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Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Company


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Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Company, 1905-1985 and n. d. | Historical Construction Equipment Association

By Thomas Berry

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Collection Overview

Title: Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Company, 1905-1985 and n. d.Add to your cart.

Predominant Dates:1950-1973

ID: 1/101/54

Primary Creator: Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Company (1847-)

Extent: 0.0


Group 1, Machinery Records, is arranged by record format, record type, machine class, machine model, and publication date (where known).  Group 2, Series 2, is filed by image number on compact discs.

Group 3, Periodicals, are filed by format, title and date.

Group 4, Business records, are filed as a body.

Records received in the Donald W. Frantz Collection are filed in a separate group per the donor’s request.

Records received in the Judd Griffith Collection are filed separately due their rarity and physical condition.

Subjects: 4-in-1, A. C. Anderson, Accupactor, Aero-Vibe, Agco, Air cleaner, Air compressor, Allen, Allied Farm Equipment, Allis-Chalmers, Allis-Chalmers-Buda, Allis-Chalmers Energy, Alpena, Michigan, American Coupler Systems, American Manganese Steel, American Tractor Equipment, AMSCO, Anaconda, Anderson, Angle dozer, Archer Ltd., Arps, ATECO, Athey, Auger, Austin-Western, Australia, Backfill blade, Backhoe, Backup alarm, Baker Manufacturing Company, Ballast pit, Ball mill, Bank Sloper, Bantam, Bates, Bay City Shovels, Beatrice, Nebraska, Behlen Manufacturing, Beloit Corporation, Beloit Woodlands Division, Bidding, Bin gate, Blake, Bluffton, Ohio, Boom, Booster steering, Boron steel, Bottom dump, Bottom dump wagon, Boulder Dam, Box patent hoist, Bracket, Brakes, Broom, Broom attachment, Brush canopy, Bucket elevator, Bucket selection, Buda Company, Burgess-Manning, C-frame, C. L. Best Tractor Company, Cab, Cab glass, Cable backhoe, Cable control unit, Cable plow, Cable shovel, Calcium chloride, Caldwell, California Aqueduct, Campbell, Canopy, Capline, Carbon Limestone Company, Carburetor, Carco, Carryall, Carry dozer, Car shaker, Car unloader, Case, Casper Stolle Quarry, Caterpillar, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Centrifugal pump, Chain drive, Chain fall, Champion Road Machinery, Channelization, Charleston, West Virginia, Chicago & Northwestern, Chicago, Illinois, Chigley Sandy Creek, Chip dozer, City of San Antonio, City of Whitewater, Wisconsin, Clark Equipment, Clark Michigan, Clearing dozer, Clearing rake, Cletrac, CNH, Coal & Coke Railway Company, Coal dozer, Coal handling, Colonia Constancia, Columbus, Ohio, Combine, Concrete mixer attachment, Cone crusher, Contour farming, Control system, Corliss, Corps of Engineers, Crane attachment, Crawler assembly, Crawler attachment, Crawler crane, Crawler dragline, Crawler dump wagon, Crawler loader, Crawlers, Crawler track, Crawler tractor, CRC Crose, Creeper gear, Crusher, Crusher-compactor, Crusher plant, Cultivator, Curtiss-Wright, Cushion dozer, Cutting edge, Cyclo-Pac, D9 Quad, Dalbeattie Granite Works, Danuser, Davenport Locomotive, Davis, Oklahoma, Dealership, Dearborn, Deck screen, Deere, Deerfield, Illinois, Delta Pumping Plant, Demonstration, Detroit Harvester, Deutz, Dewatering screen, Diesel engine, Differential, Differential hook block, Direct drive, Disc harrow, Discontinuance, Distillate, Dodge, Donaldson, Dozer, Dragline, Drawbar, Drophammer, Drophammer attachment, Drott, Dryer, Dump car, Dunmire Equipment Company, Durasteel, Durston Gold Mining Company, Dynahoe, E. D. Bullard Company, E. F. Craven Company, E. M. Ashley, Earthcavator, Earth drill, Economy Scraper, El-Jay, Electric motor, Elevating grader, Elevating scraper, Engineering News-Record, Ensenada, Puerto Rico, Equipment trailer, Eric Mueller, Euclid, Excavating Engineer, Exhaust snubber, Fairlead, Feller/buncher, Fender, Ferguson, Fiat, Fiat-Allis, Fiat-Hitachi, Fiatallis, Fire extinguisher, Fireline plow, Five Star Industries, Flatcar, Flexible coupling, Ford Tractor, Forklift, Forklift attachment, Forks, Frank W. Murphy, Freeman, Friction hoist, Front dozer, FWD Wagner, G. Abignano Pty. Ltd., Gabco, Gafner, Galion Iron Works, Garrison Manufacturing, Gar Wood, Gas engine, Gates, Gebhard, General purpose bucket, Gradebuilder, Grader, Great Lakes Construction Company, Grizzly, Guard, Gyde-Master, Gyratory crusher, Gyratory screen, Half-track attachment, Hammerknife mower, Hammermill, Hancock Manufacturing, Hanna Coal, Harrow, Heil, Heiliner, Henderson, Henry Manufacturing, Hiab, Hiab-Foco, High-lift arrangement, Hinge ripper, Hitachi, Hoist, Holt Manufacturing, Hood screens, Hook, Hoover Dam, Hough, Houston, Texas, Howard Rotovator, Huber-Warco, Hughes-Keenan, Hy-Dynamic, Hydra-Loader, Hydraulic backhoe attachment, Hydraulic breaker, Hydraulic control, Hydraulic Jackhammer, Hydraulic shift, Hydraulic side shift, Hydraulic wheeled scraper, Hydrocone, Hyteco, I-71, Illinois Central, Impact crusher, Industrial, Industrial Tractor