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Dunbar & Sullivan Dredging Company


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Dunbar & Sullivan Dredging Company, 1898-1987 and n. d. | Historical Construction Equipment Association

By Thomas Berry

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Collection Overview

Title: Dunbar & Sullivan Dredging Company, 1898-1987 and n. d.Add to your cart.View associated digital content.

Predominant Dates:1898-1970

ID: 2/203/1

Primary Creator: Dunbar & Sullivan Dredging Company (1844-1987)

Extent: 6.0 Linear Feet


Group 1, Equipment and Vessel Records:


Series 1, Dredges, is filed in boxes R1 and R2. It contains records for unnamed Bucyrus Company and Bucyrus-Erie dredges arranged by serial number, followed by records for named dredges arranged by vessel name. Records for the William Denny are included with those of the Sullivan.

Series 2, Derricks and Miscellaneous Vessels, is filed in box R2. It contains records of derricks and derrick scows arranged by number or name, followed by records for conversion of Scow No. 9 to a hydraulic booster, Drill Boat No. 1, the motor boat Gossoon, the Pump-Out Barge, and miscellaneous vessels.

Series 3, McMyler-Interstate Drawings, is filed in Box R3. It contains blueprints and drawings of McMyler-Interstate cranes arranged by model number and date, followed by a folder of miscellaneous drawings also arranged by date.

Series 4, Miscellaneous Equipment Drawings, is also filed in box R3. It contains blueprints and drawings for miscellaneous equipment and components, arranged by publisher name and date.

Series 5, Equipment Proposals, is filed in box R4 and the records are arranged by proposing company name.


Group 2, Equipment and Supply Management, is filed in box R4. It contains rosters, inventories, and other records pertaining to this subject.


Group 3, Photographs, is filed in boxes R4 and R5. It is arranged by publisher. Series 1 through 3 are in box R4, the rest in R5.


Group 4, Project Records, and Group 5, Miscellaneous, are filed in Box R5. They are arranged by topic and date.


Group 6, Oversize Records, is filed as follows:


16x20 inch records are in box 16x20-64.

20x24 inch records are in box 20x24-49

Flat File records are in drawer FF9, except for the oversized photo which is in FF1.

The American Hoist & Derrick parts book is in R5, but must be laid flat.

