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Air Mac, Inc.


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Air Mac, Inc., c. 1970 | Historical Construction Equipment Association

By Thomas Berry

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Collection Overview

Title: Air Mac, Inc., c. 1970Add to your cart.

ID: 3/302/2502

Primary Creator: Air Mac, Inc. (1946-????)

Extent: 1.0 Items

Subjects: Acme-Hamilton, Acme Iron Works, Air-Mac, Air compressor, Air hose, Allis-Chalmers, Asphalt booster, Asphalt kettle, Asphalt plant, Asphalt pump, Asphalt squeegee, Asphalt tool heater, Asphalt tools, Associated Equipment Distributors, Backhoe, Barricade, Batch plant, Bearcat Tire, Belt conveyor, Bin vibrator, Bituminous distributor, Boiler, Broom, Car shaker, Caster-Cutter, Caterpillar, Ceiling grinder, Cement hose, Central Engineering Company, Central mix plant, Centrifugal pump, Champion Corporation, Champion Manufacturing Company, Champion Road Machinery, Clamshell bucket, Clay spade, Clayton Manufacturing Company, Cleaver-Brooks, Compact tandem roller, Concrete bucket, Concrete buggy, Concrete grinder, Concrete hopper, Concrete mixer, Concrete mixer attachment, Concrete pump, Concrete saw, Concrete vibrator, Conveyor, Conveyor belting, Conveyor idler, Conveyor pulley, Crawler hydraulic backhoe, Crawler loader, Crawler tractor, Cross discharge conveyor, Curber, Cutter wheel, Deck screen, Deluxe Rollpac, Discharge chute, Dixon Valve & Coupling, Dotmar, Dragline, Dragline bucket, Dragscraper, Dredging sleeve, Drott, Drum roller, Dry batch plant, D’Centegrator, E. F. Marsh, Ehrsam, Eimco, Embankment compactor, Equipment trailer, Eugene, Oregon, Extended reach forklift, Fastener, Feeder, Flare pot, Flasher, Flexco, Flexible Steel Lacing Company, Galion Iron Works, Gas engine, Gas rammer, General Engines Company, Go-Devil, Grizzly, Handrill, Hand winch, Harnischfeger, Hauck, Headache ball, Hein-Werner, High-Lift, History, Holman, Hook block, Hose fittings, Hydraulic auger, Hydraulic backhoe, Hydraulic control, Hydraulic crane, Hydraulic crane attachment, Hydro-Mat, Hydrovane, Impact crusher, Industrial hoist, Industrial hydraulic crane, Ingram, Insulator link, International Harvester, Jaw crusher, Jay Corporation, Jersey Spreader, Jetstar, Koehring, Koffler, Kue-Ken, Landfill compactor, Light plant, Loader, Loader/backhoe, Lull, Maasdam Pow’R-Pull, Man basket, Marco, Martin Engineering Company, McDowell-Wellman, Measuring wheel, Medford, Oregon, Miller Swivel, Minneapolis-Moline, Missoula, Montana, Monarch Road Machinery, Morin Manufacturing Company, Murphy Scale, National Combustion, National Crane, Over-Lite, Over-Lowe, P & H, Pactor Corporation, Parsons Company, Patching plant, Paving breaker, Paving form, Pedestal hydraulic crane, Plate compactor, Pneumatic breaker, Portable concrete mixer, Porta Mixer, Portland, Oregon, Porto-Screed, Porto-Spreader, Power Arm, Power Pack Conveyor, Power trowel, Prime-Mover Company, Proofroller, Pull sweeper, Pulpwood grapple, Pumpcrete, Quincy Compressor, Rehandling, Rex Chain Belt, Roadster, Rock tong, Rodding machine, Rolatape, Roller, Roller mat, Rollpac, Rosco, Rotair, Roto-Trowel, Rotograder, Sandblaster hose, Sauerman, Screed, Screen cloth, Screening conveyor, Seattle, Washington, Selecto-Spreader, Self-propelled hydraulic backhoe, Self-propelled hydraulic crane, Self-propelled pneumatic roller, Sheepsfoot roller, Shoulder spreader, Sidewalk form, Simpli-flo, Simplicity Engineering, Sinker drill, Skiploader, Slackline dragline, Snow plow, Spader, Spokane, Washington, Spreader box, Sta-Pac, Standard Headroom, Static compactor, Steam cleaner, Steam generator, Steam hose, Stone grab, Stow Manufacturing, Straub, Street flusher, Suction hose, Sweeper, Swivel block, Tacoma, Washington, Tagline, Tagmaster, Tailgate backfiller, Tailgate spreader, Tandem roller, Tandem vibratory compactor, Tar kettle, Telescopic boom, Telescoping boom excavator, Three-axle tandem roller, Three-wheel roller, Tilt-Master, Tilt-up, Tire, Toledo Pressed Steel, Torch, Towed pneumatic roller, Towed vibratory compactor, Traffic cone, Transit mixer, Trashmaster, Truck scale, Unihoe, Vac-All, Vacuum tank, Vibra-Tow, Vibrapac, Vibrastat, Vibratory compactor attachment, Vibratory plate compactor, Vibratrac, Vibro-Plus, Vibrolator, Walk-behind screed, Walk-behind vibratory plate compactor, Water heater, Water hose, Westerner, Western Wire Works, Wheel loader, Wheel tractor, White Manufacturing Company, Williams, Wisconsin Motor, Yakima, Washington, Yoke sheepsfoot roller