Division, Industrial wheel loader, Inside mount, Integral tool carrier, International Harvester, Iron Mule, J. A. Thompson, J. D. Adams & Company, Jaw crusher, Jenkins, Jno. Donaldson, John Amstutz & Son, John M. Bell, John O’Laughlin, Jumbo Scraper, KD Manitou, Kelley, Kelley Products, Kiewit, Killifer, Kiln, Kilpatrick Brothers, Knifer, Knuckleboom, Koehring, Komatsu, Korber & Company, Inc., Land clearing, Landfill arrangement, Landfill dozer, Land improvement, Landscraper, LaPlant-Choate, LeTourneau-Westinghouse, Levl-Flo, LGP, Lift arm lock, Lift tongs, Light material bucket, Lights, Load distribution, Loader/backhoe, Loader/landscaper, Loader attachment, Lockport, New York, Log arch, Log forks, Logging arrangement, Log washer, Long Life, Loren Pitsch, Lost Creek Watershed Program, Low-Head, Lowellville, Ohio, Low ground pressure, MacDonald Wagner & Priddle Pty. Ltd., Mack Trucks, Maintainer, Manure bucket, Mark V, Massey-Ferguson, Material weight, MB Companies, Medford Steel, Metso Minerals, Michigan Alkali Company, Midwestern Manufacturing Company, Millbrae, California, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Mining and Crushing Machinery Department, Minneapolis-Moline, Mocraft, Moldboard, Monarch Tractors, Morrison-Knudsen, Motor grader, Motor scraper, Mower, Muffler, Multi-purpose bucket, Murphy, No-spin differential, NorAm, Nordberg, North Dakota State Highway Department, Oil engine, Oliver Corporation, Orchard Lift, OSHA, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Overhead traveler, Ownership and operating costs, Oxnard, California, Pacific Car & Foundry, Pallet forks, Parallelogram ripper, Paydozer, Payscraper, Paywagon, Peter Kiewit, Peter Kiewit Sons' Company, Pettibone Mulliken, Pettibone New York, Pipelayer, Pipeline, Pipeliner, Piping take-off kit, Pippin, Pitch control, Pond, Poole Foundry & Machine, Portable sawmill, Positive ejection, Post driver, Post hole digger, Power-Crater, Power shift, Power steering, Power unit, Prime mover, Propane engine, Puerto Rico, Pull grader, Pull scraper, Pull sweeper, Pulpwood grapple, Pulverator, Pup, Purdue University, Pushloading, Pushloading block, Pushloading cup, Pushloading plate, Pushloading tractor, R. G. LeTourneau, R. L. Lipsey Company, Racine, Wisconsin, Racine Stone Company, Radiator guard, Railroad shovel, Rear blade, Reclamation, Reel mower, Regal, Richmond Hill, Long Island, New York, Ripl-Flo, Ripper, Roads & Streets, Road Show, Roadster, Robert Lutz, Rock bucket, Rock forks, Rockland, Rock wagon, Rod mill, Roll crusher, Roller, Roller Blade, Rome Grader, ROPS, Ross, Rotary drill, Rotary mower, Rotary scraper, Rotary screen, Roto-Clam, Rough-terrain forklift, Royal Blue, Royalties, Ryan Manufacturing, SAE, Safety cab, Safety switch, Sanitary landfill, San Juan, Sawmill, Scara-Scraper, Scarifier, Schield Bantam, Schramm, Scoopmobile, Scraper, Scraper box, Scrap forks, Screened canopy, Screen plant, Seat belt, Seawell Ltd., Secondary, Self-Propelled Compressor, Semi-U dozer, Severe service, Shaver Manufacturing Company, Shaw, Shawnee, Shear blade, Sheepsfoot roller, Shoulder spreader, Shovel, Shovel Supply, Shutdown alarm, Shuttle dump, Sicklebar mower, Sideboom, Side dump bucket, Side screens, Side wall dozer, Sieco, Sims Cabs, Skeleton bucket, Skidloader, Slackline dragline, Slopeboard, Snow blower, Snow bucket, Snow plow, Society of Automotive Engineers, Sof-shift, Soil conservation, Soil engineering, Sound suppression, Southern Expressway, Southern Iron & Equipment Company, Southern Peru Copper, Southern Puerto Rico Sugar Company, South Puerto Rico Sugar Company, Spade plow, Speed Ace, Speed Patrol, Springfield, Illinois, StanSteel, State of California, Steam engine, Steel mill arrangement, Steel Mill Special, Stone Quarry, Illinois, Stone Wall, Manitoba, Straight dozer, Strip cropping, Stripping, Stubble mulching, Sugar Babe, Sun-Mastr, Sun Electric, Sunflower, Superior, Svedala, Sweeper, Sweeper attachment, Tachometer, Tecon Construction Company, Ted West, Teeth, Terex, Terminology, Terra-Scoop, Terracing, Terra Cobra, Tertiary, Texas & New York Granite Company, The Boardman Company, Three-point hitch, Tiller, Toquepala, Tournapull, Tournarocker, Towed pneumatic roller, Track shoe, Tracto-Loader, Tracto Dozer, Tractomotive, Tractor shovel, Tractor test, Tracy, California, Transmix, Tree shear, Tree spade, Triplex hook block, Triumph Machinery Company, Trojan, Trommel screen, Trousdale Construction Company, Truck crane, Tumblebug, Turbine, U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, U. S. Bureau of Mines, U. S. Bureau of Reclamation, U dozer, Ullin, Illinois, Ulrich, Universal Bucket, Universal Pulleys Company, University of Nebraska, Utah Construction, Utility Tractor Department, V blade, Vi-Con, Vibratory feeder, Viking Subsidiary of Allied Farm, WABCO, Wagner, Wagon crane, Warn Industries, Washita Valley, Water conservation, Waterway, Water works, Wausau Iron Works, Wellco Sub, West Allis, Wisconsin, Wheel dozer, Wheel loader, Wheel tractor, Willow Glen, Winch, Windrow eliminator, Wing plow, Winnipeg Supply Company, Wire rope cutter, WKM Company, Wood Brothers, Woods Equipment, Wooldridge, Yarder, Yard truck, Zenith