Subjects: Air compressor, Alcoa, Allis-Chalmers, Aluminum Company of America, Amazon, American Construction Company, American Hoist & Derrick, American Manganese Steel, American Marine & Machine, AMMCO, AMSCO, Ashtabula, Atlantean, B&O, Backhoe, Batch plant, Bauer Dredging Company, Bearings, Bechtel Corporation, Bethlehem Steel, Blaw-Knox Company, Boiler, Boom, Brian Boru, Bucket dredges, Buckeye Traction Ditcher Company, Bucyrus-Erie, Bucyrus Company, Buffalo, New York, Byron Jackson Company, Cable backhoe, Caisson, Caissons, Cameron Pump, Candler & Bass, Candler Dock & Dredge, Casting pattern, Casting patterns, Caterpillar, CF&I, Chicago, Illinois, Chilene Rhue, Chippewa, Clamshell, Clamshell bucket, Cleveland, Ohio, Clyde, Clyde Iron Works, Collins, Collins & Gallucci, Collins Construction Company, Colorado Fuel & Iron, Colossus, Comanche, Control, Core drill, Corps of Engineers, Couplings, Crane, Creole, Crescent, Cromwell-Sherman-Stalter, Cutter head, Dayton-Wiley, Deck winch, Deck winches, Derrick, Derrick D-1, Derrick No. 1, Derrick scow, Derrick Scow No. 2, Derrick Scow No. 3, Detroit, Michigan, Detroit Crane Company, Deutz, Diesel engine, Diesel generator, Dipper, Dipper dredge, Dipper handle, Dipper teeth, Dough Boy, Dragline, Dragline bucket, Dravo Corporation, Dredge Erie, Dredge hoist, Dredge No. 2-235, Dredge No. 2-248, Dredge No. 2-249, Dredge No. 85, Dredge No. 99, Dredge No. 119, Dredge No. 134, Dredge No. 168, Dredge No. 179, Dredge Ohio, Dredge Sullivan, Dredge William Denny, Dredging, Drill, Drill boat, Drill boat Hurricane, Drill Boat No. 1, Drill Boat No. 3, Dry batch plant, Duluth, Minnesota, Duluth-Superior, Duluth Harbor, Duluth Marine Contracting, Dump scow, Dump truck, Dunbar & Sullivan, Dunbar II, Earthquake, East Chicago Pipeline, Easterly Sewage Treatment Works, Electro-Motive, Ellicott, Elliott Company, Empire, Empire Engineering, Enterprise, Erie, Esco, Fairbanks-Morse, Fitz-Simmons & Connell, G. L. Stuebner, Gar Wood, Gas engine, General Electric, General Motors, Generator, Gillen, Glen Canyon Dam, Goff Kirby Ready Mixed Concrete, Gomeril, Gorman-Rupp, Gossoon, Gotham, Goulds Pumps, Great Lakes Division, Great Lakes Dredge & Dock, Grosse Ille, Michigan, H. S. Kerbaugh, H. T. Dunbar, Hadfield-Penfield, Halfbreed, Handy Andy, Harnischfeger, Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection & Insurance, Hillman Barge & Construction, History, Hopper dredges, Hulett, Hurricane, Indicator, Industry, Ingalls Iron Works, Ingersoll-Rand, John A. Roebling's Sons, Jones & Laughlin, Kerry Gow, Kiewit, Kingsbury Machine Works, Koppers Company, Lakehead Pipe Line, Lidgerwood, Lift crane, Lillian, Link-Belt, Locomotive crane, Mackinac Bridge, Mackinac Straits, Magneto, Manitowoc, Manitowoc 3900, Manitowoc 4500, Marine Construction Division, Marine derrick, Marion-Osgood, Maxim, McDowell-Wellman, McMyler-Interstate, Meckum Engineering, Merritt-Chapman & Scott, Merritt-Chapman & Whitney, Michigan Tractor & Machinery, Mobil Oil, Moorhead Machinery Company, Napoleon, National Hoisting Engine, National Iron Company, National Tube Company, Niagara, Niagara Falls, Niagara River, Nordberg, Ohio Fuelgas, Ohio Locomotive Crane, Old Hickory, Omadhaun, Operator's station, Ore unloader, Ore unloaders, Osgood Company, Outrigger, P & H, Page Engineering, Perry Nuclear Power Plant, Peter Kiewit, Peter Kiewit Sons' Company, Pettibone, Pettibone Mulliken, Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, Pile driver, Pile Driver No. 1, Pile hammer, Pipeline crossing, Pittsburgh-Conneaut Dock Company, Pocantico, Powder boats, Power Arm, Powhatan, Priestman, Priest Rapids Dam, Project, Pump-out Barge, Pyle-National, Rehandling, Revolver, River crossings, Robert Moses Power Plant, Rochester, Rochester Gas & Electric, Sachem, Samuel Gallucci & Sons, Schwarz Foundry, Scow, Scow No. 9, Severe service, Shaughraun, Sheave, Sideboom, Silencer, Slewing engine, Sodus, Spark arrestor, Speed-O-Matic, Spud, Steam pump, Steam shovel, Stiffleg derrick, Stoney Island, Superior-Lidgerwood-Mundy, Superior Bay, Superior Harbor, Superior Iron Works, Tennessee Gas Transmission, Timken, Tipperary Boy, Todd Combustion Equipment, Transit mixer, Turbo-Generator, U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, Underwater drilling, Underwater Eye, United States Dredge & Dock, Unloading tower, Vicon, WABCO, Walking dragline, Waukesha Motor, Wellman Engineering, Werco Steel, Westinghouse, Westinghouse Air Brake, Westinghouse Electric, Whirley, Whirley crane, Whirley No. 4, Whirley scow No. 5, Whiskey Island, Wickes Boiler, Wiley, Wiley Equipment Company, William Denny, Williams, Wilson Harbor, Wisconsin Motor, Workboat, Worthington Pump & Machinery - Worthington Corporation

