely accurate. A number of records were misidentified, either as to model, type of machine or type of record.

The entries in the index include model, machine serial number (in many cases) and type of publication. The records were filed by index number in file drawers and boxes. Mr. McCaffrey provided a copy of the index in advance of the donation, and an Excel spreadsheet was prepared to cross-reference it by make and model. These records are significantly redundant; there are many instances of duplication, and many others of records for individual machines in a fairly narrow range of serial numbers. One particular area of redundancy was for records published for multiple models or a range of serial numbers; six or more copies of the same publication, one or two each for different models and/or serial numbers, were found.

C. Inventory cards

The cards document thousands of items of inventory, including construction machinery, attachments, boom inserts and sections, buckets, engines, MacSweeps, and an occasional car or truck. The majority document crane attachments, booms, rigging and so forth. They often included descriptions and specifications of the equipment. Cranes in particular often have highly detailed descriptions of booms, counterweights and rigging.

All cards were numbered into a common numeric series following an alpha prefix; this prefix and number is referred to herein as the Inventory Number. 

For equipment acquired between Dec 1989 and Mar 1993, there is only one card dated Mar 23 1990 and one dated Nov 9 1992. The gaps in inventory numbers indicate that these cards are missing. After Mar 31 1993 there are three cards, one dated Apr 19 1993 and two dated Oct 28 1993.

The inventory cards are arranged by inventory number and are dated from 1957 through 1992, with a handful from as early as 1947. Inventory numbers were assigned roughly chronologically, although the earliest cards have no acquisition dates. They note machine make, model, serial number, purchase date (and, usually, previous owner or how purchased and purchase price), rentals of the machine, work done and disposition. While most dispositions were sale, either direct to the customer or by auction, a few machines were scrapped, and several were destroyed by accident, ranging from fires to falling into the ocean. Cards issued after the late 1980s no longer have disposition data, perhaps because of computerization. Use of cards was apparently discontinued circa 1993.

Cable excavators are referred to in the inventory cards as “cranes” regardless of configuration or attachments.

1. Inventory number prefixes and dates

Inventory prefixes were used for major equipment for the following years:

A 1947-c. 1956

B c. 1955-1972

CON 1957-1982

D 1961-1971

E 1971-1977

F 1977-1993

JV 1956-1988, sometimes used only as J

The C or CON series was for consignments, and was used from 1957 through 1982. It included several renumberings to and from other series as ownership of equipment on consignment changed.

The upper range of B-, D- and E-prefix numbers were used solely for buckets and crane attachments at some point. As this was done, the next alpha series (except C) was opened for other equipment. 

A “JV” series was established in the late 1950s, for equipment acquired and/or sold in partnership. The JV series was for used almost exclusively for major equipment that was sold in joint venture. It was often used for fleet liquidations and other quantities of like equipment. Joint ventures documented on the cards existed with various dealers, auctioneers and at least one contractor (Clifford C. Bong & Company). Coan Equipment Company was an especially frequent partner. Some cards refer to a “JV Book” for additional information on these machines. Many JV machines were located and photographed at jobsites and yards throughout the country. JV machines were often sold to the joint venture partners.

Some cards apply to more than one machine of a kind. Individual machines on one such card are identified by an alpha suffix such as JV-1234-E.

Several machines were sold, then returned, repurchased or repossessed and assigned new numbers and cards.

2. Separated and recombined attachments

Often, attachments such as buckets, booms and rippers, were removed from a machine and given their own inventory numbers, or transferred from one machine to another.

3. Duplicated and missing numbers

A number of cards are missing, especially in the B and F series, and on occasion (i. e., E951 through E1000) numbers were evidently skipped. On rare occasion, numbers were duplicated.

4. Invoice prefixes and dates

Invoice number prefixes were used for the following years (no invoice numbers were posted to the database for the A or B series inventory cards, or for cards D-101 through D-600):

A 1965-1969

B 1969-1971

H 1959-1965

L 1961

T 1971-1973

U 1973-1976

W 1976-1979

X 1979-1984

Y 1984-1989

IP 1988-1990

A 1993

Invoice Y-7696 was for the partial liquidation auction of McCaffrey equipment held by Ritchie Brothers Auctioneers in April 1987.

D. Photographs

After processing, the collection includes approximately 9,600 photographs. All but a few are 4x6 inch format or smaller.

The great majority of the photographs are snapshots of cranes, other construction equipment and attachments, and details thereof. Most were found in over six hundred paper envelopes, arranged in cardboard parts trays. They were arranged either by inventory number, using the number from the inventory cards, or in miscellaneous files that were in no discernible order. Each envelope’s contents were ostensibly marked on the outside of the envelope, but during processing numerous discrepancies were discovered between the marking and the contents.

The photographs were taken at a wide range of locations in North America including the McCaffrey facility, auctions, jobsites, and owners’ yards. Most photographs show equipment, but others of special interest, such as McCaffrey personnel and operations, were also retained.

Some photos were found stapled together. Most of the tubs in which the inventory files were received had significant accumulations of dust and many of the envelopes were very dirty and dusty, but the contents appeared reasonably clean on initial inspection. Some of the photographs are poorly focused and/or lit, and many older prints are badly faded or discolored.