Forms of Material: Advertisement, Artifact, Artist's rendition, Artwork, Bid specification, Business records, Clipping, Comparative spec, Competitive product study, Composite catalog, Correspondence, Cost study, Crane rating chart, Digital image, Dun & Bradstreet statement, Engineering drawing, Engineering study, Illustration, Microfiche, Motion picture, Parts book, Patent record, Performance chart, Periodical, Photograph, Price book, Price page, Production estimating, Prospect evaluation, Publicity, Reference, Sales correspondence, Sales letter, Sales literature, Sales training, SEC Form 10K, Serial number reference, Service bulletin, Service letter, Service literature, Service manual, Service training, Spec sheet, Standard & Poor stock report, Stockholder report, Testimonial, Training, Undercarriage maintenance kit, Watch fob

Languages: English

Scope and Contents of the Materials

This collection consists of sales and service literature (manual, parts book), engineering studies, photographs, microfiche and motion pictures discussing the company’s products, and periodicals, business records, artwork, reference materials  and artifacts published by the company.

As of October 22, 2008, the sales literature is posted in detail. Detailed information for the other records is not yet available on line. Please use the [Contact Us About This Collection] option on this screen to inquiry about it.

Biographical Note

Allis-Chalmers was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1847 to manufacture millstones. Acquisitions included:


• Monarch Tractors, Inc. (Collection 1778) in 1928; the Monarch name was retained for several years thereafter.

• Ryan Manufacturing Corporation (Collection 1812), a manufacturer of graders, in 1931.

• LaPlant-Choate Manufacturing Co., Inc. (Collection 457) in 1952, retaining LaPlant-Choate’s model designations.

• The Buda Company (Collection 358), Nov 1 1953; Buda was operated as a division through at least Sep 1956, and some engines are described in used equipment sales literature as "Allis-Chalmers-Buda."

• The Baker Manufacturing Company (Collection 133) in April 1955.

• Tractomotive Corporation (Collection 1485), which had built loaders and attachments for Allis-Chalmers, in 1959.


The Company was organized into various departments and divisions to administer its widely varied product lines. The Mining and Crushing Machinery Department existed as early as 1905, when it manufactured railroad shovels. The Utility Tractor Department manufactured the H3 and HD3 crawler tractors; it became the Industrial Tractor Division, which produced 600-series, H4 and HD4 crawler tractors, 700-series forklifts and other small machinery.