Forms of Material: Bill of materials, Blueprint, Brochure, Clipping, Correspondence, Crane rating chart, Engineering notes, Equipment records, Parts book, Proposal, Publicity, Purchase order, Roster, Sales letter, Sales literature, Sales manual, Service bulletin, Service literature, Spec sheet, Typescript

Languages: English

Scope and Contents of the Materials

Records of the former Dunbar & Sullivan Dredging Company, documenting their vessels, equipment and operations. Also documented are vessels and/or operations of American Construction Company, Candler Dock & Dredge Company (later Candler & Bass, Inc.), Duluth-Superior Dredging Company, Empire Engineering Company, Merritt-Chapman & Whitney Corporation and the Great Lakes Division of Merritt-Chapman & Scott Corporation.


The records include: Engineering drawings and other documentation of the dredges, derricks, and specialized floating equipment; engineering drawings for cranes produced by the McMyler-Interstate Company and for miscellaneous equipment produced by a number of other manufacturers; equipment proposals; equipment rosters and inventories of equipment, supplies and property; equipment management procedures and policies; photographs of vessels, projects, facilities and personnel; clippings and other records pertaining to projects; a typescript history of the company, believed to be unpublished; publicity materials; a collection of records discussing lakeshore erosion; boiler inspection records; and miscellaneous correspondence and records.


The drawings are both flat and folded, and are arranged and described accordingly. Some drawings are for excavators such as Bucyrus 50Bs and Marion 300s that have common parts, assemblies and components with the dredges.

Biographical Note

The Dunbar & Sullivan Dredging Company was founded in 1844 in Buffalo, New York. Corporate headquarters were moved to Detroit, Michigan, and then to Cleveland, Ohio. The Detroit facility remained as a branch office and equipment yard.

Dunbar & Sullivan was actively involved in the development of the marine navigation support infrastructure in the Great Lakes and the Mississippi Valley. Their operations included submarine rock excavation, hydraulic and dipper dredging, land reclamation by hydraulic fill, ship channel dredging, river and harbor improvements, dock construction, pile driving, and pipeline and cable laying. They also constructed bridges and municipal sewage treatment plants.

Dunbar & Sullivan acquired a portion of the construction operations of Merritt-Chapman & Scott Corporation of New York City circa the 1960’s. Merritt-Chapman & Scott’s roots date from 1860, and their lineage includes Whitney Bros. Company of Duluth, Minnesota (not represented in this collection) and Merritt-Chapman & Whitney. American Construction Company of Cleveland, Ohio was acquired by Merritt-Chapman & Scott circa 1929-1930, which apparently operated it as a subsidiary at least until 1937, the date of the most recent American Construction photographs in the collection.

By the 1960s, Merritt-Chapman & Scott had become a large conglomerate with heavy and marine construction and marine salvage operations worldwide, most heavily concentrated in the Great Lakes and the Atlantic coast of the U.S. Other Merritt-Chapman & Scott operations included chemicals and shipbuilding in the U.S. As such major projects as the Glen Canyon Dam in Arizona, Priest Rapids Dam in Washington and the Robert Moses Power Plant and Intake at Niagara Falls, New York were completed, it was divesting itself of certain construction operations; this was due to the reduced profit margins offered by such projects under highly competitive bidding. As part of the divestiture, the Great Lakes Division, based in Cleveland, was sold to Dunbar and Sullivan in the mid-1960s.

The Duluth-Superior Dredging Company of Duluth, Minnesota, was acquired sometime after 1947, the date of the most recent record in the collection originating with Duluth-Superior.

Dunbar & Sullivan publicity materials also list acquisitions of Fitz-Simmons & Cornell Dredge & Dock Company of Chicago, Illinois, and of Whitney Bros. and American Construction, which were actually acquired by Merritt-Chapman & Scott.

Dunbar & Sullivan ceased operations in 1987, and a series of auctions were held at their facilities to dispose of their vessels and equipment.