McCaffrey reproduced numerous photographs in bulk for publication in its advertising and sales catalog, and for distribution to customers, either by themselves or in folios compiled for specific machines. One such folio, for Grove TM-1075 truck hydraulic crane inventory no. JV-1474, is preserved. The quality of the reprints varies widely; some are quite poor. Duplicates were culled and offered for sale as surplus to the HCEA.

For arrangement purposes, each envelope was usually cataloged individually. Inventory photos were assigned Item numbers based on the fleet number assigned by McCaffrey, and Miscellaneous photos were assigned Subject numbers. For clarity’s sake, contents of a Miscellaneous envelope were sometimes divided into multiple Subjects; the notation “In common roll with” is used to indicate that negatives in multiple Subjects are from a common roll of film.

Many negative strips for the later images remained intact; many show multiple shots of the same machine from nearly identical angles, and others show two or more different machines on the same strip.

Other negatives were found that were either obvious misfiles or that had no apparent connection to the machine with whose images they were found. Still more were found loose in the bottoms of a couple of the tubs. These set aside for separate filing as misfiles or unidentifieds, with notations as to where they were found.

Prints and print pages are marked with the Item number (for Inventory images) or Subject number (for Miscellaneous images). Subject numbers for dated 4x5 inch Miscellaneous images are the year and a serial number, with the exception being a “P” prefix for the Perusahaan photographs; for dated 4x6 Miscellaneous, a “46” prefix and serial number, with the exception being a “M” prefix for the McDermott photographs; and for the undated images, a prefix letter for the format (i. e., 4x5 inches) or other identifier, and a serial number.Photographs 4x6 inches or smaller are in hanging file pages, as indicated under the Arrangement section; 5x7 inches or larger are in a records box.

Negative pages are marked in the same fashion. For the Inventory photos, if it was clear that negatives for one machine that were found the in the envelope for another were from the same roll of film, those negatives were filed with those for the machine in whose envelope they were found; and if the other machine(s) could be identified, inventory numbers were noted on the page. If they were unidentifiable, they were marked “unknown” or with a “?” on the pages. (There is no practical way of identifying many similar machines such as Cat D8H and D9G crawler tractors.) Identity of the machines in the negatives is assumed from the number(s) or other data on the envelopes, but cannot be confirmed in most cases. Negative strips are filed in two post binders; the black binder contains the negatives for Group 1 Series 1, and the red binder contains all other negatives.

a. Formats

The inventory photos consist of small-format prints of various formats, mostly 3.5x5 inches or Polaroids, and/or negatives, including 35mm, 110, an unidentified half-frame 35mm format, and a few 4x5s and 4x6s. 35mm and 110 negatives existed as strips or individual frames; many strips were cut in two to fit the envelopes in which McCaffrey stored its inventory photo media. The majority of envelopes included both prints and negatives, but there were many cases in which only one or the other was present, and many negatives did not have corresponding prints and vice-versa. The majority of the negatives were in plastic or glassine sleeves, but many were found loose in their envelopes, without protection. It should be noted that, at least for the time between receipt from McCaffrey and delivery to the HCEA, the collection was exposed to high heat without climate control during storage.

Subjects include individual machines; wrecked or damaged cranes and repairs made to them; buckets, booms and other attachments and rigging; detail views of assemblies and mechanical works; equipment being appraised by McCaffrey; machines and attachments apparently being offered for sale to McCaffrey by the owner; and McCaffrey operations and facilities.

Where not specifically identified from the prints, dates for inventory photographs are surmised from the acquisition and disposition dates where available.

b. Correlation to inventory cards – photos without cards:

Many of the inventory photos were marked by with their inventory numbers by McCaffrey personnel. Some images show multiple machines, with multiple inventory numbers indicated on the envelope; all pertinent image numbers were marked on the prints and the negative pages.

The photo media provides the only documentation for a number of machines for which there are no cards. In many cases, the cards were not included in the records donated; in others, especially for negatives of photos taken away from the McCaffrey facilities, it can be surmised that they show machines that McCaffrey had considered purchasing, was appraising, or were of some other special interest to the company.

2. Miscellaneous photos

Photographs in the miscellaneous files date from 1967 through 2002 plus numerous undated, and consist mostly 3.5x5” prints with a few Polaroids and 4x6” prints.

The trays containing them were usually labeled by year, but often contained envelopes for other years; many envelopes were not dated at all, other than occasional month and day on envelopes filled out for developing.  During processing of the collection, it was discovered that many undated envelopes had common subject matter with various dated envelopes; these relationships are noted in the description of each subject. However, more such relationships undoubtedly exist but have not yet been discovered.

E. Miscellaneous records

The records for the Trans-Alaska Pipeline auctions include brochures and catalogs for the auctions conducted by Max Rouse & Sons, Miller & Miller Auctioneers and Parks-Davis Auctioneers. Most of the brochures and catalogs are worn and/or annotated. There are also several notebooks of results and comments on various machines, and correspondence and business records pertaining to the sales.

The auction books include books published by published by Forke Brothers the Auctioneers, Miller & Miller Auctioneers, and a number of Last Bid commercially published books. Most are worn and/or soiled.