A-C’s construction division was sold to Fiat (Collection 391) in 1974, and became the Fiat-Allis (then, in 1982, Fiatallis – Collection 392) joint venture. Fiatallis ceased manufacturing operations in North America by 1989, but continued to market and support machines imported from Italy. In 1986, Fiat and Hitachi Construction Machinery Company (Collection 423) formed the Fiat-Hitachi (Collection 393) joint venture to manufacture excavators and the former Fiatallis product line; the Fiatallis name continued to be used in America.


K-H-Deutz AG  (Collection 570) of Germany purchased the agricultural product lines in 1985, then sold it to Agco Corporation (Collection 2621) in 1990. The crushing equipment lines were sold to Svedala Industri (Collection 1432) in 1988. Svedala was acquired by Metso Minerals (formerly Nordberg Manufacturing Company) (Collection 1116) in 2001. Any other remaining manufacturing operations were also sold in 1988, and Allis-Chalmers closed its last offices in Milwaukee in January 1999.


Allis-Chalmers Energy, Inc., continued serving the oilfield industry worldwide from its Houston, Texas, headquarters. In February, 2011, A-C stockholders approved merger of the company into Wellco Sub Company, a subsidiary of Seawell Ltd. Three months later, Seawell became Archer Ltd., and Archer continued to operate A-C Energy as a business unit, and A-C Energy continued using the traditional Allis-Chalmers A-C logo.



NorAm was incorporated in late 1992 by Eric Mueller and Ted West, former senior managers of Fiatallis North America (Collection 392) to market the Fiatallis model 65B compact motor grader throughout North America. The name "NorAm" was derived from the "North American" territory that we initially covered. The grader was originally a product of Allis-Chalmers Company (Collection 54), and continues a line that originated with the model D in 1949. In 2004, NorAm's manufacturing partner, Five Star Industries, purchased the manufacturing rights of the grader from CNH Global N. V. (Collection 2775). The machine's name was changed to incorporate NorAm with the established 65 series...thus the NorAm 65E motor grader was introduced in the spring of 2004 (adapted from http://www.noram65.com/index_about.htm).



In the early 1970s, Stansteel (Collection 1402) was sold to Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Company (Collection 54). Allis-Chalmers closed Stansteel’s Long Beach, California, facility and consolidated many of its multiple product line operations in Appleton, Wisconsin. Unfortunately, very few of the top Stansteel personnel chose to relocate from southern California. Stansteel eventually went into dormancy until purchased in the early 1980s by Green Steel of Longview, Texas. Green Steel continued to service the Stansteel customers with parts, field service and components and started making complete plants again in the late 80s. Stansteel was sold by Green Steel and relocated to Louisville, Kentucky, where it remains as of 2011. (Paragraph adapted from http://www.stansteel.com/history.asp).

