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Euclid Road Machinery Company - Euclid Division of General Motors


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Euclid Road Machinery Company - Euclid Division of General Motors

Euclid, Inc. - Hitachi Heavy Equipment Ltd.

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Euclid Road Machinery Company - Euclid Division of General Motors, 1930-1999 and n. d. | Historical Construction Equipment Association

By Thomas Berry

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Collection Overview

Title: Euclid Road Machinery Company - Euclid Division of General Motors, 1930-1999 and n. d.Add to your cart.

ID: 1/101/386

Primary Creator: Euclid (1907-2004)

Extent: 3.25 Linear Feet


Group 1, Machinery Records, is arranged by record format, record type, subseries, machine class, machine model, and publication date (where known).

Euclid’s unique model nomenclature for prime movers, wheel tractors, scrapers and bottom dump trucks and wagons, combined with the sheer bulk of records discussing its end dump and bottom dump trucks, made a specialized classification system by machine type necessary for sales literature and other class- or model-specific records.

Service literature arrangement:

The great majority of Euclid service literature consists of Maintenance Manuals and Parts Books.

The Maintenance Manuals consist of individual documents, ranging from one to perhaps 20 pages, each discussing a specific subject and organized by area of the machine. These documents exist in two formats. There is a two-volume set of Master Maintenance Manuals, consisting of unbound compilations of all the documents for all machines arranged into sections by subject, then by publication number, and various manuals that were assembled by Euclid for particular models or series of models. Apparently, the Master Maintenance Manuals were compiled in the 1950s, and they were evidently replaced by manuals issued for specific model series in the early 1960s that used the same pages and format but only in a bound volume.

As published, these documents typically do not identify the machine(s) to which they apply; however, there are indexes for each series of model numbers in the master copy of the Master Maintenance Manual. This Manual also includes a separate section for the BV series belt loader. An entirely separate manual was published for crawler tractors.

These Manuals were found in the files, in the form of two Volume 1 binders, one Volume 2 binder, and two unnumbered binders containing volumes 1 and 2. The contents of each of the volume 1 binders differed from the other two in terms of currency and completeness. The contents of all three binders were recompiled into a master reference copy consisting of the most recent editions of each document, a backup copy and a stack of extra copies. The master reference copy also includes some obsolete documents and contents pages when they contained information not reflected in the newest issues. One binder was found to have the contents of a crawler tractor manual interfiled with the correct contents; these were removed and filed separately. This was also observed and undertaken for the two volume 2 binders. The master reference and backup copies were placed back in original binders for historic value.

No effort has been made to reconcile the Master Maintenance Manuals to the maintenance manuals for the individual model series. Duplicates were observed among them, and standard procedure was followed in culling obsolete and shopworn extras.

Exact model coverage in the operation and maintenance manuals can vary. For example, one operation and maintenance manual encompasses all end dumps with mechanical transmissions, and another encompasses both the FDT and TDT series three-axle twin-power motor scrapers. Maintenance manuals were issued for various combinations of motor scrapers as follows:

Sep 1958 – S7, S12

Jul 1964 – S7, TS14, TTS14

Aug 1964 – S18, S24, TS18, TS24

May 1966 – S7, TS14

In May 1963, a separate manual was issued for the S28.

A compilation of parts pages discusses the company’s early machines from the 1930s. The rest of the parts books are dated from the 1950s and later. These newer books were issued for both a range of serial numbers for a given model, and for specific serial numbers. They include both loose-leaf and bound volumes; the bound volumes consist of the same pages as used in the loose-leaf volumes. The collection also includes master and backup sets of comprehensive Master Parts Books for all 74TD R35 end dumps.

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Florence Construction Company, WABCO, Waco, Texas, Waco Dam, Waddington Constructors, Wadesville, Pennsylvania, Wadesville Production Company, Walford Quarry, Walking dragline, Walnut Creek, California, Walsh Construction Company, Ward & Hancock, Ware Machine Works, Warner & Swasey, Washington, Iowa, Washington County Highway Department, Washington Institute of Forestry, Watauga Dam, Water wagon, Wausau Iron Works, Wearpact, Weirton Coal Company, Western Contracting Corporation, Western Electric, Western Pipeline, Inc., Westland, Pennsylvania, West Lyell Mine, West Palm Beach, Florida, Wet disc brakes, Wetumpka, Alabama, Wheel dozer, Wheeled scraper, Wheel tractor, Whitehall, Montana, White Motor, White River, White River, South Dakota, Whitney Point, New York, Wichita, Kansas, Wickliffe, Ohio, Widgeon Creek Logging, Wilbur Nielsen Company, Wilco Builders, Wilkins Air Force Base, Willow Run Assembly Plant, Winch, Wingfoot, Wing plow, Winston Brothers, Wolf Creek, Montana, Wolf Creek Dam, Wooldridge, Wreckers, Inc., Wright Griffin, Wysox, Pennsylvania, Yale & Towne, Yalobusha River, Young Corporation - Young Iron Works, Zoar, Ohio

Forms of Material: Advertisement, Advertising, Application chart, Brochure, Comparative performance study, Comparative spec, Competitive product study, Correspondence, Cost study, Dealer directory, Dimensioned drawing, Engineering notes, Engineering study, Flier, Flowchart, Folio, Order form, Owner list, Patent drawing, Patent record, Performance chart, Performance study, Photograph, Press release, Price book, Price page, Product announcement, Product introduction, Production estimating, Proposal, Prospect evaluation, Publication index, Reprint, Sales letter, Sales literature, Sales manual, Sales presentation, Sales training, Sketch, Spec sheet, Testimonial

Languages: English

Scope and Contents of the Materials

This collection consists of sales and service literature and  photographic and audiovisual records discussing the company’s products, and periodicals, business records and miscellaneous records describing its operations.