The collection contains extensive references to and documentation of cranes and related equipment owned by the Guy F. Atkinson Company (Collection 2032) of South San Francisco and Long Beach, California. One binder, described herein, was apparently a reference for cranes and lifting equipment owned by Atkinson in the mid to late 1970s. Other binders contained manuals and/or parts books, occasionally with supplemental documents, for specific machines. Owner names include Atkinson and such Atkinson joint ventures as Mica Dam Constructors and Rocky Reach Dam Builders. Several other contractors and owners and a number of other dealers are also documented in the collection.

F. Supplemental information from other collections

Archivist Thomas Berry was able to clear up some of the mysteries in the inventory cards and photographic media by drawing on his familiarity with the industry in the western states, and many of the auctions at which photos were taken are documented in brochures in the papers he donated to the Archives.

Held at:
Historical Construction Equipment Association
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Phone: 419-352-5616
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Email: tberry [at] hcea.net
Record Series Number: 3/302/1025
Created by: McCaffrey, M. P. Inc. (1922-2002)
Acquired: 10/01/2003.

Group 1, Series 1, Inventory photographs, is arranged by format and fleet number.

Group 1, Series 2, Miscellaneous photographs, is arranged by format and date.

Group 2, Service Literature, is arranged by manufacturer, one per series. Arrangements within each series are usually by class and model or by model only.

Biographical Note for McCaffrey, M. P. Inc. (1922-2002) :

The M. P. McCaffrey family of businesses was founded in 1922. It operated in South Gate, California under several names until closing circa 2002. There is no record of all the names of McCaffrey businesses; M. P. McCaffrey Inc. appears to be the dominant name, encompassing used equipment sales, and there was also a McCaffrey Equipment Rental Company and a McCaffrey-Ruddock Tagline Corporation (Collection 1026) that manufactured taglines. McCaffrey held at least two liquidation auctions in the late 1980s and 1990s. Brochures for the auctions are in the Thomas Berry Collection.

Used Equipment Operations:

For much of its existence, M. P. McCaffrey Inc. was one of the largest excavator and crane dealers in southern California. It bought and sold hundreds of these machines, as well as buckets, booms and attachments for them. It also bought and sold earthmoving and, on occasion, some other types of construction, mining and industrial equipment, as well as an occasional car or highway truck.

By far, Caterpillar dominated the crawler tractors, wheel dozers, motor graders, and crawler and wheel loaders sold.

Purchases, consignments and joint ventures:

McCaffrey sold machines that it bought outright, bought or sold in joint venture with another party such as a dealer, or sold on consignment for the owner (who occasionally ended the arrangement by having the machine picked up).

Machines were acquired from a wide range of sources, including contractors, manufacturers (most likely trade-ins, although a few new machines were purchased), producers, dealers, auctions and government surplus. Most machines were purchased domestically, although some came from Canada and Mexico.

Equipment was purchased from several major projects, either directly from the contractors or at auction. The projects include but are not limited to: the American River Project (Hell Hole Dam and related tunnels, dams and power plants, built by the American River Constructors joint venture) in California; Skookumchuck Dam (Lockheed Shipbuilding & Construction Company) in Washington; Lost Creek Dam (Umpqua Division of Bohemia, Inc.) in Oregon; the Unocal oil shale development near Parachute, Colorado; and the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. These projects are documented under the heading, Notable Used Equipment.

Sales – domestic and foreign:

McCaffrey sold a large number of machines to Latin America, and a number of Macsweeps were sold to China.


The inventory cards that are posted to the database document the following total number of major machines in inventory between Jan 1956 and Dec 1989:

347 crawler cable excavators: 14 American Hoist & Derrick, 2 Bay City, 50 Bucyrus-Erie, 1 Clark, 1 General, 8 Hanson, 3 Insley, 28 Koehring, 25 Lima, 14 Link-Belt, 8 Lorain, 34 Manitowoc, 7 Marion, 130 Northwest (primarily 32 25s, 30 6s, and 40 80Ds), 1 Osgood, 20 P & H and 1 Schield Bantam.

9 locomotive cranes

291 truck cranes: 20 American Hoist & Derrick, 22 Bay City, 4 Browning, 10 Bucyrus-Erie, 3 Clark Michigan, 2 Insley, 16 Koehring, 26 Lima, 28 Link-Belt, 75 Lorain, 4 Manitowoc, 7 Northwest, 67 P & H, 2 Schield Bantam, 2 Universal, 2 Wayne and 1 unidentified.

38 wagon cranes: 3 American Hoist & Derrick, 1 Bay City, 2 Bucyrus-Erie, 1 Insley, 5 Koehring, 2 Lima, 10 Link-Belt, 2 Lorain, 4 Manitowoc (all 1600s), 3 Northwest, 2 Osgood, 1 Schield-Bantam and 2 Unit Crane & Shovel.

154 self-propelled hydraulic cranes: 23 Austin-Western, 2 Drott, 16 Galion, 46 Grove, 8 Link-Belt, 9 Lorain, 26 P & H, 15 Pettibone, 5 Schield Bantam and 4 Warner & Swasey.

59 truck hydraulic cranes: 1 Austin-Western, 12 Bucyrus-Erie, 1 Drott, 20 Grove, 7 Link-Belt, 2 Lorain, 11 P & H, 2 Pettibone and 2 Warner & Swasey.

30 boom trucks: 1 Alenco, 1 Heil, 3 Hiab, 7 Link-Belt (all booms from YC9 yard crane), 3 National, 10 Pittman, 3 R. O., 2 Venco and 1 unidentified.