Subject/Index Terms

A. C. Anderson
Air cleaner
Air compressor
Allied Farm Equipment
Allis-Chalmers Energy
Alpena, Michigan
American Coupler Systems
American Manganese Steel
American Tractor Equipment
Angle dozer
Archer Ltd.
Backfill blade
Backup alarm
Baker Manufacturing Company
Ballast pit
Ball mill
Bank Sloper
Bay City Shovels
Beatrice, Nebraska
Behlen Manufacturing
Beloit Corporation
Beloit Woodlands Division
Bin gate
Bluffton, Ohio
Booster steering
Boron steel
Bottom dump
Bottom dump wagon
Boulder Dam
Box patent hoist
Broom attachment
Brush canopy
Bucket elevator
Bucket selection
Buda Company
C. L. Best Tractor Company
Cab glass
Cable backhoe
Cable control unit
Cable plow
Cable shovel
Calcium chloride
California Aqueduct
Carbon Limestone Company
Carry dozer
Car shaker
Car unloader
Casper Stolle Quarry
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Centrifugal pump
Chain drive
Chain fall
Champion Road Machinery
Charleston, West Virginia
Chicago & Northwestern
Chicago, Illinois
Chigley Sandy Creek
Chip dozer
City of San Antonio
City of Whitewater, Wisconsin
Clark Equipment
Clark Michigan
Clearing dozer
Clearing rake
Coal & Coke Railway Company
Coal dozer
Coal handling
Colonia Constancia
Columbus, Ohio
Concrete mixer attachment
Cone crusher
Contour farming
Control system
Corps of Engineers
Crane attachment
Crawler assembly
Crawler attachment
Crawler crane
Crawler dragline
Crawler dump wagon
Crawler loader
Crawler track
Crawler tractor
CRC Crose
Creeper gear
Crusher plant
Cushion dozer
Cutting edge
D9 Quad
Dalbeattie Granite Works
Davenport Locomotive
Davis, Oklahoma
Deck screen
Deerfield, Illinois
Delta Pumping Plant
Detroit Harvester
Dewatering screen
Diesel engine
Differential hook block
Direct drive
Disc harrow
Drophammer attachment
Dump car
Dunmire Equipment Company
Durston Gold Mining Company
E. D. Bullard Company
E. F. Craven Company
E. M. Ashley
Earth drill
Economy Scraper
Electric motor
Elevating grader
Elevating scraper
Engineering News-Record
Ensenada, Puerto Rico
Equipment trailer
Eric Mueller
Excavating Engineer
Exhaust snubber
Fire extinguisher
Fireline plow
Five Star Industries
Flexible coupling
Ford Tractor
Forklift attachment
Frank W. Murphy
Friction hoist
Front dozer
FWD Wagner
G. Abignano Pty. Ltd.
Galion Iron Works
Garrison Manufacturing
Gar Wood
Gas engine
General purpose bucket
Great Lakes Construction Company
Gyratory crusher
Gyratory screen
Half-track attachment
Hammerknife mower
Hancock Manufacturing
Hanna Coal
Henry Manufacturing
High-lift arrangement
Hinge ripper
Holt Manufacturing
Hood screens
Hoover Dam
Houston, Texas
Howard Rotovator
Hydraulic backhoe attachment
Hydraulic breaker
Hydraulic control
Hydraulic Jackhammer
Hydraulic shift
Hydraulic side shift
Hydraulic wheeled scraper
Illinois Central
Impact crusher
Industrial Tractor Division
Industrial wheel loader
Inside mount
Integral tool carrier
International Harvester
Iron Mule
J. A. Thompson
J. D. Adams & Company
Jaw crusher
Jno. Donaldson
John Amstutz & Son
John M. Bell
John O’Laughlin
Jumbo Scraper
KD Manitou
Kelley Products
Kilpatrick Brothers
Korber & Company, Inc.
Land clearing
Landfill arrangement
Landfill dozer
Land improvement
Lift arm lock
Lift tongs
Light material bucket
Load distribution
Loader attachment
Lockport, New York
Log arch
Log forks
Logging arrangement
Log washer
Long Life
Loren Pitsch
Lost Creek Watershed Program
Lowellville, Ohio
Low ground pressure
MacDonald Wagner & Priddle Pty. Ltd.
Mack Trucks
Manure bucket
Mark V
Material weight
MB Companies
Medford Steel
Metso Minerals
Michigan Alkali Company
Midwestern Manufacturing Company
Millbrae, California
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Mining and Crushing Machinery Department
Monarch Tractors
Motor grader
Motor scraper
Multi-purpose bucket
No-spin differential
North Dakota State Highway Department
Oil engine
Oliver Corporation
Orchard Lift
Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Overhead traveler
Ownership and operating costs
Oxnard, California
Pacific Car & Foundry
Pallet forks
Parallelogram ripper
Peter Kiewit
Peter Kiewit Sons' Company
Pettibone Mulliken
Pettibone New York
Piping take-off kit
Pitch control
Poole Foundry & Machine
Portable sawmill
Positive ejection
Post driver
Post hole digger
Power shift
Power steering
Power unit
Prime mover
Propane engine
Puerto Rico
Pull grader
Pull scraper
Pull sweeper
Pulpwood grapple
Purdue University
Pushloading block
Pushloading cup
Pushloading plate
Pushloading tractor
R. G. LeTourneau
R. L. Lipsey Company
Racine, Wisconsin
Racine Stone Company
Radiator guard
Railroad shovel
Rear blade
Reel mower
Richmond Hill, Long Island, New York
Roads & Streets
Road Show
Robert Lutz
Rock bucket
Rock forks
Rock wagon
Rod mill
Roll crusher
Roller Blade
Rome Grader
Rotary drill
Rotary mower
Rotary scraper
Rotary screen
Rough-terrain forklift
Royal Blue
Ryan Manufacturing
Safety cab
Safety switch
Sanitary landfill
San Juan
Schield Bantam
Scraper box
Scrap forks
Screened canopy
Screen plant
Seat belt
Seawell Ltd.
Self-Propelled Compressor
Semi-U dozer
Severe service
Shaver Manufacturing Company
Shear blade
Sheepsfoot roller
Shoulder spreader
Shovel Supply
Shutdown alarm
Shuttle dump
Sicklebar mower
Side dump bucket
Side screens
Side wall dozer
Sims Cabs
Skeleton bucket
Slackline dragline
Snow blower
Snow bucket
Snow plow
Society of Automotive Engineers
Soil conservation
Soil engineering
Sound suppression
Southern Expressway
Southern Iron & Equipment Company
Southern Peru Copper
Southern Puerto Rico Sugar Company
South Puerto Rico Sugar Company
Spade plow
Speed Ace
Speed Patrol
Springfield, Illinois
State of California
Steam engine
Steel mill arrangement
Steel Mill Special
Stone Quarry, Illinois
Stone Wall, Manitoba
Straight dozer
Strip cropping
Stubble mulching
Sugar Babe
Sun Electric
Sweeper attachment
Tecon Construction Company
Ted West
Terra Cobra
Texas & New York Granite Company
The Boardman Company
Three-point hitch
Towed pneumatic roller
Track shoe
Tracto Dozer
Tractor shovel
Tractor test
Tracy, California
Tree shear
Tree spade
Triplex hook block
Triumph Machinery Company
Trommel screen
Trousdale Construction Company
Truck crane
U. S. Army Corps of Engineers
U. S. Bureau of Mines
U. S. Bureau of Reclamation
U dozer
Ullin, Illinois
Universal Bucket
Universal Pulleys Company
University of Nebraska
Utah Construction
Utility Tractor Department
V blade
Vibratory feeder
Viking Subsidiary of Allied Farm
Wagon crane
Warn Industries
Washita Valley
Water conservation
Water works
Wausau Iron Works
Wellco Sub
West Allis, Wisconsin
Wheel dozer
Wheel loader
Wheel tractor
Willow Glen
Windrow eliminator
Wing plow
Winnipeg Supply Company
Wire rope cutter
WKM Company
Wood Brothers
Woods Equipment
Yard truck

