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Koehring Company


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Koehring Company, 1915-1948 and n. d. | Historical Construction Equipment Association

By Thomas Berry

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Collection Overview

Title: Koehring Company, 1915-1948 and n. d.Add to your cart.

ID: 1/101/445

Primary Creator: Koehring Company (1907-1987)

Extent: 0.2 Linear Feet

Arrangement: Group 1, Machinery Records, is arranged by record format, record type, subseries, machine class, machine model, and publication date (where known).

Subjects: Aggregate batch bin, Air tool, All-Purpose Aggregate Bin, Amca International, Asphalt mixer, Auto-Cycle, Bantam, Batch bin, Batch Meter, Batch plant, Bituminous mixer, Bomag, Borer, Bottom dump truck, Buffalo-Bomag, C. S. Johnson, Cable backhoe, Cable plow, Cable shovel, Casing driver, Cement batcher, Cement batch plant, Cement silo, Centrifugal pump, Chain saw, Chip spreader, Clamshell bucket, Concrete bucket, Concrete mixer, Concrete vibrator, Control, Control system, Crawler crane, Crawler dragline, Crawler hydraulic backhoe, Cruiser Crane, Dandie, Dart, Dart Division, Dart Manufacturing Company, Demolition hammer, Digz-All, Dry batch paver, Dry batch plant, Dumptor, Dutchmill, Elevating Charger, Extended reach forklift, Flaherty, Float, Form-riding, Fuller & Johnson, G. H. Miller, Gas engine, Hi-Speed Batcher, Hot Mixer, Husco, Hydraulic backhoe, Hydraulic log loader, IHI, Ishikawajima, Johnson Division, Ka-Mo, Koehring, Koehring-Waterous, Koehring Company, Koehring Crane & Excavator, Koehring Machine Company, Kukla, Kwik-Mix, Ladder trencher, Landfill compactor, Leads, Le Roi, Light plant, Little Titan, Lo-Bin Trolley Batcher, Longitudinal Finisher, Lorain, Master, Master Division, Master Vibrator Company, Maxon Industries, McKiernan-Terry, Menck GmbH, Michael Kukla International, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Mixermobile Manufacturers, MKT, Mortar mixer, Motor scraper, Mud jack, National Equipment Corporation, NCK, Newton, Iowa, Newton Chambers & Company, North American Compaction, Northwest Engineering, Off-highway end dump, Parsons, Parsons Company, Parsons Division of Koehring, Patching plant, Paving Mixer, PCM, Philip Koehring, Pile driving leads, Pile extractor, Pile hammer, Plate compactor, Portable concrete mixer, Power trowel, Pulpwood grinder, Pulpwood harvester, Rocktor, Rough-terrain forklift, Schield Bantam, Scoopmobile, Scrapdozer, Screed, Seaman, Seaman-Maxon, Seaman Corporation, Seaman Parsons, Self-propelled hydraulic crane, Self-propelled smooth vibratory compactor, Shuttle dump, Skip Scale, Skytrak, Slipform paver, Slurry pump, Speedstar, Stabilizer, Static compactor, Stationary concrete mixer, Steam engine, Terex Corporation, Thew-Lorain, Thew Shovel Company, Timer, Trail-Dump, Trail-Mix, Trencher, Trenchliner, Truck crane, Truck hydraulic crane, Truck tower crane, Twinbatch, Vern Schield, Vertical borer, Wagon crane, Waukesha Motor, Weigh-Mix, Weigh batcher, Well drill, West Brick Buggy, Wheelbarrow scale, Wheel loader, Wheel trencher, Wind-King

Forms of Material: Brochure, Catalog, Line card, Maintenance manual, Operation manual, Photograph, Sales literature, Sales presentation, Service literature, Spec sheet

Languages: English

Scope and Contents of the Materials

This collection consists of sales and service literature, photographic media, plans and drawings, microfiche, and motion pictures discussing the company’s products; business records discussing its operations; and miscellaneous records, including periodcials, clippings, artwork, technical reference materials, and used equipment advertising.

Biographical Note

Philip Koehring and G. H. Miller are credited with developing the first dry batch paver. Koehring Machine Company was founded in 1907 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to build concrete mixers and pavers, and became Koehring Company in 1920. It produced its first cable excavator the following year; oddly, its No. 2 model preceded the No. 1 onto the market.

Koehring Company (Collection 445) bought The Parsons Company (Collection 1159) in 1929, and it became one of a number of manufacturers affiliated in the National Equipment Corporation marketing group (Collection 3481). The Corporation was dissolved just two years later, but Parsons remained a division of Koehring, and Parsons went on to produce a wide range of wheel and ladder trenchers. The Parsons name also appeared on Koehring’s Dumptors (see Issue 37) in the mid to late 1960s.