Biographical Note

The company that became Euclid was founded in 1907 in Wickliffe, Ohio, by George A. Armington as the Armington Electric Hoist Company. It was renamed Euclid Crane & Hoist Company when the plant was relocated to Euclid, Ohio. Euclid built experimental tractors (one crawler and several wheeled) c. 1920s, and entered the construction equipment industry when it introduced the Automatic Rotary Scraper in 1924. Acceptance of the scrapers led to the creation of the Road Machinery Division in 1926, and the Division was incorporated as the Euclid Road Machinery Company, a subsidiary of the Euclid Armington Corporation, on Jul 11, 1931. The Euclid Road Machinery Company became independent of Euclid Armington on Jan 1, 1933, and no record is known to exist of Euclid Crane & Hoist after this.

Euclid operated a Railway Transportation Division in 1935-36; this division built several small diesel-electric locomotives for railroad switching, then left the business.

Euclid began production in Motherwell, Scotland in 1951. General Motors, which had been exploring entry into the heavy construction equipment market, acquired Euclid on Sep 30, 1953 and made it a division of GMC on Jan 1, 1954; in the mid-1950s, GMC built a new factory for Euclid at Hudson, Ohio.

The U. S. Department of Justice filed an anti-trust action against GMC on Oct 15, 1959 on the allegation that GMC threatened to control the off-road hauler market. To settle, GMC negotiated with White Motor Corporation (Collection 1601) during 1967 for the sale of certain parts of the Euclid Division, and on Feb 15, 1968 White purchased the Euclid off-road truck lines. GMC retained the right to build and market haulers from Canadian plants and the former Euclid factories in Hudson and Scotland, but was barred from re-entering the US market until Jul 1, 1972. The former Euclid tractor, scraper and loader lines were also retained by GM and were produced by its Earthmoving Equipment Division, which became Terex (Collection 532). The British operation retained the Euclid (Great Britain), Ltd. name until December, 1968, when it was renamed General Motors Scotland, Ltd. Euclid lost its international manufacturing and marketing in the deal.

White operated Euclid as a subsidiary under the name of Euclid, Inc., then sold it to Daimler-Benz AG as a subsidiary in Aug 1977. Daimler-Benz sold Euclid to the Clark Michigan Company, the construction machinery subsidiary to Clark Equipment Company (Collection 252), in Jan 1984.

In answer to poor economic conditions, Clark formed a 50/50 joint venture company with Volvo AB (Collection 5) in 1985.  The new firm was called VME, an acronym for Volvo Michigan Euclid, and operated in separate units, Volvo BM Company in Europe and VME Americas in North America. The European unit became simply VME in 1989. In 1991, VME Americas was divided into VME Industries North America to handle Euclid products and VME Sales North America to handle wheel loaders and articulated trucks.

VME Industries North America formed a joint venture with Hitachi Construction Machinery Company Ltd. (Collection 423) of Japan in Dec 1993. Hitachi acquired a 19.5% share of the Euclid US operations, and the venture was called Euclid-Hitachi Heavy Equipment Ltd. The VME name was eliminated in May 1995 when Volvo’s parent company purchased Clark’s share of the VME venture, and the former VME was renamed Volvo Construction Equipment Corporation.  By 1996, Hitachi had increased its shares of Euclid to 40%. On Jan 1, 2004. Hitachi renamed its Euclid-Hitachi Heavy Equipment Ltd. of Guelph, Ontario to Hitachi Construction Truck Manufacturing Ltd., abolishing the Euclid name.

See Euclid and Terex Earthmoving Equipment (Orlemann, 1997), for comprehensive discussion of Euclid’s history, and Equipment Echoes issues 56 and 57 for a photo story on early Euclid products.

Major patents and innovations:

Euclid introduced the first successful off-highway end dump and bottom dump trucks, and the first articulated wheel loader to achieve widespread success. It was famous for its “Twin-Power” trucks, scrapers and crawler tractors. It also patented the traveling belt loader.

Model nomenclature:

Truck and motor scraper nomenclature is discussed in records in the collection.

The BV model nomenclature for traveling belt loaders stood for BladeVeyor. 213 BVs were built, using a separate serial number system from all other products.

Wheeled scraper model nomenclature:

½ yard - None, became ¾ yard.

1 yard - S1

1½ yard - S112 (Formerly 1¼ yard)

HD - SS112 (Heavy Duty).