Subject/Index Terms

Air compressor
Aluminum Company of America
American Construction Company
American Hoist & Derrick
American Manganese Steel
American Marine & Machine
Batch plant
Bauer Dredging Company
Bechtel Corporation
Bethlehem Steel
Blaw-Knox Company
Brian Boru
Bucket dredges
Buckeye Traction Ditcher Company
Bucyrus Company
Buffalo, New York
Byron Jackson Company
Cable backhoe
Cameron Pump
Candler & Bass
Candler Dock & Dredge
Casting pattern
Casting patterns
Chicago, Illinois
Chilene Rhue
Clamshell bucket
Cleveland, Ohio
Clyde Iron Works
Collins & Gallucci
Collins Construction Company
Colorado Fuel & Iron
Core drill
Corps of Engineers
Cutter head
Deck winch
Deck winches
Derrick D-1
Derrick No. 1
Derrick scow
Derrick Scow No. 2
Derrick Scow No. 3
Detroit, Michigan
Detroit Crane Company
Diesel engine
Diesel generator
Dipper dredge
Dipper handle
Dipper teeth
Dough Boy
Dragline bucket
Dravo Corporation
Dredge Erie
Dredge hoist
Dredge No. 2-235
Dredge No. 2-248
Dredge No. 2-249
Dredge No. 85
Dredge No. 99
Dredge No. 119
Dredge No. 134
Dredge No. 168
Dredge No. 179
Dredge Ohio
Dredge Sullivan
Dredge William Denny
Drill boat
Drill boat Hurricane
Drill Boat No. 1
Drill Boat No. 3
Dry batch plant
Duluth, Minnesota
Duluth Harbor
Duluth Marine Contracting
Dump scow
Dump truck
Dunbar & Sullivan
Dunbar II
East Chicago Pipeline
Easterly Sewage Treatment Works
Elliott Company
Empire Engineering
Fitz-Simmons & Connell
G. L. Stuebner
Gar Wood
Gas engine
General Electric
General Motors
Glen Canyon Dam
Goff Kirby Ready Mixed Concrete
Goulds Pumps
Great Lakes Division
Great Lakes Dredge & Dock
Grosse Ille, Michigan
H. S. Kerbaugh
H. T. Dunbar
Handy Andy
Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection & Insurance
Hillman Barge & Construction
Hopper dredges
Ingalls Iron Works
John A. Roebling's Sons
Jones & Laughlin
Kerry Gow
Kingsbury Machine Works
Koppers Company
Lakehead Pipe Line
Lift crane
Locomotive crane
Mackinac Bridge
Mackinac Straits
Manitowoc 3900
Manitowoc 4500
Marine Construction Division
Marine derrick
Meckum Engineering
Merritt-Chapman & Scott
Merritt-Chapman & Whitney
Michigan Tractor & Machinery
Mobil Oil
Moorhead Machinery Company
National Hoisting Engine
National Iron Company
National Tube Company
Niagara Falls
Niagara River
Ohio Fuelgas
Ohio Locomotive Crane
Old Hickory
Operator's station
Ore unloader
Ore unloaders
Osgood Company
P & H
Page Engineering
Perry Nuclear Power Plant
Peter Kiewit
Peter Kiewit Sons' Company
Pettibone Mulliken
Philadelphia Naval Shipyard
Pile driver
Pile Driver No. 1
Pile hammer
Pipeline crossing
Pittsburgh-Conneaut Dock Company
Powder boats
Power Arm
Priest Rapids Dam
Pump-out Barge
River crossings
Robert Moses Power Plant
Rochester Gas & Electric
Samuel Gallucci & Sons
Schwarz Foundry
Scow No. 9
Severe service
Slewing engine
Spark arrestor
Steam pump
Steam shovel
Stiffleg derrick
Stoney Island
Superior Bay
Superior Harbor
Superior Iron Works
Tennessee Gas Transmission
Tipperary Boy
Todd Combustion Equipment
Transit mixer
U. S. Army Corps of Engineers
Underwater drilling
Underwater Eye
United States Dredge & Dock
Unloading tower
Walking dragline
Waukesha Motor
Wellman Engineering
Werco Steel
Westinghouse Air Brake
Westinghouse Electric
Whirley crane
Whirley No. 4
Whirley scow No. 5
Whiskey Island
Wickes Boiler
Wiley Equipment Company
William Denny
Wilson Harbor
Wisconsin Motor
Worthington Pump & Machinery - Worthington Corporation

Administrative Information

Repository: Historical Construction Equipment Association

Access Restrictions: There are no restrictions on this collection.