Forms of Material: Dealer catalog

Languages: English

Scope and Contents of the Materials

This collection consists of an undated dealer catalog, circa 1970, discussing the manufacturers and products it represented.

Biographical Note

Air Mac Inc. was a construction equipment dealer with facilities in Eugene, Oregon; Medford, Oregon; Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; Spokane, Washington; Tacoma, Washington; Yakima, Washington; and Missoula, Montana. Founded in June 1946, it has since ceased operations. It has no known relation to a similarly named dealer of compressed air and vacuum products that was based in Dallas, Texas and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma as of 2008. The dealer catalog dated c. 1970 in this collection contains a brief history of the firm.

Subject/Index Terms

Acme Iron Works
Air compressor
Air hose
Asphalt booster
Asphalt kettle
Asphalt plant
Asphalt pump
Asphalt squeegee
Asphalt tool heater
Asphalt tools
Associated Equipment Distributors
Batch plant
Bearcat Tire
Belt conveyor
Bin vibrator
Bituminous distributor
Car shaker
Ceiling grinder
Cement hose
Central Engineering Company
Central mix plant
Centrifugal pump
Champion Corporation
Champion Manufacturing Company
Champion Road Machinery
Clamshell bucket
Clay spade
Clayton Manufacturing Company
Compact tandem roller
Concrete bucket
Concrete buggy
Concrete grinder
Concrete hopper
Concrete mixer
Concrete mixer attachment
Concrete pump
Concrete saw
Concrete vibrator
Conveyor belting
Conveyor idler
Conveyor pulley
Crawler hydraulic backhoe
Crawler loader
Crawler tractor
Cross discharge conveyor
Cutter wheel
Deck screen
Deluxe Rollpac
Discharge chute
Dixon Valve & Coupling
Dragline bucket
Dredging sleeve
Drum roller
Dry batch plant
E. F. Marsh
Embankment compactor
Equipment trailer
Eugene, Oregon
Extended reach forklift
Flare pot
Flexible Steel Lacing Company
Galion Iron Works
Gas engine
Gas rammer
General Engines Company
Hand winch
Headache ball
Hook block
Hose fittings
Hydraulic auger
Hydraulic backhoe
Hydraulic control
Hydraulic crane
Hydraulic crane attachment
Impact crusher
Industrial hoist
Industrial hydraulic crane
Insulator link
International Harvester
Jaw crusher
Jay Corporation
Jersey Spreader
Landfill compactor
Light plant
Maasdam Pow’R-Pull
Man basket
Martin Engineering Company
Measuring wheel
Medford, Oregon
Miller Swivel
Missoula, Montana
Monarch Road Machinery
Morin Manufacturing Company
Murphy Scale
National Combustion
National Crane
P & H
Pactor Corporation
Parsons Company
Patching plant
Paving breaker
Paving form
Pedestal hydraulic crane
Plate compactor
Pneumatic breaker
Portable concrete mixer
Porta Mixer
Portland, Oregon
Power Arm
Power Pack Conveyor
Power trowel
Prime-Mover Company
Pull sweeper
Pulpwood grapple
Quincy Compressor
Rex Chain Belt