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36th Street Airport
A. Guthrie & Company
A. J. Baltes
A. S. Leffler
Acme Construction Company
Adventure Land
Aggregate Producers, Inc.
Alabama Power Company
Albert Brothers
Aliquippa, Pennsylvania
Al Johnson Construction Company
Allegheny Construction Industries
Allegheny Mining Corporation
Altfillisch Constructors
Aluminum Company of America
Aluminum Company of Canada
American Institute of Mining Engineers
American Pipe & Construction Company
American River
American Tractor Equipment
Amis Construction Company
Angle dozer
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Annville, Pennsylvania
Anthony, Texas
Anthony Grignano Company
Arco, Tennessee
Arkansas Post Canal
Arkansas River
Armington Electric Hoist Company
Armstrong & Armstrong
Arrow Dam
Arthur A. Johnson Corporation
Articulated dump truck
Arundel Corporation
Asbury Transportation Company
Ashboro, North Carolina
Ash Fork, Arizona
Atlanta, Georgia
Atlanta International Airport
Atlanta Municipal Airport
Auburn, California
Auburn Constructors
Auburn Dam
Augger Mining
Augusta, Arkansas
Augustine Contractors Company
Aurora, Ontario
Australian gold rush
Automatic Rotary Scraper
Avco Lycoming
Avon Lake, Ohio
Avon Lake Power Plant
Ayrshire Collieries
Ayrshire Potoka Collieries
B. B. McCormick & Sons
Badgett Mine Stripping
Baldwin Park, California
Barbara Mine
Barnes County Highway Department
Barnhart Island Powerhouse
Barnstable, Massachusetts
Basalt Rock Company
Bauxite, Arkansas
Bay Area Rapid Transit District
Bearcat Tire
Beckley, West Virginia
Bedford Construction Company Ltd.
Belgrade Quarry
Bell Aircraft Corporation
Bell Telephone Company of Canada
Belt loader
Belton, Texas
Belton Dam
Ben Ginter Construction Company Ltd.
Berkeley Hills Tunnel
Bert Altfillisch
Bessemer, Pennsylvania
Bessemer Limestone & Cement
Birmingham, Alabama
Blum Construction Company
Blythe Brothers
Boca Raton, Florida
Boeing Aircraft
Bottom dump truck
Bottom dump wagon
Bougainville Copper
Bouganville Copper Ltd.
Bowen & McLaughlin
Braselton, Georgia
Brazos River
Bridge crane
Brinell steel
British Columbia Lumberman
Brown Construction Company
Bruns Coal Company
Brunswick, Ohio
Bryan-Moore Company Inc.
Buchanan, Virginia
Buford, New Mexico
Buford Dam
Burch Corporation
Burgettstown, Pennsylvania
Butler Brothers Company
C & D Manufacturing
C & K Coal Company
C. A. Langford
C. A. Langford Company
C. A. Pitts General Contractors Ltd.
C. A. Powley
C. F. Lytle
Cable control unit
Cable plow
Cable shovel
Cadiz, Ohio
Cahokia Power Plant
California Aqueduct
California Department of Water Resources
California Rock & Gravel Company
California State Code
Calumet & Hecla
Camden, New Jersey
Campanella & Cardi
Canal Winchester, Ohio
Canby, California
Caracas, Venezuela
Caracas International Airport
Carey, Ohio
Carrington’s Coppice
Carter Lake Dam
Carters Dam
Cartier Construction Ltd.
Cedar Creek Dam
Celanese Corporation
Central Pennsylvania Quarry, Stripping & Construction Company
Century Rock Products
Chapin & Chapin
Charleston, Illinois
Charleston Iron Mining Company
Charleston Stone Company
Charlotte, North Carolina
Chattahoochee River
Cherry Creek
Cherry Creek Dam
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy
Chicago, Illinois
Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific
Chief Joseph Builders
Chief Joseph Dam
Chinook Mine
Chukuni Lumber Company Ltd.
Churn drill
Clamshell bucket
Clarion, Pennsylvania
Clark County Airport
Clark Equipment
Clark Limestone
Clark Michigan
Clearing dozer
Clearing rake
Clement Brothers Company
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company
Clinton, Indiana
Clinton, New Jersey
Clyde, Ohio
Coal dozer
Coal hauler
Coal mine fire
Coldspring Construction Company
Colorado-Big Thompson Project
Columbia Basin Project
Columbia River
Columbus, Georgia
Columbus, Ohio
Commercial Car Journal
Compact crawler loader
Concord Mine
Conda Mine
Consolidated Coal
Consolidation Coal Company
Construction Methods & Equipment
Construction World
Consumers Company
Cook Construction Company
Cookeville, Tennessee
Cooley, Minnesota
Cooney Brothers Coal Company
Coosawatee River
Cora, Illinois
Cosmo Construction Company
Cost estimating
County Line Expressway
Cowan, Tennessee
Cowan Stone Company
Crab Creek
Crawler dragline
Crawler dump wagon
Crawler tractor
Cresson, Pennsylvania
Cross Anchor, South Carolina
Cross Country Carrier
Cumberland Oil Field
Cumberland River
Cutting edge
Cuyuna Range
D. B. Hill
D. W. Winkelman
Dart Truck
De Grasse, New York
Denison, Texas
Denison Dam
Denver, Colorado
Derbyshire, England
Detroit, Michigan
Detroit Diesel
Diamond Portland Cement
Dick Construction Company
Diesel engine
Diesel locomotive
Dirt shield