41 hydraulic excavators: 4 Bucyrus-Erie, 3 Caterpillar, 2 Hein-Werner, 3 Insley, 10 Koehring, 1 Komatsu, 1 Poclain, 7 Warner & Swasey Hopto and 10 Warner & Swasey Gradall.

35 miscellaneous cranes and lifting: 1 tower crane, 2 gantry cranes, 1 stiffleg derrick, 9 yard cranes, 12 swing boom tractors, 7 forklifts and 3 hoists.

15 pile hammers

253 crawler tractors: 8 Allis-Chalmers, 1 Case, 232 Cat (77 D8H, 35 D9G), and 1 Terex

24 wheel dozers: 17 Cat (10 830M), 7 Clark Michigan

183 motor graders: 1 Adams, 1 Allis-Chalmers, 2 Austin-Western, 174 Cat, 2 Deere and 3 Galion Iron Works.

163 rollers and compactors: 67 sheepsfoot rollers, 8 towed pneumatic rollers, 12 proofrollers, 3 grid rollers, 17 three-wheel rollers, 16  tandem rollers, 7 pneumatic rollers, 13 embankment compactors, 13 towed vibratory compactors, and 7 self-propelled vibratory compactors.

29 pull scrapers: 2 Bucyrus-Erie, 8 Cat, 1 Curtiss-Wright, 1 Davenport, 3 Gar Wood, 8 LeTourneau and 6 Wooldridge.

98 motor scrapers: 2 Allis-Chalmers TS360, 50 Cat, 2 Clark Michigan 310, 31 Euclid (24 SS40), 1 International-Harvester, 5 LeTourneau-Westinghouse, 5 Terex and 2 Wabco.

15 elevating scrapers: 8 Cat, 1 Deere, 2 LeTourneau-Westinghouse and 4 Wabco.

7 elevating graders, belt loaders and force-feed loaders

52 crawler loaders: 5 Allis-Chalmers, 1 American Tractor, 42 Cat, 1 Deere and 3 International Harvester.

193 wheel loaders: 2 Allis-Chalmers, 2 Case, 126 Cat, 18 Clark Michigan, 2 Deere, 7 Euclid, 23 Hough, 1 International Harvester, 1 Minneapolis-Moline, 10 Trojan (including 6 4000s) and 1 Wagner Scoopmobile.

1 skid-steer loader

8 loader/backhoes

6 pull rippers

5 discs

1 bucket wheel excavator

14 air compressors

10 drills

1 trencher

1 drophammer

6 pipelayers and sidebooms, all Cat

2 concrete mixers

1 asphalt plant

15 crushers and crusher plants

4 screens

2 feeders

2 radial stackers

1 trimmer

3 stabilizers

1 sweeper

258  off-highway end dumps: 15 Cat, 135 Euclid, 27 International Harvester, 7 KW Dart, 17 LeTourneau-Westinghouse, 2 Mack, 41 Terex and 14 Wabco.

55 bottom dump trucks: 20 Cat, 35 Euclid

25 water wagons

46 miscellaneous trucks

3 rock wagons

11 bottom dump wagons

2 side dump wagons

22 bottom dump trailers

13 miscellaneous trailers

17 trailer dollies (for use with bottom dumps)

Notable Used Equipment:

McCaffrey developed early boom trucks in the late 1950s by mounting booms from Link-Belt YC9 yard cranes on FWD Corporation trucks; four such boom trucks are noted in the inventory cards (see cards B-771, B-803, B-810 and B-848).

Several unusual machines are documented in the inventory cards:

• Inventory number E-937, a Mechanical Excavators, Inc. (Collection 1039) 500 rubber-tired bucket wheel excavator powered by a Detroit Diesel 8V-71 diesel engine. Rated at 500 cubic yards per hour, it was purchased Mar 24 1975 from Challenge-Cook Brothers Inc. (Collection 237), a southern California manufacturer of transit mixers and bottom dump wagons and trailers, then sold two days later to Paul Hubbs.

• Inventory number E-1060, a Northwest 95 cable backhoe s/n 25392 with a short 80D-style cab for 12’2” tailswing; it was purchased at a Parke-Davis Auctioneers sale Jul 25 1975 in Wyoming, and after several rentals was sold to C. L . Pharris Trucking Company on invoice W-8555 Jan 3 1979.

• Inventory number J-1175 (later E-1080) was a Vibro-Plus CT45 self-propelled vibratory compactor built in 1966. It used the Dynapac trade name, but unlike any Dynapac-made compactors, it was drawn by a Vibro-Plus articulated prime mover.

• Inventory number E-1187, a rare Bucyrus-Erie 54B wagon crane s/n 33239 purchased from the U. S. Defense Department and sold to “Tu Girls Investment Company,”

• Inventory number E-1234, a Bucyrus-Erie Mark I-50 11 ton rail-mounted tower crane s/n 122978.

• Inventory number JV-1099 was a Marion Power SHovel 151M electric shovel s/n 8508 that was rented to Dravo Corporation 10/22/1965-01/08/1966.

• Inventory number JV-1269 applied to a fleet of sixteen Euclid SS40 motor scrapers purchased with auctioneer Max Rouse & Sons and dealer/broker E. G. Piper from Asbury Contractors. Located at or near Spokane, Washington, all the scrapers and all but one tractor were sold to Rouse Oct 21 1974. The sixteenth tractor was sold to M. M. Sundt Construction Company Mar 21 1973.