Rock tong
Rodding machine
Roller mat
Sandblaster hose
Screen cloth
Screening conveyor
Seattle, Washington
Self-propelled hydraulic backhoe
Self-propelled hydraulic crane
Self-propelled pneumatic roller
Sheepsfoot roller
Shoulder spreader
Sidewalk form
Simplicity Engineering
Sinker drill
Slackline dragline
Snow plow
Spokane, Washington
Spreader box
Standard Headroom
Static compactor
Steam cleaner
Steam generator
Steam hose
Stone grab
Stow Manufacturing
Street flusher
Suction hose
Swivel block
Tacoma, Washington
Tailgate backfiller
Tailgate spreader
Tandem roller
Tandem vibratory compactor
Tar kettle
Telescopic boom
Telescoping boom excavator
Three-axle tandem roller
Three-wheel roller
Toledo Pressed Steel
Towed pneumatic roller
Towed vibratory compactor
Traffic cone
Transit mixer
Truck scale
Vacuum tank
Vibratory compactor attachment
Vibratory plate compactor
Walk-behind screed
Walk-behind vibratory plate compactor
Water heater
Water hose
Western Wire Works
Wheel loader
Wheel tractor
White Manufacturing Company
Wisconsin Motor
Yakima, Washington
Yoke sheepsfoot roller

Box and Folder Listing

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[Group 1: Dealer Catalogs, c. 1970],

Group 1: Dealer Catalogs, c. 1970Add to your cart.
Item 1: c. 1970Add to your cart.

Dealer Catalog, Air Mac of Oregon. Discusses corporate history and Associated Equipment Distributors in introductory pages. Makes and machines discussed in condensed spec sheet format; “Collection Number" citations indicate that additional records are available for the cited company in its individual collection in the Archives. See the indexes in the catalog to locate pages, as some are arranged out of order.


• Acme-Hamilton Manufacturing Corporation: Air hose, water hose, dredging sleeve, suction hose, steam hose, sandblaster hose, cement hose, conveyor belting, pages dated 1960-1964;

• American Steel Works (Collection 73) proofroller, yoke sheepsfoot roller, towed pneumatic roller, drum roller and sheepsfoot roller, pages dated 1968;

• Bearcat Tire Company tire, pages dated 1965;

• Central Engineering Company Porto-Spreader and Selecto-Spreader tailgate spreader; Vac-All vacuum tank, pages dated 1967-1969;

• Champion Corporation OK Champion rodding machine and attachments, pages dated 1966;

• Champion Manufacturing Company CS100, CS200, CS375, CS425, CS500, CS3010, CS3610 and CS6010 concrete saw, pages dated 1967;

• Clayton Manufacturing Company steam cleaner, pages dated 1969;

• Cleaver-Brooks Company (Collection 255) boiler, steam generator, oil heater, asphalt booster, asphalt pump, pages dated 1966;

• Dixon Valve & Coupling hose fittings, undated pages;

• Dotmar Industries, Inc. (Collection 591) E63 and S57R curber and Porta Mixer concrete mixer attachment for skiploader (wheel loader) , pages dated 1967;