Donner Pass
Douglas Aircraft
Dozer corner tip
Dravo of Canada Ltd.
Dresser Industries
Dry Branch, Georgia
Dublin, Georgia
Duluth, Minnesota
Dump truck
Dump wagon
Dunham, Kentucky
DuQuoin, Illinois
Durant, Oklahoma
E. E. Lyons Construction Company
E. E. Tripp
E. H. Swenson
E. M. Dusenberg
E. V. Williams Company
E. W. Grannis Construction Company
Ear Falls, Ontario
Earthmoving Equipment Division
East Boston, Massachusetts
Easton, Pennsylvania
Easton Car & Construction
East St. Louis, Illinois
Eastwick, Pennsylvania
Eaton Yale & Towne
Edgar Brothers
Edward E. Morgan Company
Eisenhower Lock
Electric drive
Electric Scraper
Elevating grader
Elevating scraper
Ellenton, South Carolina
Elmhurst Contracting Company
El Monte, California
End dump trailer
Euclid (Great Britain), Ltd.
Euclid, Ohio
Euclid Armington Corporation
Euclid Crane & Hoist
Euclid Road Machinery Company
Euclid Spur
Eureka, Pennsylvania
Eureka Stone Company
Excavating Engineer
F & S Contracting Company
Fairview Collieries
Fiatt, Illinois
Fidelity Mine
Final drive
Flathead River
Florida Turnpike
Floriston, California
Flushing, Ohio
FMC Gold Company
Fontana Dam
Ford conversion
Ford J. Twaits Company
Ford Motor
Forest, Ohio
Fort Randall Dam
Foundation Company
Foundation Company of Canada Ltd.
Foundation Dravo
Fredericksburg, Virginia
Frisco Railroad
Fuller Transmission Division
Furman Byars
G. D. Dennis & Sons
G. E. Smith & Son
G. Rotondi & Sons
Gabriel Fabricating
Galbraith Mine
Galop Island Channel
Gardiner Dam
Garner Coal Company
Garrison Builders
Garrison Dam
Gar Wood
Garysburg, North Carolina
Gaston Dam
Gas turbine
Gay Mine
General Asphalt Paving Company
General Construction Company
General Motors
General Motors Scotland, Ltd.
General purpose bucket
General Tire
George A. Armington
George M. Brewster
Georgetown No. 12 Mine
Georgia Kaolin
Gibraltar Gold Mine
Gilbert Engineering Company
Gillesse Construction Company
Gilpin Construction Company
Glasgow Air Force Base
Glens Falls, New York
Glens Falls Portland Cement Company
Glider kit
Gob Hauler
Gold rush
Gordon H. Ball
Governor’s Island
Grand Prairie, Texas
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Grandview Construction Corporation
Grants, New Mexico
Granville, Ohio
Grass River Lock
Green Construction Company
Grenada Dam
Grenada Dam Constructors
Gross machine weight
Grove Stone & Sand Company
Guelph, Ontario
Guy F. Atkinson Company
Guy H. James Construction Company
H & L Tooth Company
H & R Stone
H. E. Millard Company
H. G. Cozad Construction Company
H. G. Fenton Materials Company
H. G. Seeley Construction Company
H. H. Everist
H. Hoffman & Sons A/S
H. R. Imbt Construction Company
Hampton, Virginia
Hampton Roads Bridge/Tunnel
Hancock Manufacturing
Hanna Coal
Hanna Ore Mining
Harbert Construction Corporation
Harmattan Mine
Harms Brothers
Harrell, Arkansas
Harris Construction Company
Harrison Mine
Hastings, Pennsylvania
Hazelton, Pennsylvania
Healdsburg, California
Heil Company
Hendrickson Brothers Inc.
Henry J. Kaiser
Hensley Field
Herzog Lime & Stone Company
Hibbing, Minnesota
Hickory, North Carolina
High-lift arrangement
High hardness steel
Hillside, Illinois
Hillside Quarry
Hinge ripper
Hitachi Construction Truck Manufacturing
Hobbs Corporation
Hooper Construction Company
Hopper car
Horizontal drill
Horvitz Company
Houghton Lake, Michigan
Hour meter
Hubbard Construction Company
Hungry Horse Dam
Hunter Brothers Construction Company
Hydraulic backhoe attachment
Hydraulic control
Hydraulic filtration
Hydraulic oil cooler
Hydraulic pump
Hydrogen Bomb Plant
Imperial Valley
Indianapolis, Indiana
Indiana Toll Road
Industrial compact wheel loader
International Harvester
Irondequoit, New York
Iroquois Dam
Isabella, Pennsylvania
Isbell Construction Company
J & A Excavating Company
J. A. Jones
J. C. Boespflug Construction Company
J. C. Crichter, Inc.
J. F. Shea
J. H. Beckman Construction Company
J. L. McLaughlin
J. M. Huber
J. N. Conley
J. R. Simplot
J. W. Moorman & Son
Jack Frost Construction Company
James Hamilton General Contractor
Jasonville, Indiana
Jensen Beach, Florida
John Laing & Son Ltd.
John Popple Trucking Company
Johnson Brothers
Joliet, Illinois
Jones & Laughlin
Jones-Gillis Inc.
Jordan No. 2 Power Development
Joseph L. Pohl Contractor
Junipero Serra Freeway
Kaiser Company Inc.
Kaiser Engineers
Kaiser Steel
Kanopolis Dam
Kelso, California
Ken Harris
Kennedy, New York
Kenny Construction Company
Kevin Mine
Keystone Dam
Kingston Contracting Company
Kirkenes, Norway
Kost Brothers
Kroger Stores
Kuhn & Lane
L. E. Dixon Company
L. G. DeFelice
L. H. Gunsaullus & Son Inc.
L. W. Edison Company
Lakeland Freeway
Lakeland Freeway Spur
Lakeside Construction Company
Landclearing Inc.
Landers, Norblom & Christenson Company