Physical Access Note: Many of the blueprints and engineering drawings are in rough condition and cannot be reproduced.

Acquisition Method: These records were solicited by Donald W. Frantz, Managing Director of the Historical Construction Equipment Association, from the Dunbar & Sullivan Dredging Company in 1987. The records were donated by the Whiskey Island equipment yard office at Cleveland, Ohio. An additional solicitation was attempted at their Detroit, Michigan offices at the same time, but no records were received.

Separated Materials: A considerable amount of sales and service literature was removed from this collection and placed into common files for those record types.

Related Materials: The Historical Collections of the Great Lakes at the Bowling Green State University Center for Archival Collections also has a collection of records for Dunbar & Sullivan. The finding aid for this collection is viewable online. Additional records for Merritt-Chapman & Scott Corporation are in Collection 2241. The collection contains materials from dozens of manufacturers of equipment and components, most of whom have their own collections as well. For more information please see http://www.bgsu.edu/colleges/library/hcgl/glms0003.html.

Processing Information: The initial finding aid was prepared by HCEA Archivist Thomas Berry for the Archives Administration graduate class at Bowling Green State University in 2000. It presented a proposed organizational scheme for such records in this collection as were known at the time, and was written to follow professional standards. Additional records were discovered in the files after its completion.

Finding Aid Revision History: These additional records were incorporated into the collection and the entire collection and finding aid were rearranged to comply with HCEA protocol when the collection was posted to Archon in January and February 2008.

Box and Folder Listing

Browse by Group:

[Group 1: Equipment and vessel records, 1898-1975 and n. d.],
[Group 2: Equipment and supply management, 1929-1989 and n. d.],
[Group 3: Photographs and negatives, 1931-1989 and n.d.],
[Group 4: Project records, 1934-1974 and n. d.],
[Group 5: Miscellaneous records, 1915-1989 and n. d.],
[Group 6: Oversized records],