• Drott Manufacturing Company (Collection 376) Go-Devil industrial hydraulic crane, pages dated 1967;

• The Erhsam Company (Collection 624) conveyor idler, pages dated 1969;

• Flexible Steel Lacing Company Flexco conveyor belting fasteners and tool bits, pages dated 1967;

• Galion Iron Works (Collection 14) 80, 90, 90A, 110, 110A, 125, 125A and 150A self-propelled hydraulic crane and 150P pedestal hydraulic crane, pages dated 1969;

• General Engines Company, Inc. (Collection 404) equipment trailer, pages dated 1964;

• Harnischfeger Corporation - P & H (Collection 414) Standard Headroom industrial hoist, undated pages;

• Hauck Manufacturing Company (Collection 782) asphalt tools, pouring pot, asphalt tool heater, asphalt squeegee, pages dated 1970;

• Hein-Werner Corporation (Collection 791) crawler hydraulic backhoe, truck hydraulic backhoe, Roadster self-propelled hydraulic backhoe, Rotograder telescoping boom excavator and hydraulic crane conversion, pages dated 1966;

• Holman Brothers Canada Ltd. (Collection 2660); Rotair and Hydrovane air compressor; Handrill sinker drill; Spader clay spade; Dry Pick pneumatic breaker; and paving breaker, pages dated 1968-1970;

• Ingram Manufacturing Company - Acme Iron Works (Collection 846) tandem roller, three-axle tandem roller and three-wheel roller, pages dated 1967;

• Jay Corporation (Collection 2545) J13, J18 and J36 walk-behind vibratory plate compactor and J-Ram II gas rammer, pages dated 1962;

• Jersey Spreader Company 90 and 102 spreader box (includes cross-reference to crawler tractor [Allis-Chalmers HD9, HD15, HD20 and HD21; Caterpillar D6, D7 and D8; Eimco 103 and 105; and International Harvester TD9, TD14, TD18 and TD24] and Caterpillar 977 crawler loader, pages dated 1963;

• Koffler Sales Corporation Hydro-Mat roller mat, pages dated 1964;

• Lite-Weight Tool & Manufacturing Company asphalt tools, pages dated 1967;

• Lull Engineering Company, Inc. (Collection 980) 7C2-20, 7C2-26, 7C2-31, 7C2-40 and 400 High-Lift extended reach forklift; SP2A sweeper (broom) , pages dated 1968-1968;

• Maasdam Pow’R-Pull, Inc. hand winch, pages dated 1969;

• E. F. Marsh Engineering Company/Marco (Collection 1012) conveyor, conveyor idler, conveyor pulley, 501 dry batch conveyor; and 615-S screening conveyor, pages dated 1960-1964;

• Martin Engineering Company Vibrolator car shaker and bin vibrator, pages dated 1963;

• McDowell-Wellman Engineering Company - G. H. Williams Company/Williams Bucket Division (Collections 1028 and/or 1609) MF, MH, MR, MRL (rehandling) and MS clamshell bucket; Power Arm Dredging, Favorite, Hercules, rehandling and standard clamshell buckets; DC, DX, DXH and DXL dragline bucket; Type T and Type W pulpwood grapple; and 5SG, 10SG and 15SG rock tong (stone grab) , pages dated 1961-1966;

• Miller Swivel Products (Collection 1063) CB series concrete bucket, concrete hopper, swivel block, headache ball, and insulator link, pages dated 1969;

• Monarch Road Machinery Company Hy-Lo-Jack and Dyna-Might hydraulic control unit for truck snow plow; and Dyna-Chute hydraulic control unit for transit mixer discharge chute, pages dated 1964;

• Morin Manufacturing Company Tagmaster tagline, pages dated 1960;

• L. R. Murphy Scale Company (Collection 2512) truck scale, pages dated 1962;

• National Combustion, Inc. water heater, pages dated 1969;