In 1976, Koehring divested itself of the Parsons division. The rubber-tired trencher line was sold to Seaman Corporation (Collection 1357); early in 1977, Seaman closed the Parsons plant in Newton, Iowa, and moved the operations to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, under the Seaman Parsons Corporation name. Then, in January 1978, Seaman acquired the Digz-All Trencher Company Division of Wind-King Manufacturing Company (Collection 577). In 1992, Maxon Industries, Inc. (Collection 1023) purchased the trencher lines from Seaman and moved them to its own plant in Milwaukee; the Seaman-Maxon, Inc. name was used at least at the outset, but the Parsons trade name was used for the trenchers as of fall 2007.

The large wheel and ladder trenchers were sold to Trenchliner, a new company established in Austin, Texas, and named after the Parsons trade name for the machines. Trenchliner folded in 1980, and Michael Kukla International bought the line; while Kukla continues to build ladder trenchers today, the last machines from the Parsons lineage were produced in 1984.

Koehring Company (Collection 445) acquired Schield-Bantam Company (Collection 137) as a division in 1963. Schield’s Bantam line of cable excavators was inspired by a Koehring 303 acquired by principal Vern Schield. The Thew Shovel Company (Collection 535) was merged into Koehring in 1964 to become its Thew-Lorain Division. Bantam products continued until 1982, but the Lorain line was reduced by 1976 to the L790 crawler crane. Koehring sold the Lorain wheel loader line to Massey-Ferguson Ltd. (Collection 472) in 1971.

Koehring acquired hydraulic component manufacturer Husco in 1968 as a subsidiary. It also acquired The Buffalo-Springfield Roller Company (Collection 202), which it sold to Bomag (Collection 176), and the C. S. Johnson Company (Collection 440). West Brick Buggy Corporation (Collection 3008) developed the Skytrak extended-reach forklift, and Koehring either acquired the product line of the company.

Koehring products were manufactured in England by Newton Chambers & Company under the NCK name. In 1974, it also had a licensing agreement with IHI - Ishikawajima Construction Machy Co. - Compact Excavator Sales (Collection 858).

As of 1974, Koehring owned or produced:

• Schield Bantam truck crane, crawler crane, self-propelled hydraulic crane, truck hydraulic crane, crawler hydraulic backhoe and hydraulic log loader;

• Koehring crawler hydraulic backhoe, crawler dragline and crawler crane;

• Lorain truck crane, truck tower crane, self-propelled hydraulic crane, crawler hydraulic backhoe and crawler crane;

• Koehring-Waterous pulpwood grinder, pulpwood harvester and crawler hydraulic backhoe;

• Johnson Division (former C. S. Johnson Company) concrete batch plant, batch plant components, stationary concrete mixer, and slipform paver;

• MKT (McKiernan-Terry, Collection 1032) pile hammer, pile extractor, pile driving leads, demolition hammer, casing driver and vertical borer;

• Master Division (Master Vibrator Company, Collection 474) plate compactor, concrete vibrator, power trowel, air tool, light plant, chain saw, screed, space heater and centrifugal pump; and,

• Dart Division (Dart Manufacturing Company, Collection 319) concrete vibrator, power trowel and light plant.

In  1974, it also owned and operated a North American Compaction, Bomag Division (consisting of the Road Division [Buffalo-Bomag, former Buffalo-Springfield] roller, static compactor, landfill compactor, self-propelled stabilizer, self-propelled smooth vibratory compactor and Flaherty Manufacturing Branch of Buffalo-Springfield [Collection 2510] chip spreader; PCM Division [Collection 1147] concrete mixer, rough terrain forklift, extended reach forklift, Mud Jack slurry pump and Ka-Mo borer; Parsons wheel trencher and cable plow; and Speedstar Division water well drill); and Menck GmbH (Collection 1046) hydraulic backhoe, truck crane, electric cable shovel, pile driver, and Scrapdozer crawler motor scraper.

Amca International (Collection 2020) acquired Koehring in 1980 or 1981. Northwest Engineering Company (Collection 483) acquired Koehring Crane & Excavator in 1987; after Northwest acquired Terex Corporation (Collection 535), the use of the Koehring, Lorain and Bantam trade names was discontinued.

