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Lakewood Engineering Company


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Machinery records

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Lakewood Engineering Company, 1919-1932 and n. d. | Historical Construction Equipment Association

By Thomas Berry

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Collection Overview

Title: Lakewood Engineering Company, 1919-1932 and n. d.Add to your cart.

ID: 1/101/1756

Primary Creator: Lakewood Engineering Company

Extent: 0.2 Linear Feet

Arrangement: Group 1, Machinery Records, is arranged by record format, record type and subseries.

Subjects: A. Guthrie & Company, Ackert Bickel, Amiesite, Asphalt finisher, Ball Engine Company, Barber Asphalt Paving, Barge, Batch bin, Batch box, Batch car, Batch plant, Batch Transfer, Bates & Rogers, Brick pavement, Browning Crane, Bucket car, C. S. Johnson, Cableway, Cantilever crane, Carr, Cathedral of Learning, Central mix plant, Chester, Pennsylvania, Chicago, Illinois, Cincinnati, Ohio, Clamshell bucket, Cleveland, Ohio, Cleveland Crane, Cleveland Trinidad, Clyde Iron Works, Columbus, Ohio, Compact forklift, Concrete bucket, Concrete cart, Concrete chute, Concrete finisher, Concrete hopper, Concrete mixer, Concrete paving, Concrete tower, Curb and gutter form, Dry batch paver, Dump truck, Duo-Rail, Elephant Butte Dam, Erie Steam Shovel Company, Flatcar, Floatbridge, Fore River Shipyard, Forklift, Form, Form-riding, Form tamper, Foundation Company, Foundation Company of New York, Frazier-Davis Company, Gas engine, Gilboa Dam, Graderooter, Grouter, Grout Mixer, Guy derrick, Hand float, Heafey-Moore, High-pressure pump, Highland Reservoir, Highway Truck Mixer Company, Hunkin-Conkey, Industrial Works, Jaeger, Jaeger-Lakewood, Jaeger Machine Company, Kansas City, Missouri, Lake Cushman, Lake Pleasant, Lakewood, Lakewood-Milwaukee, Lakewood-Universal, Lakewood Engineering, Liberal Arts Building, Lincoln, Link-Belt, Little Giant Crane & Shovel, Locomotive crane, Longitudinal Roller, Manhattan State Hospital, Marshall Field Garden Apartments, Mobile, Alabama, Mobile Bay Bridge, Morton C. Tuttle, Mount Oliver, Pennsylvania, New Way Motor, New York Connecting Railway, New York Water Supply System, Northwest Engineering, Novo, Ord, Otis Steel Company, Overland Motor Car Company, Patent, Paving form, Pennsylvania Standard, Philadelphia Electric Company, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Pollock Steel Company, Portable concrete mixer, Pull scarifier, Quincy, Massachusetts, Railroad track, Ready Mix Concrete, Road Pumping Plant, Roller finisher, Sand asphalt, Serial number nomenclature, Sheet asphalt, Ship unloader, Southern California Edison, Steam engine, Stone & Webster, Subgrader, Subgrade tester, Temple Baptist Church, The Transit Mixer Company, Thew Shovel Company, Traction crane, Transit mixer, Tremie, Tunnel reclamation, Universal Crane, University of Pittsburgh, Victor R. Browning Company, Ward’s Island, New York, Warrenite, Water meter, Water pump, Wellesley College, Whirley crane, Work bridge, Yosemite National Park

Forms of Material: Brochure, Catalog, Comparative spec, Dimensioned drawing, Flier, Mailer, Photograph, Plant layout, Price page, Sales literature, Spec sheet, Technical reference

Languages: English

Scope and Contents of the Materials

This collection consists of sales and service literature discussing the company’s products.