• National Crane Corporation (Collection 1101) Series 2, Series 5, Series 6 and Series 7 telescopic boom, man basket and hydraulic auger, pages dated 1969;

• Over-Lowe Company (Collection 1144) Hi-Speed S150 Caster-Cutter cutter wheel; Curb Shoe; and Over-Lite light plant, pages dated 1970;

• The Parsons Company - Parsons Division of Koehring (Collection 1159) 113, 115, 117 and 119 Unihoe loader/backhoe, pages dated 1969;

• Power Pack Conveyor Company (Collection 1198) 600, 610 and RH12 tailgate backfiller and 605 shoulder spreader, pages dated 1969;

• The Prime-Mover Company (Collection 1203) M15B and M20 concrete buggy, pages dated 1967;

• Quincy Compressor Division, Colt Industries (Collection 1222): Industrial and shop air compressor, pages dated 1965;

• Rex Chain Belt (Collection 503) 3-40 Pactor (former Pactor Corporation) embankment compactor (static compactor); Trashmaster landfill compactor; towed vibratory compactor; paving form; sidewalk form; batch plant control system; A-D, Satellite and other central mix plant and dry batch plant; tilt-up stationary concrete mixer; rotary concrete mixer; sectionalized conveyor; Inclined Axis, Horizontal, Adjusta-Hite, Westerner, Pave-Master, Tilt-Master and H Series transit mixer; centrifugal pump; 6S, 11S and 16S portable concrete mixer; and Pumpcrete concrete pump, pages dated 1967;

• Rolatape Corporation measuring wheel, pages dated 1966;

• Rosco Manufacturing Company (Collection 1275) Rollpac, Deluxe Rollpac and Sta-Pac compact tandem roller; Vibrapac II and Vibrastat tandem vibratory compactor; Vibra-Tow towed vibratory compactor; RHU, RMT and RRH bituminous distributor; asphalt kettle; tar kettle; Vibra-Trac vibratory compactor attachment for Minneapolis-Moline Jetstar 3 wheel tractor; SR9T4 pneumatic roller; pull sweeper (broom), and MFW and MTA street flusher, pages dated 1968;

• Sauerman Brothers, Inc. (Collection 1302) Dragscraper slackline dragline, wire rope fittings, hook block , pages dated 1961-1969;

• Simplicity Engineering Company (Collection 1376) deck screen, grizzly feeder, Simpli-flo deck screen, and D’Centegrator impact crusher, pages dated 1963;

• Stow Manufacturing Company (Collection 1420) T51A and TK401 walk-behind vibratory plate compactor; Porto-Screed walk-behind screed; vibrating screed; 71E Baby Brute, 130E Power Midget, 200E, 400G, 400GW, 725G, 725GW, HC175 Hy-Cycle, HC238 Hy-Cycle and YUB concrete vibrator; Roto-Trowel power trowel; JG50 and JT50A concrete grinder; ceiling grinder; and CS51 concrete saw, pages dated 1965-1967;

• Straub Manufacturing Company, Inc. (Collection 2518) Kue-Ken jaw crusher, pages dated 1966;

• The Toledo Pressed Steel Company (Collection 3116) flare pot, barricade, flasher and traffic cone, pages dated 1963;

• Vibro-Plus Products Inc. Topdoc car and bin vibrator; Carshaker car shaker, pages dated 1969;

• Western Wire Works Flint screen cloth, pages dated 1961;

• White Manufacturing Company Div. Of Midwest Tank & Mfg. (Collection 1598) L6 patching plant; L20 and L501 asphalt plant; and F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7 and F10 asphalt kettle (tar kettle), pages dated 1968; and,

• Wisconsin Motor Company (Collection 1624) ACN, AENL, AGND, BKN, S7D, S8D, S10D, S12D, S14D, THD, TJD, TRA10D, TRA12D, V461D, V465D, VF4D, VG4D and VH4D gas engine, pages dated 1970.

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