Lane Construction
La Salle, Illinois
Las Vegas, Nevada
Lathrop Company
Lawrenceville, Georgia
Lehigh Navigation Coal Company
Leon River
Lewisville, Arkansas
Lift arm extension
Lilburn, Georgia
Lima, Ohio
List & Clark
Lockbourne Air Force Base
Logan, Iowa
Logan International Airport
Log arch
Log forks
Long Sault Canal
Long Sault Dam
Lordstown, Ohio
Lothbridge Brothers Construction Company
Loveness Lumber Company
Loyalhanna Construction Company
Luhr Brothers
Lull Engineering
Lundin & Cox
Lycoming Construction
M & B Topsoil & Excavating
M. A. Hanna Company
Macco Corporation
MacDougald Construction Company
MacIntyre Development
Madera, California
Madisonville, Kentucky
Malcolm C. West
Manganese Ore Company
Maple Grove, Ohio
Marathon, New York
Marietta, Georgia
Marine Equipment Company
Marion, Ohio
Marion Power Shovel
Marshall C. Rardin & Sons
Martin Wunderlich
Massena Intake
Matoaka, West Virginia
Mauger Construction Company
Maumee Collieries
Maysville, North Carolina
McCarran International Airport
McComb, Mississippi
McCoy Coal
McGeorge Contracting Company
McGuire Air Force Base
McIntyre, Georgia
McKittrick, California
McShan, Alabama
McShan Lumber Company
Menashia Plywoods
Mercury Mining
Meriwether Gravel Company
Merriman Dam
Mesabi Range
Metzer Lake
Miami, Florida
Miami International Airport
Mid-Cape Highway
Middle Branch, Ohio
Middle Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Midland Ross
Mier Y Teran & Machado
Mifflinville, Pennsylvania
Mike Oliver Company
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Mine No. 28
Mining Congress Journal
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Missabe Mountain Mine
Mississippi River
Missouri River
Mixermobile Manufacturers
Model nomenclature
Mohawk Thruway
Monaca, Pennsylvania
Moore, Kelley & Reddish
Moore Limestone
Morrison Field
Morton Mine
Motherwell, Scotland
Motor scraper
Mount Dora, Florida
Mount Jewett, Pennsylvania.
Mount Lyell Mining & Railway Company
Mount Pleasant, Tennessee
Mount Storm, West Virginia
Moville, Iowa
Multi-purpose bucket
N. A. Degerstrom
Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis Railroad
National Castings Division
National City, Michigan
National Gypsum Company
National Lead Company
National Lime & Stone
Nello Teer
Nelson Iron Works
Nesquehoning, Pennsylvania
Neversink Dam
Newburgh, Indiana
Newburgh, New York
New Castle, Pennsylvania
New Hope, Virginia
New Jersey Turnpike
Newton, Massachusetts
Newtown Falls, New York
New York City
New York Thruway
Nilson-Smith Construction Company
No-spin differential
Norfolk, Virginia
North-South Thruway
North Cambria Fuel Company
North Canadian River
Northeastern Turnpike
Northern Illinois Toll Road
Northern Wood Preservers Ltd.
North River Lumber Company
Northwest Engineering
North Wilkesboro, North Carolina
Noxon Rapids Dam
Oahe Dam
Oakland, Iowa
Off-highway end dump
Off-highway log truck
Off-highway truck tractor
Ohio Turnpike
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Oklahoma Turnpike
Olean Municipal Airport
Oliver Corporation
Omaha, Nebraska
Oman Construction Company
Ore concentrator
Orinoco Mining Company
Osborne, Inc.
Othello, Washington
Otis Junction, Oregon
Ownership and operating costs
O’Hare International Airport
O’Sullivan Dam
Pacific Bridge Company
Pacific Car & Foundry
Pacific Isle Mining Company
Painesville, Ohio
Palatine, Illinois
Pallison Construction Company
Papua, New Guinea
Paradise Peak, Nevada
Parallelogram ripper
Pascal & Ludwig
Patterson, California
Peacock & McQuigge Ltd.
Peirce Construction Company
Pennsylvania Railroad
Pennsylvania Turnpike
Pennsylvania Turnpike Eastern Extension
Pennsylvania Turnpike Western Extension
Peter Kiewit
Peter Kiewit Sons' Company
Pettibone Mulliken
Philadelphia Southwest Airport
Pierre, South Dakota
Pioneer Contracting Company
Pitt River
Pittsburgh Coal Company
Pleasanton, California
Plymouth Locomotive Works
Polvadera, New Mexico
Pond River Collieries
Pontiac, Michigan
Port Arthur, Ontario
Port Douglas, British Columbia
Portersville, Pennsylvania
Potholes Dam
Potlatch Forest Products
Potridge Mine
Prairie du Rocher, Illinois
Preventive maintenance
Prime mover
Public Constructors Inc.
Pull scraper
Pulpwood hauler
Pushloading block
Pushloading cup
Pushloading dozer
Pushloading plate
R-W Construction Company
R. B. Potashnick
R. G. Foster & Company
R. G. LeTourneau
Railroad car coupler
Railroad shovel
Railway Transportation Division
Rainelle, West Virginia
Ralph Myers
Rapid City, South Dakota
Ray Mine, Arizona
Red Ember Mine
Red River
Reduction gear
Reporting system
Republic Mining & Manufacturing
Reston, Virginia
Reydell, Arkansas
Richmond, Indiana
Ridgeville, Indiana
Rimersburg, Pennsylvania
Rio Tinto
Ripper shank