Group 3: Photographs and negatives, 1931-1989 and n.d.Add to your cart.
Series 1: Dunbar-Kiewit photographs, 1970-1971Add to your cart.
Construction of raw water intake, Lake Huron Station, Detroit Metropolitan Water Services contract LH-6A, built by Dunbar & Sullivan / Peter Kiewit Sons’ Company joint venture.
Folder 1: General construction, 1970Add to your cart.
8x10 prints show caissons, Roen Steamship Company marine derrick Lillian, a Manitowoc crawler crane on the Lillian, and another Manitowoc lettered for Detroit Crane Company.
Folder 2: Failed caisson, 1970-1971Add to your cart.
8x10 photographs.
Series 2: Merritt-Chapman & Scott Corporation photographs, 1945-1960 and n. d.Add to your cart.
Subseries 1: Albums, 1947-1949Add to your cart.
Albums of project photographs.
Folder 1: Rochester Gas & Electric water intake, 1947Add to your cart.
84” submarine water intake pipeline, Rochester Gas & Electric Co., Rochester, New York, Estimate 1128. Green binder. Images show clamshell dredge/derrick Amazon, pipe sections, underwater drilling and blasting, stiffleg derricks on scows, trench construction, pipe placement, Thew-Lorain truck cranes, and Northwest Engineering crawler cranes and cable backhoes.
Folder 2: Rochester Gas & Electric water intake, 1947Add to your cart.
84” submarine water intake pipeline, Rochester Gas & Electric Co., Rochester, New York, Estimate 1128. Black binder. Images show clamshell dredge/derrick Amazon, pipe sections, underwater drilling and blasting, stiffleg derricks on scows, trench construction, pipe placement, Thew-Lorain truck cranes, and Northwest Engineering crawler cranes and cable backhoes. Some images are duplicates from Folder 1.
Folder 3: Nottingham Intake, c. 1948-1949Add to your cart.
Nottingham Intake, City of Cleveland, Ohio, n.d., c. 1948-1949. Photos show unidentified Clyde Iron Works derrick clamming aggregates into dry batch plant on scow Clyde; derrick Cherokee lifting a motorboat; nighttime operations on the water; and management and workers. One small format print of derrick Gotham excavating trench added.
Subseries 2: Project photographs, 1946-1955Add to your cart.
Photographs of identifiable projects.
Folder 1: Estimate 952, 1946-1947Add to your cart.
Four 8x10 prints of dock rehabilitation for National Tube Company, Lorain Ohio, 1946-1947, showing unidentified derricks, Hulett ore unloaders and dredges along ore unloading dock.
Folder 2: Estimate 967/MC3710, 1949Add to your cart.
Five small format prints and four 8x10s showing pier construction and subsidence at Pittsburgh-Conneaut Dock Company, Conneaut, Ohio, 1949.
Folder 3: Estimate 1010/MC 3708, 1948Add to your cart.
One mounted and one unmounted small format prints of dredging and offshore placement of 102 inch water pipe, City of Ashtabula, Ohio, 1948.
Folder 4: Estimate 1119, 1951Add to your cart.
Three small format and one 8x10 prints, Jones & Laughlin Steel Company pier, Cleveland, Ohio, showing laker George F. Rand.
Folder 5: Estimate 1200/MC 3773, n. d.Add to your cart.
Two small format prints of water line construction, City of Ashtabula, Ohio. One poor image of derrick lifting pipe section.
Folder 6: Estimate 1605, 1957Add to your cart.
10 small format prints, pier removal, Aluminum Company of America (Alcoa), Talcott Point, Massena, New York.
Folder 7: MC3634, 1945Add to your cart.
One 8x10 print and five 8x10 negatives, Brady Pier, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.
Folder 8: MC3662, 1946Add to your cart.
Three 8x10 prints, Baltimore & Ohio (B&O) coal dock, location unknown. Found interfiled with MC3806 images, Folder 7.
Folder 9: MC3743, 1950Add to your cart.
Seven 8x10 and 39 small-format prints, project for City of Rochester, New York,  Subjects include Thew-Lorain crawler crane and pile hammer. Images stamped 859T are dated Aug 1 1950.
Folder 10: MC3771, Oct 22 1951Add to your cart.
23 8x10 prints, marine derrick Cherokee raising Dunbar & Sullivan Dredging Company tug Sachem. Sachem shown afloat in some photos; Merritt-Chapman & Scott tug Sherman E. Serre shown in some photos.
Folder 11: MC3783, 1952-1953 and n. d.Add to your cart.
15 8x10 prints, operations at Bethlehem Steel docks, Buffalo, New York, 1952-1953 and n.d. Subjects include: Driving sheet piling with derricks; views of steel mill and ore unloader; Northwest crawler crane with pile hammer; caisson with crushed wood pile imbedded in base; unidentified truck crane curing anchorage construction; dredge Sullivan moored for winter tie-up.
Folder 12: MC3804, 1954Add to your cart.