Administrative Information

Repository: Historical Construction Equipment Association

Acquisition Method:

This is an artificial collection comprised of records from multiple accessions. Initial records in this collection were found in files. Additional records have been added from numerous donations, including:


* William Borthwick Papers, Collection 4

* Smith Equipment Company Collection, courtesy of Dick and Shirley Smith, accession 2000-0108 (received Sep 11 2000)

* Judd Griffith Collection, Accession 2000-0113 (received Sep 22 2000)

* Al Nus, Accession 2004-0137 (received Oct 15, 2004)

* Gene Buchanan, Accession 2004-0183 (received Dec 22, 2004)

* Donald W. Frantz Collection, Accession 2005-0150 (received Dec 31 2005). Filed with his collection per his request.

* Ed Martin, collected from Detroit Edison, Accession 2007-0066 (received Aug 31, 2007)

* David Evans, accession 2008-0046 (received Apr 15, 2008)

* James Condra, accession 2009-0010 (received Mar 23 2009)

* Michigan Operating Engineers Apprenticeship, Accession 2009-0102 (received Aug 16, 2009)

* Steve Stewart, City of Lawrence, KS, accession 2009-0146 (received Sep 25, 2009)

* American Truck Historical Society, Accession 2009-0214 (received Jan 11, 2010)

* Maier-Daily Papers, Accession 2009-0217 (received Jan 13, 2010)

* Marvin Reed, accession 2009-0242 (received Mar 19, 2010)

* Mike Zemko, accession 2010-0015 (received Apr 24, 2010)

* William Borthwick, accession 2010-0039 (received Jun 3, 2010)

* Eric Anderson, accession 2010-0161 (received Jan 10, 2011)

* Gene Myers, accession 2010-0166 (received Jan 10, 2011)

* Press release printed from www.alchenergy.com, Jun 2011

* Robert Peterson, accession 2011-0246 (received Dec 8, 2011)

* Bernard Ross, Exponent Failure Analysis Associates, Accession 2011-0252 (received Dec 20, 2011)

* Don Nosenzo, Accession 2011-0283 (received Jan 27, 2012)

* Harry E. Young II Papers, Accession 2011-0317 (received Mar 15, 2012)

* Penton Media Inc., Accession 2012-0032 (received May 24, 2012)

* Brian Schou, Accession 2012-0041 (received May 31, 2012)

* Douglas Menzer, Accession 2012-0043 (received Jun 4,2012)

* Roger Fisher, Accession 2012-0044  (received Jun 4,2012)

* Exponent Failure Analysis, Accession 2012-0180 (received Nov 7, 2012)

* F. J. Cullen,  Cullen-Friestedt Company, Accession 2012-0192 (received Nov 19, 2012)

Related Materials: Related collections are cited in the Biographical Note.

Other Note:

Miscellaneous information about the company's products:

Every Allis-Chalmers motor scraper except for the TS300 and the TS360 prior to c. 11/1959 were hydraulically operated. The TS360 was converted from cable to hydraulic operation between 08/1958 and 11/1959.