Ripper teeth
Road Machinery Division
Roads & Engineering Construction
Robein, Illinois
Robert E. McKee General Contractors
Robert Main Company
Robertson-Fowler Construction Company
Robinson Bay Constructors
Rock Hill, South Carolina
Rock Island
Rock rake
Rock Road Construction Company
Rock wagon
Roedeffer Industries
Roots blower
Round Lake, Mississippi
Route 400
Roy Kohl Inc.
Russellville, Arkansas
Russellville, Indiana
Russian River
S. A. Healy
S. Birch & Sons
S. E. Evans
S. J. Groves
S. K. Jones
Safety requirements
Salamanca, New York
Salem, Virginia
San Diego, California
San Diego Freeway
San Gabriel River
San Joaquin Valley Flood Control Program
San Juan Capistrano, California
Santa Fe Dam
Sauk City, Wisconsin
Savin Brothers
Savin Construction
Savona, British Columbia
Schimkat Highway Construction Company
Seaboard Air Line Railroad
SEAS Power Plant
Serafini Construction Company
Service meter
Shamokin, Pennsylvania
Sheboygan County Highway Commission
Sheepsfoot roller
Shen-Penn Production Company
Shenandoah, Pennsylvania
Shepherd Construction Company
Sherwood Brothers
Shipshaw Power Development
Ship unloader
Shirley Basin, Wyoming
Shirley Memorial Highway
Shook & Fletcher Supply Company
Side dump trailer
Side dump truck
Side dump wagon
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Skeleton bucket
Skid Shovel
Slab Fork, West Virginia
Slab Fork Coal Company
Smoky Hill River
Snow blower
Snow plow
Society of Automotive Engineers
Solid tire
Southern Railway
South Holston Dam
South Parkway
South San Francisco, California
South Saskatchewan Dam
Sparrow Hawk Point Channel
Spears-Dehner Inc.
Speedway Construction Company
Spickelmier Sand & Gravel
Springfield, Missouri
Springfield, Ohio
SR M59
St. Francis Material Company
St. Lawrence Power Project
St. Lawrence Seaway
St. Louis & San Francisco
St. Louis, Missouri
St. Thomas, Ontario
St. Thomas Assembly Plant
Standard Slag Company
Static compactor
Staunton, Indiana
Steam shovel
Steel mill arrangement
Steep Rock Iron Mines
Steering clutch
Stevens Construction Company
Stewart Air Force Base
Stewart Army Airfield
Stewart International Airport
Stignaes, Denmark
Streetsboro, Ohio
Stripping shovel
Suburban Development Company
Sugar cane
Sugden & Sevier
Super Belt Loader
Superior Stone Company
Swannanoa, North Carolina
Swilley & Evans
Sydvaranger Mine
Syracuse, New York
Tahawus, New York
Tecon Corporation
Tennessee Coal, Iron & Railroad Company
Tennessee Valley Authority
Terry & Steadman, Inc.
The Timberman
Thew Shovel Company
Three Kids Mine
Three Points Channel
Tiber Dam
Tilt strut
Tire chain
Tollway Industrial Park
Tool car
Toronto-Barrie Highway
Torque converter
Torque divider
Town of Mincoqua, Wisconsin
Town of Weston, Wisconsin
Track link
Track roller
Traction lug
Trans-Canada Highway
Trap feeder
Traveling belt loader
Tretheway Logging Company Ltd.
Trinidad, Texas
Trompeter Construction Company
Truax-Traer Coal Company
Truck crane
Truck tractor
TS24 Special
Tujunga, California
Tunnel ribbing
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
U. S. Department of Justice
U. S. Rubber
U dozer
Union Builders
Union Electric Power
United Electric Coal Company
University of Michigan
Utah Construction
Uxbridge, Massachusetts
V. Barletta Company
V. N. Holderman & Son
Venice, Illinois
Via Verde Housing Development
Vic Koepke Excavating & Grading
Victorville, California
Victorville Lime Rock Company
Viking Engineering Company
Vinnell Corporation
Virginia, Minnesota
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Vredenburgh, Alabama
Vredenburgh Saw Mill Company
Vulcan Mine
W. A. Craig
W. C. Shepherd Company
W. D. Amis
W. E. Logan & Sons
W. H. Scott Inc.
W. L. Florence Construction Company
Waco, Texas
Waco Dam
Waddington Constructors
Wadesville, Pennsylvania
Wadesville Production Company
Walford Quarry
Walking dragline
Walnut Creek, California
Walsh Construction Company
Ward & Hancock
Ware Machine Works
Warner & Swasey
Washington, Iowa
Washington County Highway Department
Washington Institute of Forestry
Watauga Dam
Water wagon
Wausau Iron Works
Weirton Coal Company
Western Contracting Corporation
Western Electric
Western Pipeline, Inc.
Westland, Pennsylvania
West Lyell Mine
West Palm Beach, Florida
Wet disc brakes
Wetumpka, Alabama
Wheel dozer
Wheeled scraper
Wheel tractor
Whitehall, Montana
White Motor
White River
White River, South Dakota
Whitney Point, New York
Wichita, Kansas
Wickliffe, Ohio
Widgeon Creek Logging
Wilbur Nielsen Company
Wilco Builders
Wilkins Air Force Base
Willow Run Assembly Plant
Wing plow
Winston Brothers
Wolf Creek, Montana
Wolf Creek Dam
Wreckers, Inc.
Wright Griffin
Wysox, Pennsylvania
Yale & Towne
Yalobusha River
Young Corporation - Young Iron Works
Zoar, Ohio