Machines purchased from historically significant projects include:

• Inventory number JV-1089 applied to a fleet of International Harvester 95 Payhauler off-highway end dumps. Nine are documented in the JV series. Two were renumbered to the D series, and the D-series cards note that they were acquired from Merritt-Chapman & Scott Corporation, who used them at Cougar Dam (Berry project reference year 1959 project 43) in Oregon. The January 1965 used equipment catalog includes two Lima 2400 shovels and a Marion 93M shovel/dragline, also from this project.

• Inventory number JV-1114 applied to seven Euclid 1UD R10 series off-highway end dumps. All were rented to Morrison-Knudsen c. 02-07/1965 for use in repairing flood damage to the Northwestern Pacific Railroad north of Willits, California (Berry project reference year 1965 project 2). Three of them were later rented by M-K, apparently at the Pit 6 Dam and Pit 7 Dam project (Berry project reference year 1963 project 44) near Round Mountain, California, in July 1965; two of those were rented to MGM Studios in October 1965.

• Several numbers in the JV1100 series were assigned to machines sold on joint venture with dealer/broker J. J. Coan Company for American River Constructors, a joint venture sponsored by Kaiser Engineering and including Morrison-Knudsen, Perini and Macco Corporation to build the Middle Fork American River Project (Berry project reference year 1963 project 13) east of Rocklin, California between 1963 and 1966. Hell Hole Dam, which was washed out by floodwaters while under construction in December 1964, is the central feature of the complex of seven dams, four powerhouses and 24.3 miles of tunnels. Equipment sold by McCaffrey consisted of a Manitowoc 4500 dragline (JV-1122); American Hoist & Derrick 599T truck crane (JV1140); Lorain MC530W truck crane (JV-1139); Lorain MC760 truck crane (JV-1120); four D8H and two D7E Caterpillar crawler tractor (JV-1123 series); and four 91FD R18 Euclid off-highway end dump truck (JV-1124 series).

• McCaffrey also sold eight of the 33 10LD R45 Euclids used at the Project; four (JV1161 through JV1164) were purchased in June 1969 and sold in joint venture with southern California contractor Clifford C. Bong & Company; the other four (JV1165 through JV1168, along with a LeTourneau-Westinghouse B Tournapull water wagon (JV-1169) were purchased at the final liquidation auction of American River Constructors equipment, conducted in Rocklin by Parks-Davis Auctioneers on August 26, 1969, and sold in joint venture with Coan and United Equipment Company. Four of these trucks were sold to the Kirst Construction Company / G. A. McDonald joint venture, believed to be for use at Perris Dam, California (Berry project reference year 1970 project 65), and one was sold to a Guy F. Atkinson Company / Walsh Construction Company / Dravo Corporation joint venture at an unknown location. (Three LeTourneau-Westinghouse B70 motor scraper were sold for McCaffrey at the August 1969 auction; these scrapers were not owned by American River Constructors.) McCaffrey and Coan joint-ventured a number of other sales as well.

• Much of the equipment used by Lockheed Shipbuilding & Construction Company to build Skookumchuck Dam (Berry project reference year 1969 project 23) on the Skookumchuck River near Centralia, Washington was sold by a joint venture of McCaffrey and Allen Equipment. See inventory nos. E-193 through E-196 and J-1234 through J-1242.

• Inventory numbers JV-1274 through JV-1277 apply to two Caterpillar D9G crawler tractors and two Washington Iron Works 28-150-85 whirley cranes purchased from J. J. Coan and located at Gilboa, New York. It is believed that they were used by an unknown contractor in construction of the Blenheim-Gilboa Pumped Storage Project.

• McCaffrey purchased and resold a considerable amount of machinery used in construction of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline (Berry project reference year 1973 project 35).  JV-1396 through JV-1402 were purchased directly from Alyeska Pipeline Service Company 08/17/1977. F-195 through F-198 were purchased at auction May 25, 1978; F-205 and F-206, Jun 12-14, 1978; F-224 through F-228, Aug 28-19, 1978; F-246, F-247 and JV-1422 through JV-1430, Oct 11-12 1978; and F-298 through F-308, Mar 7-10, 1979.

McCaffrey also sold the first examples of the Austin-Western 714 self-propelled hydraulic crane (inventory number E-1019), the first Manitowoc 3900A (inventory number E-1360) and, apparently, the first FWD Wagner WC17 segment-wheel compactor (inventory number E-743). Both are documented in the inventory photos.


McCaffrey did business with a large number of equipment auctioneers, including: Forke Brothers the Auctioneers, Tom Hennig Auction Company, Lawson & Vallely Inc.; Miller & Miller Auctioneers, Nelson International, Parks-Davis, Irving Rabin Company, Ritchie Brothers, Jack Rouse & Sons, Max Rouse, Stewart Auctions, Tauber-Aarons, Thorp Sales Corporation, Vilsmeier Auction, David Weisz Company, Milton J. Wershow Company (later Wershow-Ash-Lewis) and Yoder & Frey. Given their location in southern California, most resales through auctioneers were done by consignment to sales conducted by the Rouse organizations, Miller & Miller, and Forke Brothers; Ritchie Brothers conducted at least two liquidation auctions for McCaffrey.