Subject/Index Terms

Aggregate batch bin
Air tool
All-Purpose Aggregate Bin
Amca International
Asphalt mixer
Batch bin
Batch Meter
Batch plant
Bituminous mixer
Bottom dump truck
C. S. Johnson
Cable backhoe
Cable plow
Cable shovel
Casing driver
Cement batcher
Cement batch plant
Cement silo
Centrifugal pump
Chain saw
Chip spreader
Clamshell bucket
Concrete bucket
Concrete mixer
Concrete vibrator
Control system
Crawler crane
Crawler dragline
Crawler hydraulic backhoe
Cruiser Crane
Dart Division
Dart Manufacturing Company
Demolition hammer
Dry batch paver
Dry batch plant
Elevating Charger
Extended reach forklift
Fuller & Johnson
G. H. Miller
Gas engine
Hi-Speed Batcher
Hot Mixer
Hydraulic backhoe
Hydraulic log loader
Johnson Division
Koehring Company
Koehring Crane & Excavator
Koehring Machine Company
Ladder trencher
Landfill compactor
Le Roi
Light plant
Little Titan
Lo-Bin Trolley Batcher
Longitudinal Finisher
Master Division
Master Vibrator Company
Maxon Industries
Menck GmbH
Michael Kukla International
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Mixermobile Manufacturers
Mortar mixer
Motor scraper
Mud jack
National Equipment Corporation
Newton, Iowa
Newton Chambers & Company
North American Compaction
Northwest Engineering
Off-highway end dump
Parsons Company
Parsons Division of Koehring
Patching plant
Paving Mixer
Philip Koehring
Pile driving leads
Pile extractor
Pile hammer
Plate compactor
Portable concrete mixer
Power trowel
Pulpwood grinder
Pulpwood harvester
Rough-terrain forklift
Schield Bantam
Seaman Corporation
Seaman Parsons
Self-propelled hydraulic crane
Self-propelled smooth vibratory compactor
Shuttle dump
Skip Scale
Slipform paver
Slurry pump
Static compactor
Stationary concrete mixer
Steam engine
Terex Corporation
Thew Shovel Company
Truck crane
Truck hydraulic crane
Truck tower crane
Vern Schield
Vertical borer
Wagon crane
Waukesha Motor
Weigh batcher
Well drill
West Brick Buggy
Wheelbarrow scale
Wheel loader
Wheel trencher

Administrative Information

Repository: Historical Construction Equipment Association

Access Restrictions: There are no restrictions on this collection.

Acquisition Method:

This is an artificial collection comprised of records from multiple accessions. Initial records in this collection were found in files. Additional records have been donated by:

• Marion Power Shovel,  Collection 2

• William Borthwick Papers, Collection 4

• Charles Petot Papers, Collection 496

• Judd Griffith Collection, Accession 2000-0113 (received Sep 22, 2000)

• John A. Woodhall Jr., on behalf of Central States Paving Company, Accession 2003-0001 (received Dec 1, 2002)

• Circle S Corporation Collection, Accession 2003-0078 (received Jun 2, 2003)

• Columbus Equipment Company, Accession 2004-0088 (received Jun 21, 2004)

• Larry Cosby, Accession 2004-0133 (received Sep 22, 2004)

• Donald W. Frantz Collection, Accession 2005-0150 (received Dec 31, 2005)

• Mike Haskins, Accession 2006-0030 (received Apr 27, 2006)

• Lee Haak, on behalf of Komatsu Americas Corporation, Accession 2006-0053 (received May 2, 2006)

• Kurtz Gravel Company, Accession 2006-0101 (received Sep 20, 2006)

• M. P. McCaffrey Collection, Accession 2007-0039 (received May 3, 2007)

• Ed Martin, collected from Detroit Edison, Accession 2007-0066 (received Aug 31, 2007)

• George Fiebe, Accession 2007-0069 (received Aug 31, 2007)

• Gary E. Hansen, Accession 2007-0090 (received Dec 7 2007)

• David Evans, Accession 2008-0046 (received Apr 15, 2008)

Box and Folder Listing

Browse by Group:

[Group 1: Machinery records, 1915-1948 and n. d.],

Group 1: Machinery records, 1915-1948 and n. d.Add to your cart.
Series 1: Sales literature, 1915-1948 and n. d.Add to your cart.
Subseries 1: Judd Griffith Collection, 1915-1948 and n. d.Add to your cart.
Subject 1: General product line, 1948Add to your cart.
Koehring sales literature: Illustrated line card discusses: Koehring cable shovel, cable backhoe, crawler dragline, crawler crane, truck crane, Cruiser Crane wagon crane, Dumptor shuttle dump, Rocktor off-highway end dump, 16E and 34E Twinbatch dry batch paver, Longitudinal Finisher form-riding float, and stationary concrete mixer; C. S. Johnson Company dry batch plant, weigh batcher, cement batch plant, cement silo, Dutchmill cement plant, Elevating Charger cement batcher, Little Titan wheelbarrow scale, Lo-Bin Trolley Batcher (shown being charged by Mixermobile Manufacturers model C Scoopmobile wheel loader), All-Purpose Aggregate Bin and Hi-Speed Batcher aggregate batch bin, clamshell bucket, concrete bucket, and batch plant control system; Kwik-Mix Dandie portable concrete mixer, mortar mixer and asphalt mixer (bituminous mixer); and Parsons Trenchliner ladder trencher and 200 wheel trencher.
Subject 2: Concrete mixers, 1915-1935 and n. d.Add to your cart.
Folder 1: General product line, 1915-1928 and n. d.Add to your cart.
Item 1: Catalog 20, 1915-1916Add to your cart.
Koehring sales literature and service literature: Catalog, spec sheet, operation manual and maintenance manual discusses No. 6, No. 11, No. 16 and No. 22 Paving Mixer dry batch paver; No. 4, No. 7, No. 10, No. 12, No. 15, No. 20, No. 24 and No. 30 portable concrete mixer; No. 4, No. 12, No. 20 and No. 44 stationary concrete mixer; and No. 12 and No. 22 Hot Mixer asphalt mixer (bituminous mixer). Mixers shown with steam engine and gas engine. Photograph subjects include numerous tinted unidentified views of paving and construction projects. Mutilated.
Item 2: Catalog 21, c. 1917Add to your cart.
Koehring sales literature and service literature: Catalog, spec sheet, operation manual and maintenance manual discusses No. 6, No. 11, No. 16 and No. 22 Paving Mixer dry batch paver; No. 10, No. 12, No. 15, No. 20, No. 24 and No. 30 portable concrete mixer; No. 15, No. 20 and No. 44 stationary concrete mixer; No. 12 and No. 22 Hot Mixer asphalt mixer (bituminous mixer); steam engine; and Fuller & Johnson gas engine. Photograph subjects include foldout image of dry batch paver and portable concrete mixer.
Item 3: Catalog 22, n. d.Add to your cart.
Koehring sales literature and service literature: Catalog, spec sheet, operation manual and maintenance manual discusses 7S, 10S, 14S and 21S portable concrete mixer; 10S, 14S, 21S and 28S stationary concrete mixer; 104S Dandie, and 107S Dandie Light portable concrete mixer; steam engine; and Fuller & Johnson gas engine. Mutilated.
Item 4: Catalog 26, 1928Add to your cart.
Koehring sales literature: Catalog and spec sheet discusses 10S, 14S and 21S portable concrete mixer; 10S, 14S, 21S and 28S stationary concrete mixer; and Waukesha Motor and Le Roi gas engine. Line card illustrates and discusses 5S, 7S and 10S Dandie portable concrete mixer, clamshell crane, and 7E, 13E and 27E dry batch paver. Mutilated; page 27/28 missing.
Folder 2: Model spec sheets, 1929-1935 and n. d.Add to your cart.
Koehring sales literature: Brochure, spec sheet and sales presentation discuss 10S Dandie Weigh-Mix (with skip scale), 10S Dandie Trail-Mix, 14S Dandie and 14S Dandie Trail-Mix portable concrete mixer and 28S, 56S and 84S stationary concrete mixer.
Subject 3: Mud Jack, 1935Add to your cart.
Koehring sales literature: Brochure discusses NEC (National Equipment Corporation) No. 10 and No. 50 Mud Jack slurry pump and No. 10 Kwik-Mix asphalt mixer (bituminous mixer).
Subject 4: Dry batch pavers, 1926-1929 and n. d.Add to your cart.
Folder 1: General product line, 1926-1929Add to your cart.
Item 1: Catalog No. 25, 1926Add to your cart.
Koehring sales literature: Catalog and spec sheet discusses 7E, 13E and 27E dry batch paver. Line card illustrates and discusses 7S Dandie and 21S portable concrete mixer, 28S stationary concrete mixer, and unidentified clamshell crane, crawler dragline and cable shovel.
Item 2: AS200 15 529 3, May 1929Add to your cart.
Koehring sales literature: Flier discusses Auto-Cycle batch meter and timer control system for 13E and 27E dry batch paver.
Folder 2: Model spec sheets, n. d.Add to your cart.
Koehring sales literature: Spec sheet discuss 10E, 14E, 21E and 28E dry batch paver. Published over Koehring Machine Company name.
Subject 5: Trucks, 1935Add to your cart.
Item 1: K100-5-1235-7, Dec 1935Add to your cart.
Koehring sales literature: Brochure and spec sheet discuss W35 Dumptor shuttle dump.
Item 2: K101-5-1235-2, Dec 1935Add to your cart.
Koehring sales literature: Brochure and spec sheet discuss T7 Trail-Dump bottom dump truck.

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