Administrative Information

Repository: Historical Construction Equipment Association

Access Restrictions: There are no restrictions on this collection.

Physical Access Note: Many older records in Group 1 Series 1 Subseries 1 are in poor physical condition.

Acquisition Method:

This is an artificial collection comprised of records from multiple accessions. Initial records in this collection were found in files.

The majority of the sales literature was used in the sales, marketing and evaluation of Euclid (prior to 02/01/1968) and Terex products, and for evaluation of competitors’ products, at the Euclid and Terex market engineering divisions, and was donated to the HCEA by Bill Borthwick and Madonna Duwaso of the Terex Marketing Department in the summer of 1992.

Mr. Borthwick, the Manager of Marketing Analysis, accumulated extensive files of sales literature, manuals, clippings, correspondence, sales and manufacturing statistics, annual reports and other records during his 25-year career with Euclid and Terex, and donated them to the HCEA when Terex relocated its offices from Hudson, Ohio to Tulsa, Oklahoma. His records included specifications on almost every machine produced by Euclid from c. 1945 through 02/1968 and by Terex from 1968 to the 1980s, extensive sales literature on competing brands and roughly 8 lineal feet of annual reports for earthmoving equipment manufacturers for the 1960s and 1970s.

The clippings, correspondence, annual reports, statistics and other business records have been set aside as Terex Corporation – Bill Borthwick Papers, Collection 4. 

The remaining Euclid records are assembled into artificial collections by record type. Other records have been added to the collection as they have been received; additional records have been added primarily from:

• Columbus Equipment Company

• Ferris State College

• Ohio Operating Engineers Apprenticeship Program.

In December 2004, Accession 2004-0164, consisting of 556 digital images donated by Eric C. Orlemann, was added to this collection. Some of the images are also found in Collection 8, Euclid Road Machinery Co. - Raymond Q. Armington Collection, and probably Collection 11, Euclid/Terex Project Photograph Collection.

Related Materials:

Collection 8, Euclid Road Machinery Co. - Raymond Q. Armington Collection.

Collection 11, Euclid-Terex Project Photographs.

Box and Folder Listing

Browse by Group:

[Group 1: Euclid Road Machinery Company - Euclid Division of General Motors, 1930-1968 and n. d.],
[Group 2: Euclid, Inc. - Hitachi Heavy Equipment Ltd., 1968-1999 and n. d.],
[Group 3: Euclid Great Britain, 1959-1967 and n. d.],
[Group 4: Judd Griffith Collection, c. 1929-1931 and n. d.],
[Group 5: G.E. Armington Euclid Equipment Manual, 1931-1949 and n. d.],