New equipment operations:

The McCaffrey businesses is known to have manufactured the following products:

• Crane accessories including backhoe bucket, clamshell bucket and dragline bucket; jib; grapple (including one called the MacGrab); rock tong; magnet; and tagline (marketed under the McCaffrey-Ruddock name);

• Hydraulic backhoe bucket;

• Sheepsfoot roller (known to have been produced 1957-1960);

• Pushloading block for crawler tractor (known to have been produced 1957-1958);

• Loader attachment for crawler tractor (one know to have been built for a Caterpillar D6 in 1959, inventory no. B-1134); and,

• Sprinkler tank for motor scraper prime mover (known to have been produced 1965-1966, inventory nos. D-578 and D-740)

In September 1968 a machine identified only as the 34H Sweeper was assigned inventory card no. D-1001 for developmental, advertising and research costs. A large number of Macsweeps were subsequently assigned inventory cards, starting in February 1969. A number of MacSweeps, including the one documented as D-1001, were sold to Macsweep, Inc., on September 22, 1977 in invoice W-6164; Macsweep may have been a subsidiary of M. P. McCaffrey Inc. and, pending further research, that date may have marked the transfer of unsold inventory to Macsweep.

Another device identified as a “Rotary Brush Forklift” was produced in 1969 and 1970. A Consolidation Magnasweep, consisting of a magnet mounted to the frame of an industrial wheel tractor, is documented in the inventory photos as inventory no. D-1353.