Tractomotive manufactured loaders for the G-suffix crawler tractor until Allis-Chalmers bought them out in 1959. The various G-suffix tractors were modified to varying degrees for crawler loader applications, the HD16G and HD20G most of all with bulbous hoods that rose up from the operator’s station to the radiator. Allis-Chalmers continued the model series that was in production at the time of the Tractomotive purchase. In 1959, the HD6G was redesigned with a hood that sloped down to the bucket. Only two crawler loaders, the HD7G and HD12G, were built without corresponding crawler tractor models, although the HD12G was about the size of an HD11 and used the same ripper. Because of the extent of modifications to the tractors, all Allis-Chalmers/Tractomotive crawler loaders models HD5G and up are classified as Class 2640, integral crawler loaders, even though technically the majority of models were not integral loaders in the truest sense of the term. However, the loaders built by the Industrial Tractor Division (655, H3, H4, HD3 and HD4) are considered to be attachments, because they truly were attachments for crawler tractors that had not been extensively modified. Other attachments, such as scarifiers, that were designed only for use with the loader arrangement of these tractors are classified loader attachments.

Tractomotive also produced sideboom attachments for the Allis-Chalmers F-suffix crawler tractor. After acquiring Tractomotive, Allis-Chalmers began using Tractomotive’s TSB-series nomenclature for the sidebooms. The F suffix for the tractor does not appear in sales literature, but has been found in used equipment sales materials. A 1968 spec sheet for an HD21 crawler tractor with a CRC-Crose sideboom does not use the "F" suffix.

Allis-Chalmers changed its construction machinery division paint from Persian Orange to yellow c. 1960-1961.

The Hydrocone crusher was actually a gyratory crusher.

Allis-Chalmers supplied air compressors for the Bucyrus-Erie 45R and 55R rotary drills.

Box and Folder Listing

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[Group 2: Photographic media],
[Group 3: Periodicals, 1958-1966],
[Group 4: Business records, c. 1937-1987],
[Group 5: Audio-visual media],
[Group 6: Miscellaneous records],
[Group 7: Judd Griffith Collection records],
[Group 8: Donald W. Frantz Collection records],

Group 7: Judd Griffith Collection recordsAdd to your cart.
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Series 1: Sales literature, Judd Griffith Papers, 1906-1941 and n. d.Add to your cart.
Folder 1: U gas wheel tractor, 1930Add to your cart.
Item 1: AU-108, 1930Add to your cart.
Allis-Chalmers sales literature: Brochure and spec sheet for Model U Ind“U”strial wheel tractor and applications (motor grader with and without crawler assembly, Schramm Self-Propelled Compressor air compressor, bottom dump wagon, crawler tractor with crawler conversion, Hughes-Keenan Iron Mule shuttle dump, Bay City Shovels Pup tractor shovel, Trackson(?) crawler loader (loader attachment and crawler conversion), sweeper, front dozer, rotary scraper (tumblebug), and slackline dragline. 4 pages, defaced.
Folder 2: WC wheel tractor, 1936Add to your cart.
Item 1: TL-224, 1936Add to your cart.
Allis-Chalmers sales literature: Brochure and spec sheet for WC rubber tired and steel wheel tractor and agricultural implement (No. 20 Northern, No. 22 Spring Tooth, No. 40 Southern, No. 44 Cotton and Corn, No. 45 Two-Row Disc, No. 46 Listed Cotton and No. 51 cultivator; pull-type listed crop cultivator; corn drill; No. 450 Wheatland  listing plow; No. 452 corn lister; No. 250 cotton bedder; No. 25, No. 27, No. 28, No. 29, No. 30, No. 31 and No. 32 planting attachment; rolling coulter; pea attachment; No. 341 loose ground lister; sickle bar mower; disc hiller; mulcher; 1-214 plow; disc harrow, spring tooth and spike tooth harrow; and All-Crop Harvester combine. 30 pages, defaced.
Folder 3: Engines and power units, 1938Add to your cart.
Item 1: MS-224, 1938Add to your cart.
Allis-Chalmers sales literature: Brochure and spec sheet for E60, L90, U40 and W25 gas engine and power unit, including kerosene and natural gas. Includes photographs of Corliss or drop piston valve steam engine; generator in power plant; massive gyratory crusher; centrifugal pump, hydraulic turbine at Boulder Dam (Hoover Dam); assembly line; machining crankshaft for world’s largest gas engine; and power units loaded on flatcar. 24 pages, defaced.
Folder 4: Crushing plants, 1908-1915Add to your cart.
Item 1: Bulletin 1405 Mar 1914 reprint, 1909-1914Add to your cart.
Allis-Chalmers sales literature: Brochure and spec sheet for portable gyratory crusher plant. Discusses and illustrates 2D and 3D crusher on wooden chassis;1D, 2D and 3D on steel chassis; 4K and 5K on flatcar. Includes line card. 12 pages, damaged.
Item 2: Bulletin 1411 Mar 1915 reprint, 1908-1915Add to your cart.