Biographical Note

Company History:

Lakewood Engineering Company was based in Cleveland, Ohio, until late 1930 or early 1931, when it relocated to Columbus, Ohio. Not to be confused with Lakewood Engineering & Manufacturing Company, a Chicago, Illinois-based manufacturer of fans, heaters and humidifiers, it was owned by Jaeger Machine Company (Collection 438) as a subsidiary from at least 1935 through c. 1949. During this time, form-riding concrete paving equipment was built using the Jaeger-Lakewood name. Jaeger ultimately absorbed Lakewood.

According to Highway Truck Mixer sales literature, Ackert Bickel, a contractor and engineer in Kansas City, Missouri, patented the first transit mixer, and in 1920 the first fleet of transit mixers was used on a road job in Kansas City. The Transit Mixer Company was founded in Kansas City to produce these machines, and its patent for a powered, truck-mounted transit mixer was acquired by Highway Truck Mixer Company (Collection 1740). Jaeger Machine Company (Collection 438) and Lakewood Engineering Company (Collection 1756) owned Highway Truck Mixer and manufactured its products in Columbus, Ohio. Apparently, Jaeger eventually merged Highway Truck Mixer into itself.

Serial number nomenclature:

Paving equipment used a date prefix, consisting of the last two numbers of the year of manufacture, followed by an “X”.

Publication numbering:

Most catalogs in this collection are numbered serially; for instance, Bulletin 26 discussed clamshell buckets, and the collection contains serially released bulletins 26A, 26B and 26C.

Subject/Index Terms

A. Guthrie & Company
Ackert Bickel
Asphalt finisher
Ball Engine Company
Barber Asphalt Paving
Batch bin
Batch box
Batch car
Batch plant
Batch Transfer
Bates & Rogers
Brick pavement
Browning Crane
Bucket car
C. S. Johnson
Cantilever crane
Cathedral of Learning
Central mix plant
Chester, Pennsylvania
Chicago, Illinois
Cincinnati, Ohio
Clamshell bucket
Cleveland, Ohio
Cleveland Crane
Cleveland Trinidad
Clyde Iron Works
Columbus, Ohio
Compact forklift
Concrete bucket
Concrete cart
Concrete chute
Concrete finisher
Concrete hopper
Concrete mixer
Concrete paving
Concrete tower
Curb and gutter form
Dry batch paver
Dump truck
Elephant Butte Dam
Erie Steam Shovel Company
Fore River Shipyard
Form tamper
Foundation Company
Foundation Company of New York
Frazier-Davis Company
Gas engine
Gilboa Dam
Grout Mixer
Guy derrick
Hand float
High-pressure pump
Highland Reservoir
Highway Truck Mixer Company
Industrial Works
Jaeger Machine Company
Kansas City, Missouri
Lake Cushman
Lake Pleasant
Lakewood Engineering
Liberal Arts Building
Little Giant Crane & Shovel
Locomotive crane
Longitudinal Roller
Manhattan State Hospital
Marshall Field Garden Apartments
Mobile, Alabama
Mobile Bay Bridge
Morton C. Tuttle
Mount Oliver, Pennsylvania
New Way Motor
New York Connecting Railway
New York Water Supply System
Northwest Engineering
Otis Steel Company
Overland Motor Car Company
Paving form
Pennsylvania Standard
Philadelphia Electric Company
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Pollock Steel Company
Portable concrete mixer
Pull scarifier
Quincy, Massachusetts
Railroad track
Ready Mix Concrete
Road Pumping Plant
Roller finisher
Sand asphalt
Serial number nomenclature
Sheet asphalt
Ship unloader
Southern California Edison
Steam engine
Stone & Webster
Subgrade tester
Temple Baptist Church
The Transit Mixer Company
Thew Shovel Company
Traction crane
Transit mixer
Tunnel reclamation
Universal Crane
University of Pittsburgh
Victor R. Browning Company
Ward’s Island, New York
Water meter
Water pump
Wellesley College
Whirley crane
Work bridge
Yosemite National Park

Administrative Information

Repository: Historical Construction Equipment Association

Access Restrictions: There are no restrictions on this collection.