Eleven small format prints, unidentified project. Shows storage yard and construction of bridge piers along railroad and waterfront. Subjects include Bucyrus-Erie and Buckeye crawler cranes and pile driver.
Folder 13: MC3806, n. d.Add to your cart.
Three small format and two 8x10 prints, Pennsylvania Railroad Dock 11, Cleveland, Ohio, n. d. Found interfiled with MC3662 images (Folder 8), some may be for that or another project.
Folder 14: MC3827, 1955Add to your cart.
One 8x10 print, dipper dredge and drill boat in distance, Pinney Dock & Transport, Ashtabula, Ohio.
Folder 15: MC3846, n. d.Add to your cart.
One small format print of unidentified steel bridge.
Folder 16: MC3890, 1960Add to your cart.
Three 8x10 prints, aerial views of shoreline dredging, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Jul 8 1960.
Folder 17: Ashtabula River drawbridge, 1954-1955Add to your cart.
Small format photographs, construction of railroad bascule drawbridge over the Ashtabula River beneath Detroit-Superior Bridge, Cleveland, Ohio, arranged chronologically. Subjects include: core drilling; caissons; piers and abutments; excavating main pier with a whirley crane on rails and clamshell bucket; core drills owned by J. L. Harper & Company, Toledo; lake freighter Rockwood passing through raised span; core samples and core drilling; pouring main bascule pier base; transit mixer owned by Goff Kirby Ready Mixed Concrete; derrick Gotham; cofferdams; launch Clevelander; Center Street Bridge; pile driving; derrick Chippewa; driving sheet piling for bridge fender; Vulcan Iron Works 80C pile hammer. CAUTION: Many prints are brittle.
Folder 18: Mackinac Bridge, 1955Add to your cart.
17 small format prints, construction of Mackinac Strait bridge piers, Jun 1955, showing marine derricks, dry batch plants on barges and unidentified tug.
Subseries 3: Unidentified river crossings, 1952 and n. d.Add to your cart.
8x10 prints, construction of pipeline crossings of bodies of water, n. d.
Folder 1: Collins, labeled photographs, 1952 and n. d.Add to your cart.
Sequence of prints, marked “Collins,” 1952 and n. d., numbered 1 through 6 and 8 with labels attached by paper clip, showing multiple strings of natural gas pipeline ready for launch; clips removed and labels included in each sleeve. Subjects include Bucyrus-Erie 15B crawler crane; launchway; and Allis-Chalmers HD19 sideboom tractors owned by Samuel Gallucci & Sons Inc., Corona, Long Island, New York.
Folder 2: Collins, unlabeled photographs, 1952 and n. d.Add to your cart.
15 prints marked “Collins,” 1952 and n. d. Subjects include: small Koehring crawler crane; Allis-Chalmers sideboom tractors; derrick Colossus; and work boat Cinch.
Folder 3: Texas, n. d.Add to your cart.
Two prints taken in Texas. One shows Rivermaster Winch, 425,000 lb. line pull winch built by Collins Construction Company for Collins & Gallucci, being pulled from a flatcar onto a flatbed truck; the other shows floats in a storage yard with Southern Pacific Texas & New Orleans cabooses in background
Subseries 4: Miscellaneous photographs, 1938-1960 and n. d.Add to your cart.
Folder 1: 1938Add to your cart.
Mounted 8x10 photo of dump scow DS14 or DS15, Dravo Corporation image W-1204 or 26142.
Folder 2: 1939-1940, 1939-1940 and n. d.Add to your cart.
Miscellaneous 8x10 and small format prints, 1939-1940 and n. d., found in file folders marked 413 Toledo, 605 R&LO, 611 Lewiston and 1011 Nottingham on one side and EST 1253 Northwestern-Hanna Fuel Company Lime Island, Michigan on the other. Subjects include derrick Cherokee.
Folder 3: 1952Add to your cart.
One 8x10 print, derrick Colossus.
Folder 4: 1954Add to your cart.
Two 8x10 prints, derrick Cherokee with dry batch plant on deck.
Folder 5: 1960Add to your cart.
Eight 8x10 prints, derrick, Manitowoc 4500 crawler crane and marine railway for pipe handling.
Folder 6: Undated 8x10 prints, n. d.Add to your cart.
One photograph of derrick Gotham loading pipe sections on barge; six of derrick Comanche, photos marked “Tower 53”; one of tug Sherman E. Serre.
Series 3: Bechtel Corporation photographs, 1954Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Niagara River Crossing album:, 1954Add to your cart.
8x10 album showing the first pipeline crossing of the Niagara River, built for Tennessee Gas Transmission Company in Sep 1954. Subjects include Caterpillar sideboom tractors; unidentified dredge owned by Merritt-Chapman & Scott; management and workers; and pipeline fabrication.