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Arundel Corporation
Asbury Contractors
Asphalt plant
Auburn Dam
Backhoe bucket
Backhoe front
Badger Construction
Baldwin Locomotive Works
Battle Mountain, Nevada
Bay Shore Drilling Systems
Bayshore Interchange
Baytown, Texas
Bechtel Corporation
Belleville, West Virginia
Belleville Lock and Dam
Berth 89
Berth 207
Berth 243
Bethlehem Steel
Beulah, North Dakota
BFI Waste Disposal
Bigge Crane & Rigging
Blasthole drill
Blaw-Knox Company
Blenheim-Gilboa Pumped Storage Project
Blount International
Blue Diamond Materials
Bob’s Crane Service
Bohemia, Inc.
Bolson Meadows
Bonneville Dam
Bonus bucket
Boom dolly
Boom tip
Boom truck
Bottom dump truck
Bottom dump wagon
Bragg Crane
Bridge crane
Brigham City, Utah
Briones Dam
Brown & Root
Bucket truck
Bucket wheel excavator
Bucyrus Company
C. H. Leavall
C. L. Pharris Trucking
C. W. Poss
Cable backhoe
Cable spooler
Cable winder
Cabrillo Crane & Rigging
Caisson drill
Cal Crane
Calex Engineering Company
California Stevedore & Ballast
Campbell Crane & Rigging Service
Canyon State Mining Company
Carde Pacific
Carl N. Swenson
Casper, Wyoming
Castaic Dam
Castle Rock, Washington
Cement trailer
Centralia, Washington
Challenge-Cook Brothers
Champion Forklift
Chaparral Stevedoring
Charles J. Rounds
Chicago Pneumatic
Chino Mines
Cities Service Company
Clamshell bucket
Clark Construction Group
Clark Michigan
Cleveland Wrecking Company
Clifford C. Bong & Company
Clinton, Illinois
Clyde Iron Works
Coal hauler
Coast Engine & Equipment
Cobalt Construction Company
Cold feed
Colton Equipment
Combination crusher
Commonwealth Constructors
Compaction wheel
Concrete conveyor
Concrete mixer
Concrete pump
Cone crusher
Construction Power Products
Constructora Zeta SA de CV
Control tower
Cook Brothers
Cooper & Smith
Cooper Stevedoring
Corpus Christi, Texas
Cougar Dam
Cowlitz River
Crane carrier
Crawler crane
Crawler dragline
Crawler drill
Crawler hydraulic backhoe
Crawler tractor
Cushion pushloading block
Cushion pushloading plate
Cyprus Pima
D. J. Scheffler Inc.
Dalcan Contractors
Daley Corporation
Damille Metal Supply
Dan Caputo Company
Dan J. Peterson Company
David Weisz Company
Deck screen
Deck screen plant
Defense Logistics Agency
Delta Construction
Demolition bucket
Denver, Colorado
Diablo Canyon Power Plant
Diesel generator
Diesel locomotive
Diesel pile hammer
Dillingham Construction
Dodge Brothers
Dorfman Construction Company
Dragline bucket
Dragline mat
Dravo Corporation
Drill attachment
Drilling platform fabrication
Drill jumbo
Drop ball
Drop cross
Drum shell
Dufrene Crane
Dumbarton Bridge
Dump scow
Dump truck
Du Pont
Dutra Dredging
Duval Corporation
E. G. Piper
E. L. Yaeger
Earth drill
Eastside Reservoir
Eaton Yale & Towne
Ebasco Services
Echo Metals
Edmonton, Alberta
Edwards Heavy Equipment Repair
Ed’s Crane Service
Electric shovel
Elevating grader
Elevating scraper
English Equipment Company
Enniss Constructors Inc.
Ensenada, Mexico
Epoch Corporation
Erie Strayer
Erman Howell
Eveleth Mines
Extended reach forklift
Fabick Companies
Fairfield, California
Ferrante Construction Company
Finning Tractor
First built
Fisher Construction Company
Fletcher Pacific
Fontana, California
Forke Brothers
Foster Company
Foster Wheeler
Foundation drill
Front dozer
Fuel/lube truck
FWD Corporation
FWD Wagner
G. A. McDonald
Galion Iron Works
Gary, Indiana
George Valla
Gilbert Construction
Gilboa, New York
Gim Fong Industries Company Ltd.
Gordon H. Ball
Grading rake
Grapple bucket
Great Lakes Dredge & Dock
Green Construction Company
Grid roller
Griffith Transportation
Grove Manufacturing
Guri Dam
Gust K. Newberg
Guy derrick
Guy F. Atkinson Company
H. G. Fenton Materials Company
Hawaiian Crane & Rigging
Hayward Company
Headache ball
Headache rack
Heavy Transport Inc.
Heel boom
Hell Hole Dam
Helms Pumped Storage Project
Hemet, California
Henry J. Kaiser
Hetherington & Berner
Hew Excavating
HGL Mine  &Mill
Hill Crane Service
Hinge ripper
Hiuka America Corporation
Hobbs, New Mexico
Hoffman Construction Company
Homer J. Olsen
Homestake Mining
Hook block
Houma, Louisiana
Hugo Neu Corporation
Hunyady Auction Company
Hydraulic backhoe
Hydraulic scrap handler
ICA Industrial
Illinois Power
Indian Seal
Industrial hydraulic crane
International Harvester
Irving Rabin Company
Irwindale, California
J. B. Stringfellow Company
J. F. Shea
J. J. Coan Company
Jack Rouse & Sons
Jacksonville, Florida
Jake's Crane
Jamestown, California
Jamestown Mine
Jasper Construction Company
Jaw crusher
Jay’s Crane & Rigging
Jensen & Reynolds
John Artukovich
John L. Meek Construction Company
John Norgaard Consult
Johnson Manufacturing
John Strona & Son
Kaiser Steel
Kamloops, British Columbia
Kasler Corporation
Kelp grapple
Kern Rock Company
Kirst Construction Company
Klein Products
Klug & Smith Company
Kruse Construction Company
Kumagai Gumi
KW Dart
L. B. Foster Company
L. E. Dixon Company
Laguna Canyon
Las Vegas, Nevada
Lawson & Valleley, Inc.
Lee & Daniel Steel Fabricators
Lee’s Crane
Lift capacity enhancer
Little Goose Dam
Loader attachment
Locomotive crane
Log forks
Log loader
Long-reach arrangement
Long Beach, California
Lost Creek Dam
Lowboy trailer
Lower Granite Contractors
Lower Granite Dam
Lower Monumental Dam
Lube truck
LVI Demolition Services
M. M. Sundt Construction Company
Macco Corporation
Macias-Farwell Company
Magnet crane
Mahaffey Drilling
Manitou Equipment Company
Manson Construction Company
Marco Crane & Rigging
Mare Island Naval Shipyard
Marine derrick
Marion Power Shovel
Maroon Brothers
Martin Construction Company
Massman Construction Company
Matich Corporation
Max Rouse & Sons
McCarran International Airport
McCarthy Constructors
McGuire & Hester
McKee Crane & Rigging
MCM Construction
Mechanic's truck
Mechanical Excavators, Inc.
Mellon Leasing
Merritt-Chapman & Scott
Mesa de Leon, Mexico
MGM Studios
Mica Dam
Mica Dam Constructors
Midway Equipment Company
Miller & Miller Auctioneers
Miller Swivel
Milton J. Wershow Company