Physical Access Note: Many records in Group 1 Series 1 Subseries 1 are in poor physical condition.

Acquisition Method:

This is an artificial collection comprised of records from multiple accessions. Initial records in this collection were found in files. Additional records have been added from:

• Judd Griffith Collection, Accession 2000-0113 (received Sep 22, 2000)

• Gary E. Hansen, Accession 2007-0090 (received Dec 7, 2007)

Box and Folder Listing

Browse by Group:

[Group 1: Machinery records, 1919-1932 and n. d.],

Group 1: Machinery records, 1919-1932 and n. d.Add to your cart.
Series 1: Sales literature, 1919-1932 and n. d.Add to your cart.
Subseries 1: Judd Griffith Collection, 1919-1932 and n. d.Add to your cart.
Folder 1: General product line, 1920Add to your cart.
Item 1: Bulletin No. 29D, 1920Add to your cart.
Lakewood Engineering sales literature: Catalog and spec sheet discusses batch car, batch box, form-riding concrete finisher, prefabricated railroad track, Batch Transfer boom for lifting batch box to dry batch paver, subgrader, Lakewood-Universal and Lakewood-Milwaukee portable concrete mixer, narrow gauge flatcar, clamshell bucket, tunnel reclamation system to load batch cars from stockpiles, M-C Grout Mixer grouter for brick pavement, and Lakewood-Milwaukee 14E dry batch paver, steam engine, Road Pumping Plant tandem water pump. Also has technical reference, extensively discussing concrete paving technique, including sample batch plant layout and comparison of hand charging to batch cars for charging dry batch paver.
Folder 2: Forklift, c. 1920Add to your cart.
Lakewood Engineering sales literature: Catalog and spec sheet discusses 703 and 703A Tier-Lift compact forklift.
Folder 3: Clamshell buckets, 1919-1928Add to your cart.
Lakewood Engineering sales literature: Catalog, brochure and spec sheet discusses clamshell bucket. Photograph subjects include working views of buckets and plant interior. Form 77753-2-21 photograph subjects include Link-Belt cantilever crane unloading barge at Philadelphia Electric Company Chester, Pennsylvania plant; Clyde Iron Works Traction Crane steam traction crane, Manhattan State Hospital, Ward’s Island, New York; Universal Crane, Erie Steam Shovel Company (Ball Engine Company), Little Giant Crane & Shovel and Lincoln steam traction crane; Cleveland Crane ship unloader, Barber Asphalt Paving Company; Northwest Engineering and Victor R. Browning Company – Browning Crane crawler crane; Industrial Crane (sic – Industrial Works?) steam locomotive crane, Pollock Steel Company, Cincinnati, Ohio; Thew Shovel Company steam locomotive crane; and unidentified whirley crane. Photograph subjects in unnumbered brochure dated Oct 1928 include unidentified steam locomotive crane owned by Bates & Rogers Construction Company.
Folder 4: Concrete mixers, 1921-1929 and n. d.Add to your cart.

Lakewood Engineering sales literature: Catalog, brochure and spec sheet discusses 7S, 10S, 14S and 21S portable concrete mixer and 21S, 28S, 56S and 70S stationary concrete mixer with steam, electric or gas engine power; Milwaukee steam engine; and Novo gas engine

Bulletin 20 photograph subjects include Elephant Butte Dam completed and under construction, showing cableway tower.

Bulletin 20-F photograph subjects include: C. S. Johnson batch bin with Lakewood mixer charging concrete bucket on bucket car; mixer charging concrete cart, two views; construction view of Lake Pleasant Dam, Arizona, showing concrete tower and concrete chute system; Stone & Webster operations, Cathedral of Learning, University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Foundation Company 47S mixer; Marshall Field Garden Apartments, Chicago, Illinois; 7S mixers loaded out on flatcar in factory; concrete tower and concrete chute, Otis Steel Company; Ready Mix Concrete batch plant installation; and central mix plant charging dump truck, Cleveland Trinidad Company.