Allis-Chalmers sales literature: Brochure and spec sheet for stationary gyratory crusher plant and components. Discusses and illustrates 4K, 5K, 6K, 7-1/2K, 8K, 9K, 10K, 12K, 18K, 21K and 24K Gates Rock and Ore Breaker; Gates trommel screen (rotary screen); back gear driving connection; bucket elevator; friction hoist; bin gate; dump car; box patent hoist; overhead traveler; differential hook block (chain fall); and triplex hook block.

Includes engineering drawing and schematic for plants built for City of Whitewater, Wisconsin; John Amstutz & Son, Bluffton, Ohio; Texas & New York Granite Company; Winnipeg Supply Company, Stone Wall, Manitoba; Jno. Donaldson, Richmond Hill, Long Island, New York; Robert Lutz, Oshkosh, Wisconsin; Casper Stolle Quarry & Construction Company, Stone Quarry, Illinois;  Dalbeattie Granite Works; Chicago & Northwestern Railroad ballast pit, Cedar Rapids, Iowa; E. M. Ashley, Lockport, New York; Coal & Coke Railway Company, Charleston, West Virginia; Racine Stone Company, Racine, Wisconsin; Carbon Limestone Company, Lowellville, Ohio; John O’Laughlin, Racine, Wisconsin; Illinois Central Railroad ballast pit, Ullin, Illinois; and Kilpatrick Brothers, Beatrice, Nebraska. 44 pages, defaced.

Folder 5: Gyratory crushers, 1909-1915Add to your cart.
Item 1: Bulletin 1441, Nov 1909, 1909Add to your cart.
Allis-Chalmers sales literature: Brochure and spec sheet for No. 18 and No. 21 Gates Rock and Ore Breaker gyratory crusher. Includes article, Large Gates Breakers for Use in Connection with Steam Shovels, reprinted from Industrial Progress magazine with photograph shows 110 ton railroad shovel loading dump cars at Michigan Alkali Company, Alpena, Michigan; engineering drawing and schematic of stationary plants; and factory interior with No. 18 breakers next to vertical triple expansion deep pit pumping engine built for City of San Antonio, Texas Water Works. 16 pages, soiled and defaced.
Item 2: Bulletin 1415, reprinted Jan 1914, 1906-1914Add to your cart.
Allis-Chalmers sales literature: Brochure and spec sheet for Style D Gates Rock and Ore Breaker gyratory crusher. 20 pages, mutilated, cover photo removed.
Item 3: Bulletin 1448, reprinted Jul 1915, 1911-1915Add to your cart.
Allis-Chalmers sales literature: Brochure and spec sheet for Style K Gates Rock and Ore Breaker gyratory crusher. Supercedes Bulletin 1416. 24 pages, defaced.
Folder 6: Jaw crushers, 1916Add to your cart.
Item 1: Bulletin 1451A, reprinted Nov 1916, 1913-1916Add to your cart.
Allis-Chalmers sales literature/service literature: Brochure, spec sheet and operation manual for Blake jaw crusher and Dodge jaw crusher. Discusses plant layout and flowchart. Includes line card. 16 pages, defaced.
Folder 7: Roll crushers, 1916Add to your cart.
Item 1: Bulletin 1811, reprinted Jul 1916, 1906-1916Add to your cart.
Allis-Chalmers sales literature/service literature: Brochure, spec sheet and service manual for Style A, Style B, Anaconda and XX roll crusher. Includes line card. Supercedes Bulletin 1412A. 24 pages, defaced.
Folder 8: Ball mills, 1916 and n. d.Add to your cart.
Item 1: Bulletin 1813 Sep 1916, 1916Add to your cart.
Allis-Chalmers sales literature: Brochure and spec sheet for Ball Granulator ball mill. Discusses design, applications, and photograph of installation for Durston Gold Mining Company. 32 pages, defaced.
Item 2: Cut No. 10308, n. d.Add to your cart.
Allis-Chalmers sales literature: Artist's rendition, cutaway view of dry grinding Tube Mill ball mill with ball-peb equipment. Creased.
Item 3: Plate 10573-A, n. d.Add to your cart.
Allis-Chalmers sales literature: Artist's rendition, dry grinding Tube Mill ball peb ball mill with single swing feeder.
Folder 9: Centrifugal pumps, 1941Add to your cart.
Item 1: B 6153, 1941Add to your cart.
Allis-Chalmers sales literature: Spec sheet for Type E, Type N, Type S-H and Type S-K engine-driven centrifugal pump. Cites B15, E60, L90, U40 and W25 gas engine power unit. 4 pages, punched and defaced.
Series 2: Photographic mediaAdd to your cart.
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Series 3: Periodicals, c. 1929Add to your cart.

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