Monarch Queen
Monarch Road Roller
Motor scraper
Mt. St. Helens
Multi-purpose bucket
Municipal Water District
Murphy Diesel
Murphy Scale
N. A. Degerstrom
Napa, California
National Crane
Nelson International
New Holland Construction
New York City
Northwest Engineering
O. K. Mittry and Sons
Off-highway end dump
Off-highway truck tractor
Offshore Crane & Service
Oil shale
Orange peel bucket
Osgood Company
Owen Bucket
Owl Constructors
Owl Crane & Rigging
O’Brien Concrete Pumping
P &  Z Company, Inc.
P & H
Pacific Gas & Electric
Pacific West Concrete Inc.
Pacoima Dam
Padfoot vibratory compactor
Palumbo Brothers Inc.
Parachute, Colorado
Paradise, Texas
Parallelogram ripper
Parks-Davis Auctioneers
Payton Crane Rentals
Peabody Coal
Pe Ben Industries
Pedestal crane
Peter Kiewit
Peter Kiewit Sons' Company
Peterson Tractor
Phelps Dodge
Pier 88
Pier 90
Pier 92
Pierce Rigging
Pier G
Pier J
Pile driver
Pile driving leads
Pile puller
Pioneer Engineering
Pit 6 Dam
Pit 7 Dam
Pit loader
Pomona, California
Portable batch plant
Port Hueneme
Port of Long Beach
Port of San Francisco
Power Construction Inc.
Power Packer
Prime mover
Pushloading block
Pyramid Crane Service
Quick Connect
Quinn Company
R. A. Heintz
R. A. Wattson
R. B. Potashnick
R. E. Straite
R. F. Weston
R. G. LeTourneau
R. Wilson Crane
Radial stacker
Rancho Crane Rental
Random Construction Company
Raymond International
RCS Crane Rental
Redmond, Oregon
Redondo Beach, California
Reel carrier
Regis Construction Company
Reliance Truck
Remco Systems
Reserve Mining
Revelstoke Dam
Rex Chain Belt
Reymer Well Service
Richmond Hill, Georgia
Rigging International
Rio Vista, California
Rock forks
Rock grapple
Rock rake
Rock tong
Rock wagon
Rocky Reach Contractors
Rocky Reach Dam
Ross Company
Rotary Brush Forklift
Rotary drill
Rothschild Raffin Inc.
Rough-terrain forklift
Rough Terrain Inc.
Rubin Aman
S. J. Groves
Sabeco Equipment
Sacramento Valley Crane
San Angelo, Texas
Sanco Materials
Sandbag grapple
Sand drill
San Francisco, California
San Jose Crane & Rigging
Santa Anita
Scale model
Schield Bantam
Scraper dolly
Seatree Nursery
Segment wheel
Self-propelled hydraulic crane
Self-propelled padfoot vibratory compactor
Self-propelled pneumatic roller
Self-propelled smooth vibratory compactor
Self-propelled vibratory compactor
Sheepsfoot roller
Sheet piling
Shepherd Machinery
Shurtleff & Andrews
Silver Bell Mining
Skeleton bucket
Skid-steer loader
Skookumcuck Dam
Sky Horse
Slurry system
Smith Crane & Rigging
Socometal SA
Solano Concrete
Sonora Mining
Southern California Contractors Association
Southern California Edison
South Gate, California
Spokane, Washington
Spreader bar
Sprinkler truck
Stafford Machinery
Stars & Stripes
Static compactor
Stationary concrete mixer
Steam roller
Steam traction engine
Steve Bubalo Construction
Steven P. Rados, Inc.
Stewart Auctions
Stiffleg derrick
Stinger II
Stockman Street
Straddle carrier
Strain Brothers
Straw bucket
Sugar cane
Sullivan’s Crane & Rigging
Sully-Miller Contracting Company
Super Commander
Superconducting Super Collider
Superior Equipment
Surge bin
Swing boom
Syar Industries
Tacoma, Washington
Tandem drill
Tandem roller
Tandem vibratory compactor
Tasco Construction, Inc.
Taylor Machine Works
TCI Power Products
Telescopic boom
Telescopic handler
Telescoping boom excavator
Tenco Tractor
Tennessee Valley Authority
Texas Utilities
Third Powerhouse
Thorp Sales Corporation
Tilt trailer
Todd Shipbuilding
Tom Hennig Auction Company
Towed smooth vibratory compactor
Towed vibratory compactor
Tower crane
Trail King
Trans-Alaska Pipeline
Transfer trailer
Transit Mixed Concrete Company
Trapezoidal bucket
Trench shield
Truck crane
Truck hydraulic crane
Truck scale
Truck tower crane
Truck turntable
Trunnion arm
Tulsa Winch
Turlock, California
U. S. Air Force
U. S. Army
U. S. Crane
U. S. Defense Department
U. S. Marine Corps
U. S. Steel
U dozer
Umpqua Division
Underground truck
Union Pacific
Unit Crane & Shovel
United Concrete Pipe
United Equipment Company
United Riggers & Erectors
Vadnais Corporation
Ventura, California
Vibratory compactor
Vibratory pile hammer
Vilsmeier Auction
Vito Artukovich & Son
Vulcan Iron Works (Chicago/Chattanooga)
Vulcan Iron Works (Wilkes-Barre, PA)
Vulcan Materials
W & L Construction Company, Inc.
Wagner Construction
Wagner Mining & Construction
Wagon crane
Walsh Construction Company
Warner & Swasey
Washington Construction
Water tower
Water wagon
Watson, Inc.
Waxahachie, Texas
Werner Corporation
Western Contracting Corporation
Western Crane Service
Western Machinery
Westheimer Rigging & Crane
Wheel dozer
Wheel loader
Wheel tractor
Whirley crane
Winston Brothers
Yard crane
Yoder & Frey
Zara Contracting Company
Zeta Group
Zonver & Jarrett Foundation Company
Genres/Forms of Material
Crane rating chart
Equipment records
Erection drawing
Export packing list
Group Index
Inventory card
Loading data
Sales literature
Service literature
Spec sheet
Rights/Use Restrictions: All rights to photographs are transferred to the HCEA.
Acquisition Notes: Accession 2007-0039  

As the company wound down its operations, Michael P. McCaffrey contacted HCEA Archivist Thomas Berry at ConExpo-Con/Agg 2002 and offered to donate his working library of service literature and other records to the Archives. The offer was accepted by the HCEA, and Craig Maxwell received the donation in October 2003. He delivered it as far as Grand Junction, Colorado in August 2005, where he had to leave it in custody of member Kelly Stone Bissell due to truck breakdown. (Two previous attempts were also aborted due to mechanical problems.) Dave Geis picked the collection up in the spring of 2006, stored it at his facility, and forwarded it to the HCEA Archives in April 2007. The accession number was assigned on arrival at the Archives.

It should be noted that repeated attempts to mail a Deed of Gift to Mr. McCaffrey at all known addresses have failed, as have attempts to obtain a correct address.