Bulletin 21-C (indexed for 21-B) and 21-D photograph subjects include construction views of: Housing, Fore River Shipyard, Quincy, Massachusetts; Liberal Arts Building, Wellesley College; Temple Baptist Church, Mount Oliver, Pennsylvania; New York Connecting Railway; and Overland Motor Car Company, Quincy, Massachusetts. 

Bulletin 20 is mutilated and cites Milwaukee trade name; bulletins 20C and up use Lakewood-Milwaukee name, and 21C and 21D show a Lakewood-Universal 7S mixer.

Folder 5: Concrete placing equipment, 1929-1930 and n. d.Add to your cart.
Lakewood Engineering sales literature: Catalog, spec sheet, mailer and loose page discuss concrete tower, concrete chute and concrete hopper. Bulletin 23-F photograph subjects include: Plant operated by Hunkin-Conkey Construction Company, Foundation Company of New York, Frazier-Davis Company and Morton C. Tuttle Company; construction of unidentified dam by Southern California Edison; construction view of Lake Pleasant Dam, Arizona; Lake Cushman Dam, built by A. Guthrie & Company; Gilboa Dam, New York Water Supply System; and barge-mounted batch plant, guy derrick and tremie, pouring bridge piers. 23-f also includes numerous dimensioned drawing reproduced from blueprints.
Folder 6: Subgraders, 1927-1931Add to your cart.
Lakewood Engineering sales literature: Brochure, spec sheet and flier discuss subgrader, Pennsylvania Standard subgrade tester and Graderooter pull scarifier.
Folder 7: Dry batch pavers, n. d.Add to your cart.
Lakewood Engineering sales literature: Brochure and spec sheet discuss Milwaukee 7E, 10E and 14E dry batch paver, Milwaukee steam engine and Novo gas engine. Photograph subjects include railroad mounting.
Folder 8: Finishers, 1930-1931 and n. d.Add to your cart.
Lakewood Engineering sales literature: Catalog, brochure and spec sheet discuss Model C and unidentified Finishing machine form-riding concrete finisher and asphalt finisher, hand float, Floatbridge work bridge, subgrader, Graderooter pull scarifier, paving form; curb and gutter form; Pennsylvania Standard subgrade tester, form tamper, narrow gauge batch car and batch box, Jaeger Triplex high-pressure pump, and New Way Motor Company 5 hp gas engine. Photograph subjects in Bulletin 47-D include: Paving of Mobile Bay Bridge deck, Mobile, Alabama; paving beside street car track; paving the floor of Highland Reservoir, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; highway paving with tandem 32E dry batch paver; paving at Yosemite National Park, California; 27 foot finisher owned by Cleveland Trinidad Company; sand asphalt finishing; and asphalt concrete paving, Heafey-Moore Company. Photograph subjects in Bulletin 47-E include application of sand asphalt, asphalt concrete, sheet asphalt, Warrenite and amiesite, finisher set up for California asphalt paving, and diagrams of form arrangements for asphalt paving.
Folder 9: Miscellaneous equipment, 1928-1931 and n. d.Add to your cart.
Lakewood Engineering sales literature: Brochure, flier and spec sheet discuss Carr and Lakewood Duo-Rail paving form, Water Regulator water meter for concrete mixer, 255 batch car, batch box, Floatbridge work bridge, Longitudinal Roller roller finisher; and hydraulic screed lift for concrete finisher.
Folder 10: Price pages and miscellaneous, 1922-1932Add to your cart.
Lakewood Engineering sales literature: Price page discusses clamshell bucket, and conversion of model C form-riding concrete finisher from single to tandem screed and tamper; sales training letter discusses comparative spec sheet and features of Ord finisher.

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