Series 4: American Construction Company photographs, 1931-1937Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Easterly Sewage Treatment Works, Cleveland, Ohio, 1931-1932Add to your cart.View associated digital content.
Two 8x10 prints. Subjects: Unidentified dump truck; distant views of marine derrick and floating pile driver.
Folder 2: Conneaut, Ohio intake, crib and breakwater, 1933Add to your cart.
Two 8x10 prints. Subjects include clamshell dredging with marine derrick.
Folder 3: City of Detroit outlet conduit crib, 1937Add to your cart.
Three 8x10 prints. Subjects include stiffleg derrick.
Series 5: Dredge photographs, 1961-1975Add to your cart.
Subseries 1: Dredge Empire, 1961Add to your cart.
28 small format prints of components and assemblies in dry dock. Includes negatives of many prints.
Subseries 2: Dredge Sullivan, 1973-1975Add to your cart.
Folder 1: 1973-1974Add to your cart.
Three 8x10 prints, Pinney Dock & Transportation Company Slip No. 1 project, Ashtabula, Ohio,  featuring sunken dredge Sullivan.
Folder 2: 1974-1975Add to your cart.
68 small format prints of recovery, inspection and repairs after sinking at Ashtabula harbor. CAUTION: Polaroid prints slip out of their pages very easily.
Series 6: Dated miscellaneous photographs, 1930-1989Add to your cart.
Folder 1: 1930-1931Add to your cart.
Three 8x10 and 12 4x6 prints, East Chicago Pipeline. Subjects include stiffleg derrick, marine derrick Atlantean, an unidentified marine derrick, and tug William M. Hatch. Owner name on vessels is illegible.
Folder 2: 1952Add to your cart.
Two executives on jobsite at Toledo, Ohio, Sep 26 1952. Labeled “370.”
Folder 3: 1956Add to your cart.
Three 3½”x4½”photographs of boulder picked up by dredge Sullivan at Ogdensburg, New York, with accompanying correspondence photocopied from very poor original; eight small format prints. National Distillers project, Ashtabula, Ohio.
Folder 4: 1958Add to your cart.
Four small format photographs of dredge (?) components.
Folder 5: 1960Add to your cart.
Two 8x10 prints of portion of dipper dredge, identified in one as dredge William Denny.
Folder 6: 1963Add to your cart.
One 8x10 photograph, gas pipeline submersion, Ohio Fuelgas Company.
Folder 7: 1964Add to your cart.
Six 8x10 prints of damaged and undamaged 16-cylinder diesel engines. Two small format prints with them may or may not be related.
Folder 8: 1965Add to your cart.
24 8x10 prints of Dunbar & Sullivan Scow No. 9  during conversion to hydraulic booster at Dravo Corporation shipyard and after completion.
Folder 9: 1975Add to your cart.
Four 8x10 prints, derrick Comanche and other vessels. Huron, Ohio.
Folder 10: 1989Add to your cart.
23 3½”x5” color photographs of Dunbar & Sullivan staff, vessels and equipment at Stony Island yard, Grosse Ille, Michigan. Subjects include unidentified locomotive crane; whirley crane upper works; boiler and hoist; what is believed to be a Page Engineering walking dragline upper works on a barge; dredge Omadhaun; workboat Halfbreed; and tug Ethel. Includes negatives.
Series 7: Undated miscellaneous photographs, n. d.Add to your cart.
Folder 1: United States Dredge & Dock, n. d.Add to your cart.
Five 8x10 prints of United States Dredge & Dock Co. dipper dredge.
Folder 2: Freighter Wolverine, n. d.Add to your cart.
One 8x10 print of freighter Wolverine.
Folder 3: Bauer Dredging Company, n. d.Add to your cart.
Two 8x10 prints, Bauer Dredging Company dredge No. 28.
Folder 4: Welded dipper, n. d.Add to your cart.
Two 8x10 prints, factory photographs of welded dipper for Dunbar & Sullivan.
Folder 5: Fitz Simmons & Connell, n. d.Add to your cart.
One 8x10 print, Fitz Simmons & Connell Dredge & Dock Company derrick No. 36, with Clyde Iron Works stiffleg derrick.
Folder 6: Unidentified vessels, n. d.Add to your cart.
Seven 8x10 prints, unidentified vessel in dry dock and being launched; one 8x10 print of unidentified dipper dredge and tug.
Folder 7: Miscellaneous, n. d.Add to your cart.
Three small format prints, sheeting east of lighthouse groin, Erie, Pennsylvania, marked “426”; American Hoist & Derrick print no. 6430 (?), base and circle for crane mounting on barge; two strips on contact prints, aerial views of unidentified breakwater (?) project.

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[Group 2: Equipment and supply management, 1929-1989 and n. d.],
[Group 3: Photographs and negatives, 1931-1989 and n.d.],
[Group 4: Project records, 1934-1974 and n. d.],
[Group 5: Miscellaneous records, 1915-1989 and n. d.],
[Group 6: Oversized records],

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