Group 3: Euclid Great Britain, 1959-1967 and n. d.Add to your cart.
Subgroup 1: Machinery records, 1959-1967 and n. d.Add to your cart.
Series 1: Sales literature, 1959-1967 and n. d.Add to your cart.
Subseries 1: General sales literature, 1959-1967 and n. d.Add to your cart.
Subject 1: FDT series trucks and scrapers, 1959-1966 and n. d.Add to your cart.
Folder 1: B5FDT/B1W, 1959Add to your cart.
Euclid (Great Britain) Ltd. sales literature: Spec sheet discusses B5FDT/B1W bottom dump truck.
Folder 2: B6FDT/B1SH, 1959-1960Add to your cart.
Euclid (Great Britain) Ltd. sales literature: Spec sheet discusses B6FDT/B1SH motor scraper.
Folder 3: B7FDT/B1W, n. d.Add to your cart.
Euclid (Great Britain) Ltd. sales literature: Spec sheet discusses B7FDT/B1W bottom dump truck.
Folder 4: B8FDT/B1SH, n. d.Add to your cart.
Euclid (Great Britain) Ltd. sales literature: Spec sheet discusses B8FDT/B1SH motor scraper.
Folder 5: B9FDT/B1W, 1959-1963Add to your cart.
Euclid (Great Britain) Ltd. sales literature: Spec sheet discusses B9FDT/B1W bottom dump truck.
Folder 6: B10FDT/B1SH, n. d.Add to your cart.
Euclid (Great Britain) Ltd. sales literature: Spec sheet discusses B10FDT/B1SH motor scraper.
Subject 2: S, SS and TS motor scrapers, 1960-1967 and n. d.Add to your cart.
Folder 1: S7 motor scraper, 1962-1967 and n. d.Add to your cart.
Euclid (Great Britain) Ltd. sales literature: Spec sheet discusses S7 motor scraper (B3UOT and B8UOT prime mover and B3SH scraper).
Folder 2: S7 Hancock, 1966Add to your cart.
Euclid (Great Britain) Ltd. sales literature: Spec sheet discusses S7 elevating scraper (B8UOT prime mover and Hancock Manufacturing scraper).
Folder 3: S7 rear dump, 1964Add to your cart.
Euclid (Great Britain) Ltd. sales literature: Spec sheet discusses S7 rock wagon (B8UOT prime mover and B2W rock wagon).
Folder 4: S18 motor scraper, 1960-1963Add to your cart.
Euclid (Great Britain) Ltd. sales literature: Spec sheet discusses S18 motor scraper (B3LOT prime mover and B6SH scraper).
Folder 5: S18 rear dump, n. d.Add to your cart.
Euclid (Great Britain) Ltd. sales literature: Spec sheet discusses S18 rock wagon (B3LOT prime mover and B3W rock wagon).
Folder 6: SS12, 1965-1966Add to your cart.
Euclid (Great Britain) Ltd. sales literature: Spec sheet discusses SS12 (B10FDT/1SH) motor scraper and bottom dump truck (B9FDT and B13FDT wheel tractor with B1W bottom dump wagon).
Folder 7: TS14 and Tandem TS14, 1962-1967Add to your cart.
Euclid (Great Britain) Ltd. sales literature: Spec sheet discusses TS14 Twin-Power motor scraper (B6UOT, B12UOT, B13UOT and B14UOT prime mover, and B9SH, B13SH, B15SH and B81SH scraper), and Tandem TS14 (B12UOT prime mover with B13SH and B16SH scrapers)
Folder 8: TS24, 1960-1966Add to your cart.
Euclid (Great Britain) Ltd. sales literature: Spec sheet discusses TS24 Twin-Power motor scraper (B4LOT and B7LOT prime mover, and B7SH and B11SH scraper).
Subject 3: FD series trucks, 1959-1964Add to your cart.
Folder 1: B3FD, 1959-1964Add to your cart.
Euclid (Great Britain) Ltd. sales literature: Spec sheet discusses B3FD R15 off-highway end dump.
Folder 2: B6FD, 1959-1964Add to your cart.
Euclid (Great Britain) Ltd. sales literature: Spec sheet discusses B6FD R15 off-highway end dump.
Folder 3: B7FD, 1960-1961Add to your cart.
Euclid (Great Britain) Ltd. sales literature: Spec sheet discusses B7FD R15 off-highway end dump.
Subject 4: LD series trucks, 1964-1966 and n. d.Add to your cart.
Folder 1: B10LD and B11LD, 1964-1966Add to your cart.
Euclid (Great Britain) Ltd. sales literature: Brochure and spec sheet discusses B10LD and B11LD R45 off-highway end dump.
Subject 5: TD series trucks, 1960-1967 and n. d.Add to your cart.
Folder 1: B1TD, 1963-1964Add to your cart.
Euclid (Great Britain) Ltd. sales literature: Spec sheet discusses B1TD R24 off-highway end dump.
Folder 2: B2TD, 1960-1961Add to your cart.
Euclid (Great Britain) Ltd. sales literature: Spec sheet discusses B2TD R27 off-highway end dump.
Folder 3: B3TD, n. d.Add to your cart.
Euclid (Great Britain) Ltd. sales literature: Spec sheet discusses B3TD R22 off-highway end dump.
Folder 4: B5TD, 1960Add to your cart.
Euclid (Great Britain) Ltd. sales literature: Spec sheet discusses B5TD R27 off-highway end dump.
Folder 5: B7TD, B8TD, B9TD, 1963-1965 and n. d.Add to your cart.
Euclid (Great Britain) Ltd. sales literature: Spec sheet discusses B7TD, B8TD and B9TD R30 off-highway end dump.
Folder 6: B16TD, B17TD, 1967 and n. d.Add to your cart.
Euclid (Great Britain) Ltd. sales literature: Brochure and spec sheet discusses B16TD  and B17TD R35 off-highway end dump. Includes correspondence discussing Rio Tinto Patino haul study and comparing B16TD, B17TD and 74TD.
Subject 6: Wheel loaders, 1963-1967 and n. d.Add to your cart.
Folder 1: L20, 1963-1964Add to your cart.
Euclid (Great Britain) Ltd. sales literature: Spec sheet discusses B2UPM and B3UPM L20 articulated wheel loader.
Folder 2: L30, 1963Add to your cart.
Euclid (Great Britain) Ltd. sales literature: Spec sheet discusses B4UPM L30 articulated wheel loader.
Folder 3: 72-31, 1967 and n. d.Add to your cart.
Euclid (Great Britain) Ltd. sales literature: Brochure and spec sheet discusses 72-31 articulated wheel loader.
Folder 4: 72-41, 1967Add to your cart.
Euclid (Great Britain) Ltd. sales literature: Spec sheet discusses 72-41 articulated wheel loader.
Folder 5: 72-51, 1967Add to your cart.
Euclid (Great Britain) Ltd. sales literature: Spec sheet discusses 72-51 articulated wheel loader.
Subject 7: Crawler tractors, 1962Add to your cart.
Folder 1: C6, 1962Add to your cart.
Euclid (Great Britain) Ltd. sales literature: Spec sheet discusses C6 crawler tractor.
Series 2: Sales Training, 1965Add to your cart.
Item 1: News Bulletin, Jul 1965Add to your cart.
Euclid (Great Britain) Ltd. sales training: News bulletin discusses Tandem TS14 motor scraper introduction.

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[Group 1: Euclid Road Machinery Company - Euclid Division of General Motors, 1930-1968 and n. d.],
[Group 2: Euclid, Inc. - Hitachi Heavy Equipment Ltd., 1968-1999 and n. d.],
[Group 3: Euclid Great Britain, 1959-1967 and n. d.],
[Group 4: Judd Griffith Collection, c. 1929-1931 and n. d.],
[Group 5: G.E. Armington Euclid Equipment Manual, 1931-1949 and n. d.],

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